Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day in Germany. Germans carry the shameful burden of the Holocaust even today. As with many other countries, Germany is experiencing a resurgence of anti-Semitism.

Tens of thousands took to the streets to demonstrate in support of democracy and against the rise of Germany’s far right party, the Alternative for Germany. Demonstrators carried signs reading “There Is No Alternative To Democracy” and “Kick Out Nazis.”

There is a concern in Germany that Hitler’s right way ideas have been passed on.

Trump’s significant debts and judgments at some point will have to be paid. He will be pursued legally for payment of the same. Trump lacks liquidity. Cash. His assets are primarily in over evaluated real estate properties. He will be compelled to sell them off even cheaper than their actual value in order to meet his financial obligations.

Love today’s podcast! I did it 6 years ago. Trump called Stormy Daniels “Horse Face.” She retaliated that his personal was “tiny.”



Syracuse enjoyed a dominant win over North Carolina State last night. Syracuse won 77-65. The game was actually decided just before the end of the first half when Syracuse went on a 23-4 run.

Next for Syracuse is Boston College. Tuesday evening at 7. I will be watching the game at Jack Flats with Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa.

Key West weather magnificent the past few days. In the 80’s.

Weather reports however indicate winter returns tomorrow to South Florida. We will wake to COLD! The wind chill in some areas will feel like the weather is in the 40’s and low 50’s.

Not that cold in Key West, however. It will be 64 degrees at 6 am tomorrow. The low during the day will reach 58 degrees. Maybe we will feel the wind chill numbers. Key West will not reach 70 degree weather again till next Saturday.

Glad I got my wonderful small heater. Works quickly and terrifically.  My long pants and sweaters ready. As is my 40 year old leather jacket. I will need them all this week.

Key West History reports this morning that “the coldest night ever in Key West” was this day in 1836. The temperature dropped to 44 degrees.

In 1854, house lots on Key West were selling for $250 each. Oh, for those days to return!

Key West Mayor Teri Johnston will not seek another term.


Though there were times I disagreed with her, overall she did a good job in an era of new, unique and difficult problems.

Thank you, Teri!

I grew up in Upstate New York in Utica. In the Mohawk Valley, the foothills to the Adirondacks. A snowbelt! Like you would not believe!

From child to adult, I would personally taste freshly fallen white snow. Tasted good! Taught my children to do the same. I am sure they shared the experience with their children.

Movie star Reese Witherspoon was recently criticized when she revealed she eats/tastes freshly fallen snow. Those criticizing her claim such snow is not clean enough to eat.

I disagree. Reese obviously does, also.

The housing market continues to get worse. Fewer homes are available for sale and rent, prices for each higher, etc. The “boom” is destined to fail, however. The real estate market has always been cyclical. When it comes, the falling prices will be swift and dramatic.

I am not a realtor. Just an old man who has lived through several booms and knows how things will be. What goes up, does come down!

La Jolla is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. I have been fortunate to visit La Jolla several times. Once for a San Diego Super Bowl and many others while attending the “fat farm” La Costa.

My visits were many years ago. I found La Costa pleasing to the eyes in every respect. Set on the Pacific, magnificent stores, art galleries, restaurants, etc. The people especially charming. Everyone rich! No question about it.

I mention La Jolla after reading a news release this morning. More than 20 undocumented migrants landed on a beach in San Diego before running into wealthy La Jolla. Where the average sales price today for homes is $2.2 million. They ran in every direction in La Jolla. Must have thought they died and went to Heaven. Till apprehended, of course.

The Texas border dispute breeds “loose talk” of civil war. Twenty four State governors have expressed support for Trump and Abbott’s position to ignore the recent Supreme Court decision and Biden’s efforts to resolve the problem.

At the moment, a joking matter. Dangerous, however. Things could easily get out of hand at some point. Politicians like Trump and Abbott have forgotten how to govern. Instead of common sense and sugar, they spew gasoline on what could easily become a volatile situation.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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