Good time at lunch yesterday. Geiger Key with Laura Bateman and Mark Lazenby. Richmond, Virginia residents.

I met Laura last week when I was having dinner with Jean and Joe Thornton. I bought dinner for our group that evening. Laura insisted on reciprocating at some time. I told her to call me.

Yesterday was the day. She even picked me up and drove.

Laura had written and mentioned a friend Mark Lazenby would be joining us. Mark has a condo in Fort Lauderdale and was driving down to be with Laura for a few days. He would meet us on his drive to Key West.

Geiger Key’s atmosphere was its usual calm beautiful self. The company added to its special flavor.

The conversation covered many things. Family, post COVID effects, Greece, London, Beefeater gin, Richmond, Key West, etc.

I found two items especially interesting. Mark is suffering post COVID as I. Other than work, he remains home as he did when avoiding the COVID bug. He was finding it difficult now to get himself out.

Laura lived in Key West at one time. She finds today’s Key West expensive. Especially groceries. She has rented a house for several weeks. Went to Publix for groceries. The expensive nature of the groceries blew her out! Way more than Richmond.

I had mentioned to Laura when we had dinner last week how it was next to impossible to get Beefeater in Key West. I meant at a bar. She thought overall. So she had Mark pick up a bottle for me in Fort Lauderdale.

I came out a winner! Free lunch, a bottle of Beefeater and some very interesting company.

I heard an interesting comment today on Morning Joe re Olive Garden. I was able to locate it on the internet afterwards.

Home office Olive Garden has fired a manager of one of its Kansas restaurants. The dismissal turned on a message the manager had sent to all her employees. Concerned taking time off. Part of the message read as follows: “If you’re sick, you need to prove it to us. If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to me. If it’s a ‘family emergency’ and you can’t say, too bad. Go work somewhere else.”

I came across an interesting article on the internet. Concerned tampons and the inquiring minds of some men.

Some tampons are labeled R and L. Women know why. Men do not. Aroused the male curiosity. Men were asking the question as to what was the difference between “right” and “left” tampons.

The answer. The correct one. The one all women know: The R stands for “Regular” indicating a normal, middle of the road period flow. While the L stands for “Light” which is used on days when the flow is – you guessed it – lighter than average.

Males of the world now know. Ain’t no right or left involved.

Krysten Sinema’s decision to leave the Democratic Party fell upon the Democrats like a black cloud. A Democratic operative said, “Her party switch is an electoral grenade, and she just pulled the pin.”

One of Key West’s most proud and popular buildings is the Custom House.

The contract for its construction was awarded this day in 1888. The building was completed in the later part of 1891. Total cost of construction $107,955.96.

Imagine the millions it would cost to erect today!

Many the great thought was put into words by Winston Churchill. So many. I came across one this morning which I share: “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Enjoy your day!


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