Before tomatoes or anything else this morning, let me tell you about the weather. It is COLD! It is 7 in the morning and 60 degrees! Too cold for Key West!

Strange weather this year. One week hot, next week cold. No balance. I am grateful for the warm. Just wish it would remain so.

Ran into a couple yesterday morning while I was enjoying my Monkey Smoothie at Date & Thyme. They are here for the week. First time visitors from Michigan. Were disappointed. Could not understand the weather. What could I say. 

Now for tomatoes.

Tomatoes were once thought to be poisonous. Amazing! Today, tomatoes are the most “preferred” vegetable. Preferred favorite by 89 percent of people in a recent Veggie Tracker Survey.

Tomatoes ae not a vegetable, however. They are part of the fruit family. Merely a factual observation. Of no importance to my article.

The history of tomatoes is interesting. They were native to Mesoamerica and its seeds were introduced to Europe by returning home Spanish Conquistadors early in the 16th century. First grown as an ornamental plant.  Tomatoes were bright and shiny and made a lovely appearance on a table. To be viewed, not eaten.

Europeans began eating them in the late 1700’s. Imported ones. Not grown in Europe yet. Imported. Expensive and could only be afforded by aristocrats.

Soon the tomato became known as the “poison apple.” Many deaths attributed to eating them. It was not the tomato that directly killed persons, however. It was the wealthy class’ choice of dinnerware.

The wealthy ate off pewter plates which were high in lead. The tomato’s acidity caused the toxic lead to leach from the plates, poisoning those who ate from them.

With the passage of time, pewter plates were less used. People forgot the earlier deaths and returned to eating tomatoes.

The “invention” of the pizza in Naples in the 1880’s contributed to the return of tomatoes as a popular item for consumption, also. People enjoyed the pizza’s tomato taste. Such helped turn the tide from anti-tomato to pro-tomato.

Today’s podcast is 6 years old. Its subject matter a concern for a return to the Monroe Doctrine. Hollywood Lou your host.



Now for serious commentary.

This portion of the blog involves a religious organization known as People of Praise, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and her father Michael Coney.

People of Praise is a whacked out far right religious group. For purpose of this article, I will most times refer to the Supreme Court Justice as Amy. Merely for purposes of an easier flow to the article.

Amy and her husband were members. Her husband may still be. Amy’s father Michael Coney is and recently was elevated to Counsel within the organization. Amy withdrew from People of Praise when she was under scrutiny for her seat on the Circuit Court. Her questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee re People of Praise was extremely limited. She claimed she was a Catholic. It is believed she became one relatively close to the time of her Senate hearing.

The Guardian wrote a detailed article published 8/26/22 re People of Praise. Some of its contents advised People of Praise requires “complete obedience of women to their husbands…..roles of men and women… considered divinely ordained as the ‘head’ of the family and ‘dominant to woman.”‘ Additionally, men “making all decisions about finances and dating relationships,” embracing “traditions like encouraging members to speak in tongues, and performing exorcisms.”

Amy continues to proclaim she is a “faithful Catholic.”

I published a blog 9/27/20 re People of Praise and Amy titled: “Wives Have To Obey Husband’s In Everything.” I suggest you read it to understand the husband/wife relationship and that of the woman within People of Praise itself. A must read.

I wrote the blog at the time of Amy’s nomination by Trump to the Supreme Court. I wrote: “With her nomination to the Supreme Court, Trump has set the Court on a path unhealthy for America. She will lead the Court in destroying basic freedoms that have taken years to attain.”

Her vote to repeal Roe v. Wade supports my statement.

Amy’s father’s new role in People of Praise has returned the Justice’s involvement in People of Praise to the light of day. Some are concerned. Some view People of Praise as a cult. The fear is her father’s elevation to Counsel comes at a time when former members who allegedly endured physical and sexual abuse as children is on the verge of disclosure.

There are those who feel Michael Coney has the power to block such information. Information that might be embarrassing to Justice Barrett.

Note, Justice Barrett has not been accused of wrongdoing in any fashion with regard to that which is purportedly on the verge of disclosure.

Again, I recommend you read my 9/27/20 blog “Wives Have To Obey Husband’s In Everything” to fully grasp the strange position a female holds in People of Praise.

Tonight, Syracuse/Boston College. Dan and Lisa joining me at Jack Flats for the game.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Since MAGA, there has been a considerable erosion of a separation of Church and State, one of our founding fathers most serious intentions, a goal of the Federalists.

    I’ll bet, like personal freedoms and states rights (two other Federalists goals) these heavy handed pressures could be reversed (sanity restored) if Democrats vocally pretended to support them.

    MAGA Republicans are more interested in denying Democrats of anything, then they are of advancing even Far Right Wing (Federalists) goals.

  2. Lou, todays KW Mail included a Subway coupon, 1 foot long for $6.99, 2 for $12.99, 3 for $17.99 , hope our local store is participating.

    • Geese Don, comments here seem pretty sympathetic and concerning. Nothing’s negative that I can see. Where are you coming from?

    • Ar you the Don Surber, that ultra rightwing freak who got fired from the Charleston West Virginia newspaper for being too right wing, during Trump’s presidency? then had you own far right blog and use to post serious garbage and outright lies on Lou’s blog all the time, thinking he and the rest of us would be your friend?

      Fancy you thinking others are being mean to Lou on HIS absence.

    • gee don, a full week has gone by since your post about lou being back and posting – without lou being back

      like that other poster said – looks like you are the only one with mean posts about lou

      guess you dont really know everything like you think you do

  3. RIP Key West Louis!! You will be mi$$ed buddy! Where do I go to read a blog now? Someone above suggested a Don Surber. May have to check him out.

    • Good choice Anthony, but only if your into hating and distorting anything amd everything anyone else says or does. That guy is vile AND delusional.

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Would someone who is a friend of Lou’s please comment here and let us know if he’s alive and well, or if something has happened to him?

    I haven’t seen any news or notices about him online, and I’ve researched thoroughly.

    Please post and let us know if he’s ill, or just taking a break. So many of us truly care about him, and have no way of finding out what’s going on with him. This is especially true for those of us who are no longer living in Key West.

    Thanks very much!

    • Let’s ask Don, he knows everything about Lou, being as close as he is, or says he is. That is of course when he’s not accusing everybody else of being mean!

  5. Actually Karen, I mean Claire, I do text with Lou often. He is very much alive and when he’s feeling better he will be back to this blog.

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