Letter writing is a lost art. A vintage skill.

The digital age has taken over. Quicker, etc.

I enjoyed handwriting letters. Condolences, congratulations, a friendly note. Did so with some frequency till about 5 years ago. As my days became full with writing, etc. using a computer, time became precious. I now hand write probably 2 letters a year.

I still have engraved stationary, cards and envelopes with my name imprinted on each.  Since the number of written messages has been drastically reduced, I doubt I shall never use them all.

Still under the weather. Remained in all day yesterday. Tired. Laid around.

I see my primary care physician this afternoon. My heart doctor thinks I have a virus. Whatever, primary care physician’s problem to identify and correct.

There is a benefit to illness. A mild one. I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Other than that, being sick is sick!

Watched the PGA from my bed yesterday. The last 9 holes exciting. Brooks Koepka the ultimate winner went into the last day with a 7 hole lead. In the middle of the back 9, it dropped to 1. Dustin Johnson had moved up dramatically.

In the end, Koepka won by 2 strokes.

I thought the golf course was a terrible one to play a major tournament on. Bethpage Black. Difficult for every player.

Two problems from my perspective. The second rough was 3 1/2 inches. Too deep. The quality of the player lost. If one got out with a decent shot, it was luck.

The second was the greens. The greens have small subtle swings. Slight. Difficult to see. More short putts were missed by all. Even the 2 leaders.

The quality of a player is not represented by those playing on such a course. Luck enters into it big time. A professional tournament should give the players the opportunity to use their skills without the necessity of having to play against the 2 problems mentioned.

Blue jeans! A million dollar market!

Not new. Been around almost 150 years.

On this day in 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were given a patent to create work pants reinforced with metal rivets.

Millennials. Their time.

A significant problem faces them, however. Money. Especially for those near middle age.

Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg recently wrote in The Wall Street Journal that such millennials are “in worse financial shape than every preceding living generation and may never recover.”

They wrote, “Americans born between 1981 and 1996 have failed to match every other generation of young adults born since the Great Depression…..They have less wealth, less property, lower marriage rates and fewer children.”

The cause is the financial crisis and recession that started as they began their working lives.

We are told the U.S. is experiencing “the greatest economy ever.” If such is the case, why are 40 percent of Americans struggling to afford housing, utilities, food and health care?

John Deere is one of America’s oldest and most successful manufacturers of tractors and other farm equipment. John Deere announced this week it was slashing production.

The midwest is Deere’s strongest sales area. Midwest farmers are struggling big time as a result of the Chinese tariff war. The demand for new tractors is down. Deere expects demands to sink even more. Farmers are making do with their old Deere equipment.

Trump says he want to talk with Iran. After so speaking last week several times, Trump tweeted Iran would meet its “official end” if it fights the U.S. He also advised Iran “never to threaten the U.S. again.”

The man speaks with a forked tongue. He invites armed conflict. Some day it will happen. To the detriment of the U.S. as well as whoever the opponent might be.

Republican Congressman Justin Amish announced this past week that the “President engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Trump retaliated by calling Amish a “loser.” Trump calls everyone who opposes him a loser.

History will record Trump as the biggest loser of all time.

I close with Mahatma Gandhi. From his many words of wisdom…..In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Enjoy your day!



    • Greetings from the Hill, spending the afternoon in bed reading your last years’ blog, much better than the old stuff, being an octogenarian as yourself history seems an amusement. Enjoy your style…….MJ

  1. Greetings from the Hill, spending the afternoon in bed reading your last years’ blog, much better than the old stuff, being an octogenarian as yourself history seems an amusement. Enjoy your style…….MJ

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