Yesterday another I remained in, except for visiting my primary care doctor. I am now his headache. Dr. McIvor found nothing wrong with my heart.

More blood work. Another test today.

I sometimes question the accuracy of my scale. Told me as of yesterday, I lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Doctor’s scale and his notes said the same thing.

The weight loss a false benefit.

Udders obviously have to do with cows. Came across a couple of interesting for real stories involving cows.

A Dutch veterinarian was trying to demonstrate to a farmer that his cows were passing too much gas. To make his point, he used a cigarette lighter to set fire to one of the cow’s farts.

The cow became a “four legged flamethrower.”

The cow ran around frantically setting fire to the hay bales in the barn. Fire spread. Barn burned down.

Damage $80,000.

No damage to the cow.

Another story involves kissing cows.

Last wednesday in Australia, authorities told the people to stop kissing cows. Even where tongues not used. Dangerous to the animals and humans for a number of reasons.

The cow kissing began as part of a charitable fundraiser. Labeled the “Cow Kiss Challenge.” Run simultaneously in Australia, Switzerland and Germany.

Remember Bum Farto? The Key West Fire Chief who was convicted in a drug case in 1976. The day he left home for Court to be sentenced, he disappeared. His car pulled out of his driveway. Something occurred in the street. Farto and the car no where to be seen.

A Jimmy Hoffa type thing.

To this day, the question arises: “Bum Farto, where are you?”

Why Bum Farto today? On this day in 1986, Bum Farto was declared legally dead. Many locals think he is not dead. Rather lying on a beach somewhere enjoying his ladies and drink.

Norberg Thomson one smart man.

Key West’s cigar industry was booming in the early 1900’s. Norberg saw an opportunity to enrich himself by participating. However instead of manufacturing cigars, he built a huge factory on Caroline Street to make cigar boxes The business locally competition free.

The construction of the building began this day in 1911.

Deutsche Bank in the news frequently these days. Trump and family did much business with the German bank. They partnered at a time when Trump could not find financing sources elsewhere because of the Atlantic City casino debacle where Trump’s corporations filed bankruptcy. The banks involved took huge losses and banks in general thereafter would not do business with him.

Deutsche and Trump are birds of a feather. Found each other to do business with. Both losers.

Deutsche has been in a death spiral since 2007. Deutsche’s stock dropped 39 percent the past 12 months. Sixty percent since January 2018.

Character. Some have it, some don’t. Hard to tell till a time arrives where character is called for.

Character constitutes the moral values of an individual. A thing that calls upon a person to do the right thing at the right time.

Don McGahn had his opportunity today to reflect his character. He failed.

He was subpoenaed to appear before a Congressional Committee. His attorneys advised yesterday he would not. Citing several reasons that in actuality carry no legal weight when applied to McGahn and the facts surrounding him and his testimony.

McGahn capitulated. He abided with Trump’s directive not to testify.

Trump has failed to bring jobs back from Europe. Only a minimal amount have returned.

Ford announced yesterday that it is eliminating 7,000 jobs globally. Ford’s North America plants will lose 2,300 of the jobs. The eliminated jobs will come from mid management.

In the U.S., 1,500 have already been let go. Five hundred more expected to be separated this week. The balance by September.

A federal judge ruled that Trump’s accountants Mazars USA must release Trump’s accounting records.

The judge Amit P. Mehta.

His 41 page decision reflected clearly his thinking. Best the following paragraph: “It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a President for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct – past or present – even without formally opening an impeachment inquiry.”

Trump says he will appeal.

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared on a FOX News Town Hall. His presentation a success. Over the top. At the end of the Town Hall, the audience stood and applauded.

Mayor Pete would make an excellent candidate for President, except for one problem. The blacks do not support him. His being gay the problem.

The Democratic candidate cannot win without black support.

Can Buttigieg get the support?

A measles update.

Number of cases in the U.S. 880. Most of the new cases in New York City.

This year thus far has been the worst year for measles since the Centers for Disease Control declared in 2000 that measles had been eliminated in the U.S.

My podcast tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. So much to talk about.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy. I rant and rave about much that is going on around us. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “UDDER MADNESS

  1. Mayor Pete would make an excellent candidate for President, except for one problem. The blacks do not support him. His being gay the problem.

    I have heard equal comments from both Caucasian and non Caucasian that would be problematic for Mayor Pete. The comments coming from the Caucasian’s is simply ignorance, what comes from those of color is hypocrisy. America does not need invaders to bring this nation down….we are doing just fine to that end from within.

  2. I don’t think GOP men really like women. I think that they may really be closet Sharia Law Muslims. This whole abortion dustup may just be a means to punish women for being women.

  3. I’m not taking a position either for or against the Alabama abortion law. However, to suggest this is a “men vs women” issue is once again just speaking from emotions (Liberals) vs looking at the facts (Conservatives). The Alabama law was introduced by Terry Collins (a woman), and signed into law by Gov. Ivey (a woman). Furthermore, the makeup of the Supreme Court that ruled on Roe v Wade was ALL MALE!

  4. Damn this blog…anything over one paragraph doesn’t seem to post. I will truncate. When it comes to the GOP life begins at conception and concern ends at birth. If you preach small government have the decency to practice it.

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