A Texan at heart. An unknown Texas school teacher.

A secret shelf of banned books thrives in a Texas school. The censors have yet to discover it. Good! Great! Terrific! The American way!

Texas has the distinction of being a State that has banned an extreme number of books. More than nearly any other. The right wing has moved to sweep “undesirable” books off public library shelves. Many teachers have lost their jobs or were pressured to resign. 

One teacher came up with a way to resolve the problem. She created a special bookshelf in the library and stocked it with books purchased by herself and others. Books banned or to be banned. 

The teacher’s attitude: “The books that make us uncomfortable are the books that make us think. Isn’t that what schools are supposed to do…..make you think?

It’s inevitable. The teacher’s identity will out and she will lose her job. Perhaps even be arrested. A Rosa Parks situation in the making.

Great golf at a course with “a history” this week. Pebble Beach.

I enjoyed playing the course several times. I am one of the world’s worst golfers. but nevertheless enjoyed playing the course. Hard! Difficult! I will enjoy each hole as it is played on TV, recalling the holes as I played them as opposed to the professional golfers. The difference day and night!

Protesters threw pumpkin soup at the Mona Lisa painting in Paris. Fortunately, the work is protected from damage by a glass covering.

Very many years ago, I had the opportunity to view and enjoy the Mona Lisa. How disgusting that some screwed up morons would attempt to destroy one of the world’s greatest pieces of art.

One door closes and another opens.

Marian Kobayaski was laid off from a dream job at Linkedln. Unexpectedly, with an e-mail notice.

Six months later she was hired by Google at almost twice her Linkedln salary.

Today’s podcast is 6 years old. Discusses the pending Hurricane Florence and whether Trump was prepared for it. A discussion of Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico part of the podcast.



Trump continues to be a sicko. Biden is working hard to solve the border problem. One he should have worked hard to solve earlier. In any event, Biden is now on top of it. Many Republicans support his plan. Not Trump, however.

Trump is pressing his supporters to vote against it. Calls Biden’s plan a “monstrosity” and “betrayal of America.” Failing however to describe why he opposes Biden’s plan. Name calling not enough. Facts are required.

Wake up America! Don’t be sucked in by Trump’s baseless bullshit!

Texans do not necessarily agree with Governor Abbott re the way he is handling  his “war” against Biden re the border. Only politicians do.

Texas’ largest newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, scolded Abbott saturday for defying the Supreme Court decision to temporarily bar the use of razor wire at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump making defense a question of money again. Recall when he said several years ago that the U.S. was supporting NATO who would not be there to help the U.S. if necessary. He forgot they “were there” immediately following the 9/11 attack.

Trump now singing the same tune re aid to Ukraine. He continues failing to understand money alone is not at issue. It’s the big guy helping the little guy. It’s the big guy putting his money where his mouth is to avoid a Putin type war on Ukraine being fought on U.S. soil.

Joseph Greenberg said Trump’s statements were “grotesque and idiotic and a gift to our enemies.” Former CIA Director Michael Hayden’s response to Trump and his statement: “You fool, you fool.”

Trump is a “fool.” A psychopathic one. Hopefully a sufficient number of Americans will realize this and reelect Biden instead. We cannot place the U.S.’ head on a chopping block!

Someone asked me what is “so special about Key West?” I thought for a moment. My response: “It’s unique. Like no other place. You either like it or don’t.”

One has to visit and “taste” the community. One to three days enough to know. I “knew” the first day I was here years ago.

Today the beginning of 5 consecutive cold days. Temperature at 9 this morning 64 degrees. Appears 67 will be the high. Great beach weather!

Keys history: David Porter was a Commodore in the U.S. Navy in the early 1800’s. He left to become Commander-In-Chief of the Mexican Navy.

On this day in 1827, he brought 3 Mexican vessels to Key West in preparation for an attack on a Spanish Navy squadron in Cuba.

It was Antonia’s for me last night. Glad I went. Good time! Met a couple of interesting people.

My seat at the bar was next to Cecilia. A lovely 50ish woman from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her first visit to Key West. She came for a music festival. She is into music big time. Staying at the Marriott Beachside. Arrived wednesday, leaving today.

I asked, “Coming back?” Her response, “One hundred percent yes!”

Hope so. An interesting woman. We got into some issues I would like to explore further with her.

She left and Phyllis took her seat. Phyllis a contemporary of mine age wise. We had a lot to talk about in that regard.

We have similar backgrounds. Both originally Upstate New Yorkers. She was raised in Binghamton. Lived thereafter and still does in Rochester. Her husband was with Kodak. He passed away five years ago. 

Phyllis spends the season here each year. Knew TK intimately.

I enjoyed her company. I am sure we will run into each other again as her season began two days ago and has 2-3 months to go.

Time to throw on some clothes and be off for my Monkey Smoothie fix. I will be braving the cold.

Enjoy your day!

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