Insanity prevails. Within the confines of the White House. The President and his closet advisors.

This week Trump walked from the White House to St. John’s Episcopal Church for a photo-op. The President standing in front of St. John’s holding a bible up in one hand. The boarded windows of the Church behind him.

The purpose of the photo in front of the boarded Church did not make sense to me at the time. Turns out it was the final step in exhibiting Trump’s “bravery.” To show he was not afraid of the protesters in front of the White House.

The protesters that were moved away brutally by horsed U.S. Rangers, Secret Service and military personnel. The protesters were quickly and without warning pelted with flash grenades, rubber bullets, and tear gas. At the same time, military helicopter flying low over them.

Welcome to the new United States of America!

The protesters were eliminated. Soon thereafter Trump came walking down the White House driveway, through Lafayette Square where the protesters had been, and crossed over to the front of St. John’s whee he stood for the photo-op.

Trump placed American citizens in jeopardy, scared the hell out of them, just so he could have a photo-op that he thought would make him look good.

The Nation, world and press mocked him!

Yesterday, Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced that the photo-op in front of the boarded St. John’s was akin to Winston Churchill touring the rubble of London during World War II.

She was serious.

To compare Trump to Churchill in this scenario or any other is pure insanity. The two have nothing of value in common.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper immediately went on the air and said no way!

Thousands have since commented on the internet their thoughts re the Churchill comparison. I am going to share a number with you. Each evidences how people feel and reacted to the comparison.

“Churchill fought against the Nazis, didn’t encourage them…..Winston stayed in London above ground during the blitz whereas Trump was in a bunker 5 stories underground in fear of the protesters…..Churchill fought the enemies of his people, didn’t suck up to them, and won…..Trump looked uncomfortable in the photo because he was afraid the bible would burst into flames.”

“Did Churchill ever cheat on his wife with a porn star?…..Trump will be remembered as the biggest laughing stock as a leader…..Churchill wasn’t a draft dodger, fought in a war, wasn’t illiterate, and was a genius orator…..I’m from the UK and it’s an absolute insult to compare a child president to Churchill.”

“It won’t be long before we learn from the White House press secretary Mr. Trump is actually similar to the son of God…..Never in the field of human conflict have so many been pissed off by so few.”

A couple of other comments reflecting feelings about Trump aside from the photo-op.

Nicholas Kristof said, Trump uses the military “to prove his manhood.”

Ian Welsh warns “a long, hot summer” ahead.

I do not recall Churchill ever considering deploying British troops against his people. Trump’s threats to do so prove America is closer to anarchy than ever before in its history. Can you imagine: Active U.S. military units taking control of American cities?

Trump threatens federal forces moving into Washington. He sees Constitutionally protected protesting as “domestic terrorism.” Included in the term is the smashing of shop windows. A cynical hyperbole.

Trump wants to create his own “palace guard.”

Trump wants to be viewed as another Nixon: The President of Law and Order. Forgetting such is neither needed nor legal.

D.C. police are capable of containing the disturbances without interference by “heavily armed soldiers.”

Army units are trained to fight foreign enemies. The Army is not trained in law enforcement.

Thump’s demand for a “rough policy” is the opposite of “law and order.”

My opinion: The worst is yet to come.

Yesterday, I wrote about the man who might be described as the Hero of Swan Street. The gentleman who let 70 protesters run into his home and be kept safe overnight from the horsemen, authorities, etc, who were chasing protesters from Lafayette Square. These were the same protesters who were being moved so Trump could do his Churchill thing.

The event occurred monday evening. I first heard about it very early tuesday morning on Morning Joe. About a 2 minute live interview with Rahul Dubey who owned the house involved. I caught only half of it.

Interesting, I thought. Something I should blog about.

I did the blog and used the brief information I picked up on Morning Joe. I was ready to publish the blog around 10:30. Searched the internet for an article or 2 re what occurred. Had to be something. The story a terrific one!


So I published my blog wondering why there was no further information.

Beth reads my blog and commented that I did not have all the facts, some not precise, etc. and referred me to a NRP article published that day 6/2. The article by Bill Chappel and Mano Sundaresan. Excellent! Detailed!

Where was it when I needed it? It had not been published yet. The Beth article was not published till 6:41 in the evening.

There had to be others published earlier. Found only one. Too late to have been help to me. It was published 11:31 am, an hour after my blog was published.

I would like to report in detail re the NPR article. However would take up too much space and time this morning. So much happening!

I recommend you read the NPR 6/2 article by the authors previously mentioned. Not only interesting, exciting.

What might be described as another screw up by me yesterday were the photos of Trump and Hitler. Hitler holding a bible in one hand as Trump had in the photo before St. John’s Church.

The Hitler photo a phony. Photo-shopped. Digitally altered. In the original, Hitler was holding nothing in his hand.

Haste makes waste. Re the photo incident, I was guilty. The Hitler photo was so good, I could not wait to share it with you.

I promise to temper my enthusiasm.

I close with an Abraham Lincoln quote I have shared in the past. One that is appropriate in view of what our country is going though in recent days: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Enjoy your day!


11 comments on “U.S. LED BY CRAZIES AT THE TOP

  1. Lou could have saved himself a lot of typing in the last few days if he just referred us to this handy chart:
    Protesters = good
    Police = bad
    National Guard = very bad
    US military = extremely bad
    Donald Trump = Devil from Hell

    • Thomas J. could have saved himself a lot of aggravation if he just stopped reading Lou’s blog and went somewhere else where he felt more comfortable reading what that person writes!

      here’s a handy chart for you:

      Not Lou.
      Whatever else you don’t like.

  2. Three right wing extremists with military backgrounds were arrested in Las Vegas for trying to encite a riot. All three are part of the boogaloo movement.

    • That’s been done long ago with his actions (louder than words) including his recent endorsement that “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

  3. How about a change of subject.

    I hope everyone runs out to see Micheal Moores new movie, Planet of the Humans

  4. Trump was holding the Bible upside down in his Photo op. Truthfully, how many times do you think Donald J. Trump has ever really read and observed the teachings od the Bible? If you don’t want to lie, then the answer is clear.

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