History has a way of repeating itself. In this instance, Afghan babies and Central American ones.

Recall when the Mexican border was blocked. Many of those from Central America knew they would not be able to get into the U.S. Nevertheless, they wanted the better life for their children. Some of the children were babies.

Mothers knowing they would not get in, took steps to make sure their babies would. They were handed to women steps away from entry. The babies made a successful entry into the U.S.

The situation is repeating itself in Afghanistan.

Mothers are desperate to get their babies into the U.S. They know they themselves are not going to make it. In fact, many of the mothers will be killed by the Taliban as well as a number of babies. So it is with the Taliban way of life. A not so precious one.

Separating where those seeking to get out of Afghanistan may stand and where British and American solders stand, is a wall consisting of large bales of barb wire. Mothers are yelling at the allied troops to take their children. Desperation set in and they began trying to throw their babies over the barb wire.

Some make it, some don’t. Some into the hands of British soldiers in one area, others fall upon the barb wire. Some do not make it. They fall on the barb. All injured, some die.

A British officer said, “By the end of the night there wasn’t one man among us who was not crying.”

In another spot separated by barb wire, babies were thrown by mothers also. To American soldiers who suffered similarly to the British.

Friendly discourse becoming next to impossible, even among long time friends.

The place Martha’s Vineyard. Playground for the rich and famous.

This scene occurred at a popular grocery store. Alan Dershowitz and Larry David. David began by yelling at his long time friend Dershowitz re Dershowitz’s representation/assistance to Donald Trump. Dershowitz responded in a more conciliatory fashion. David would have none of it. Turned his back and walked away.

ICU beds a problem. Medical staff to operate them also.

Hospital beds across the country are rapidly filling up with COVID patients.

Some hospitals have hung out the no room at the inn signs. They have neither beds nor staff to handle the new sick.

Presently, one out of five ICUs throughout the U.S. had at least 95 percent of beds occupied last week. A figure that has doubled in recent weeks.

Alabama a scary example of the problem. Alabama has absolutely no ICU units available anywhere in the Sate. One hospital official said, “Our worst fears” have been reached.

An Alabama doctor views the lack of beds as potentially an “apocalyptic” situation.

Chris Cillizza is Editor at Large of CNN Politics. He published an article on 8/18 tilted: “Ron DeSantis Has No Idea What He’s Talking About.”

Re masks, DeSantis is taking all kinds of steps to force people not to wear them. Supporting his position, DeSantis said, “Politicians want to force you to cover your face as a way for them to cover their own asses…..even though its not proven to be effective.”

Recall Amanda Gorman, the brilliant inaugural poet. She has two new books of poems that will be published in the fall.

Hurricane Grace avoided the Keys. It went south. Making landfall on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Winds projected at 80 mph, rains 4-10 inches, and surge if any will be 3-5 feet.

The group opposing the vaccine grows.

Washington State has one or more hospitals that do transplant work. The hospitals involved mandated  patients on transplant waiting lists would have to receive the vaccine to remain on the list.

Most of the patients refused.

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  1. So, who who was the latest to call Biden a liar on Friday?

    His secretary of defense.

    Politico reported, “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told lawmakers Friday that Americans trying to leave Afghanistan have been beaten by Taliban fighters, according to several people who participated in a briefing call with Austin and other top officials.

    “Austin’s remarks to House members appeared to directly contradict President Joe Biden’s a$$e$$ment from minutes earlier, in which Biden said the U.S. was not aware of Americans having trouble getting through Taliban checkpoints and to the airport in Kabul — the only evacuation point in the country that is not controlled by the Taliban.”

    Oh that lying dog-faced pony soldier.

  2. The Daily Mail reported, “Babies being pazzed over the fence to soldiers at Kabul airport are being returned to their families, according to the Ministry of Defense.

    “A source told the MailOnline that troops on the ground are ‘doing their best to return’ each child to their parents.

    • “They added that no unaccompanied children have been left at the airport, nor are any being evacuated on flights from the Afghan capital.

      “The MOD source said there was not any representation from the UN on an NGO during the chaotic scenes at the airport.”

      Biden did this.

      • Biden didn’t do anything. The people running things behind the scene did this. Biden can’t find his way out of the Rose garden (see video). It won’t be long and he will be gone, and the blame for this mess will stick to him. Meanwhile, Heels-up will become Place holder-in-chief until they figure out a viable VP who can take over in 2024.

        • Interestingly there already is considerable talk of using the 25th on Biden. Just google it for the doubters. But what do we gain with that? Heels up or Nancy? Best to just want until 2024 and clean sweep.

          • I’m with you. Biden is just part of the problem. Truth is Democrats are badder and must be eliminated forever. If it wasn’t for Democrats, we wouldn’t even have been in Afghanistan. CNN is already reporting that Democrats funded Bin Laden’s attack on the twin towers.

            • Don the Con. WOW, it works!!! regardless if you are thinking Trump or this guy. If it wasn’t so sad it would be dark comedy.

  3. Don, you are both delusional and a deceitful fraud.

    Twist things as you want, but we all know you are willing to lie about anything to do with Biden, going back at least as far as your Tera Reade rape allegations I’m sure you want to forget about (and deny) now.

    Stop the nonsense on Lou’s blog, you are wasting your time and making a complete azz of yourself. People here are aware of the real news and know your crap is just that.

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