U.S. Soccer Writer Grant Wahl died of an aortic aneurysm at the World Cup. His body was returned to New York where an autopsy was performed which determined the cause of death.

A doctor advised, “No amount of CPR or shock would have saved him.” The doctor assured there was nothing “nefarious” about his death.

I have an aortic aneurysm. Diagnosed 20 years ago. Non-operable. Recently the problem can be successfully operated on in certain patients. I am not one. My age is against it.

I can’t win.

The problem has never concerned me. I give it no thought. If and when the aneurysm pops, I’ll be dead immediately. No pain, no suffering.

Tweets are taking a beating today. Properly so. However one appeared recently concerning Key West which is honest. For that reason alone acceptable: “The harbor walk around the Key West Historic Seaport…..is one of the most picturesque walks in Key West – and a great freebie!”

Went out to lunch yesterday. The Cuban Coffee Queen.

Met an interesting young lady from Atlanta. Late 20’s. Lovely. She is vacationing alone for a week. First time in Key West. Enjoying herself.

I asked why such a lovely and charming person such as she was would be alone. She said she was not keeping company and had no one to travel with. She needed and wanted a vacation, so she was made the trip alone.

I admire her. I hate traveling alone. That is why I have not traveled in recent years.

Last night, I enjoyed Jean Thornton’s Thanksgiving dinner. She had frozen a meal for me and brought it with her from Birmingham. I pigged out on turkey and stuffing.

Noon time exciting today. I will be out again. A haircut with Lori. Then lunch somewhere.

It has been reported Trump rents a storage unit in West Palm Beach. The question is being asked why. Mar-a-Lago has 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and 3 bomb shelters.

Trump announced yesterday he would be making a major announcement tonight. He did not advise time or channel. His announcement was made on his own Truth Social.

Respectfully, no, not respectfully, actually, he looked like a first class asshole.

Trump tweeted his announcement last night with a a “superhero-themed” video. With “fantastical music” blaring in the the background, he animated in pose as Superman in front of Trump Tower. He ripped his business suit open to reveal a chiseled T-logo body suit and laser like eyes. Followed underneath by : MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT Dec. 15.

A bizarre pop video. Totally unpresidential for a former President.

David DePape is the man under arrest for having attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer. The police announced yesterday that DePape had a “hit list.” On it was Tom Hanks.

Why Tom Hanks?

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