I fear we are into an American uprising. In only 9 days. A mere beginning, the situation has become a swiftly moving one. Volatile. I pray it does not reach the ultimate and turn into a shooting confrontation.

Do not say it could not. It definitely can. Look how far our country has come in only 9 days. Events leading up to this situation prior to the 9 days, not part of the serious physical confrontation which awaits. Our country is in a non-physical confrontation 365 days a year.

The humvees yesterday in Washington suggest that which is to come. Reminds me of the Hungarian Revolution in the 1950’s. Serious and not serious the first few days. From empty beer bottles being thrown to actual gun shooting to the Russian tanks coming into town. The tanks were the end of the revolution. Many had to escape in order to avoid death.

The troops standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial yesterday of concern also. Why?

Trump claimed the first day that vandals had marked up Lincoln. Nothing heard from Trump since nor anyone else claiming they viewed the vandalism.

Yet yesterday, the military in huge numbers were protecting the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump going pro-religion suddenly. The picture of him standing in front of St. John Episcopal Church holding a Bible in hand. There is a similar photo making its way through the internet this morning of Hitler in the same pose Bible in hand. No question, the two are birds of a feather.

Another reason I fear a shooting confrontation is that the protesters are not backing off. In fact, they add something new to the protesting each day to keep the authorities off base.

Trump will go a step too far and the protesters will retaliate. And then it will be a revolution. A shooting one.

A gentleman on TV yesterday said, “My America changed.”

I do not have his name. His story as told by him yesterday on national TV interesting. Reveals also how persons not participating in the protests may be thinking.

The man lives close to the White House. On a street the other side of Lafayette Square. His home in an affluent area. About 50. Articulate.

His home a series of steps leading to a leveled area behind which is the front door. He was standing outside in front of the door watching the protesters running down the street past his home. They were running from the horses, tear gas, rubber bullets and flash grenades.

Somehow the protesters had been turned down his street. He looked ahead and saw military waiting at the end of the block for them to arrive.

The whole thing did not look right to him. He says all he could think at that moment was “my America changed.”

Suddenly a couple of the protesters asked if they could enter his home. Escape into his home. He said yes and then permitted anyone to enter. Waving them on to come inside his home.

Seventy made it.

The horsemen and other authorities came and placed themselves before his home. Insisting they come out. He refused to let them out. None wanted to leave.

It was obvious the 70 would be staying overnight. Food became an issue. Pizzas were ordered delivered. Arrangements were made for the pizzas to come in through a back alley so the authorities would not confiscate their meal.

The seventy slept in the man’s house. He said anywhere a bare spot on the floor could be found.

When the seventy left the next morning, the authorities were gone.

His America changed for him. It is changing for many of us. Where and how will it end?

A significant happening which could influence the outcome of the confrontations is whether Americans will shoot at Americans. Those on horseback, in the military, etc. They are all Americans. Different nationalities, color and whatever. The protesters the same as them.

I cannot believe in the final analysis that American will shoot at Americans. No matter what orders given by whom, including the President.

Already leaks in the dike are appearing. Some policemen kneeling with protesters. Yesterday, a Chief of Police.

Los Angeles the best reflection of my thoughts in this regard so far.

Keke Palmer is a woman of color and a popular TV host. She asked a whole contingency of National Guard to march with the protesters. They said they could not. They could not leave the intersection they were guarding.

She then asked them to kneel with her and the protesters. All of the National Guard, each and every one, kneeled!

Keke’s words leading up to the mass kneeling: “Stand together with the community, with society to stop, stop the governmental oppression.”

My sense monday when Trump stood in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church bible in hand was that he was trying to firm up his evangelical base.

It appears to becoming a religious base at the moment. Yesterday, Trump and Melania went to the Shrine of Pope John Paul II. Left a wreath of flowers. Pictures taken, of course.

The Archbishop of Washington is black. He chastised Trump for bringing religion, and specifically the Catholic religion, into the fight. Just as the Episcopalian Bishop had chastised Trump the day before  for his photo op in front of St. John’s.

I do not believe Trump is actually going to further visit churches of other denominations for a photo op or anything else. I share with you now something I briefly wrote about 2-3 months ago.

Remember Steve Bannon? A Trump supporter at the beginning. Close to the President. Trump eventually fired Bannon because, if I recall correctly, he appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. A no no if one is affiliated with Trump. All publicity goes to the Leader.

Bannon was a huge influence on Trump before, during and after the campaign. His sole intention and goal in life is to upset existing governments. He wants to change who runs and influences society. In many instances, change merely for the sake of change.

The man a bit of a nut. Though a smart one.

Bannon has spent the past 2 years involved with the Vatican and the Catholic Church. He wants to change things within the Church. From the Pope down.

The Catholic Church is split. Liberal and conservative. Bannon has become a huge influence with the conservatives. From Cardinals down.

He has been instrumental in making Pope Francis’ life difficult.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is the far right conservative arm of the Church. Its membership active and retired Bishops and other members of the Catholic hierarchy.

The organization’s offices are in Washington. It is a significant lobbying arm for the organization’s beliefs.

The Bishops’ organization and Bannon walk hand in hand.

Bannon and Trump became “friends” again about 2 years ago. I sense this friendship influencing Trump’s visit to Pope John Paul’s shrine yesterday.

So much to write about. I am trying to limit what I write not to what has occurred. You can get that off TV and the internet. What I do try to share are my thoughts concerning these happenings.

Tonight, Cocktails at 7 with Cathy in Seattle. Seattle is having its protest problems. The conversation this evening  should be especially interesting.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Cop shot in head in one of two police-involved shootings at protests in Vegas. Updated on: June 2, 2020 / 7:58 AM / CBS/AP Another night of protests in major cities .
    You are late lou:
    Cop shot in head in one of two police-involved shootings at protests in Vegas. Updated on: June 2, 2020 / 7:58 AM / CBS/AP Another night of protests in major cities .

    Fentanyl come to the US by way of RED CHINA. Fentanyl was found in the blood stream of the man killed by a cop in
    Minnesota. Stop RED China.

    • Sandy has azzigned himself to Lou’s blog as a troll and agitator who is usually factually wrong and morally totally corrupt. He is also vulgar and racist. He seems willing to say anything for attention and to irritate others. The truth is, apart from Popeyes, he is afraid to go out of his own house.

      • A bit of original this time, but still incorrect. And that spinach pie at Popeyes, so good just out of the can, if you like it that way.

        • You should try the humble pie once and awhile. It might do you some good!

          That and trying to get your facts straight, too

  2. Louis, what can be done about all these Trump supporters? They’re burning down our cities and looting small businesses in the communities in which they live. I’ve had enough of these insanely violent Trump supporters. How about you?

  3. There is no question that “the buck stops with” The Donald. Everything that has been happening to our country IS his responsibility even if he won’t accept it.

    If posting a link is a no-no, then please delete it. But I think Ole Abe sings it better than I can say it.

    youtube – dot- com/watch?v=wU5-s6eQTTg&feature=em-uploademail

    (You will have to copy and edit it to make it work.)

    Haven’t You Had Enough?

  4. The New England Journal of Medicine has just released it’s results of a large, high quality study of health workers and others, closely exposed to those with Covid 19. It shows that hydroxychloroquine and a similar drug, chloroquine, was no better than placebo pills at preventing illness from the corona virus yet about 40% on it had side effects, mostly with stomach problems.

  5. Gov. Cuomo is a true hero. NY has the most peaceful covid deaths, the most peaceful riots and the most peaceful looting in the entire USA. Cuomo for president!

    • And first time Saks’ Fifth Ave had been wrapped in chain link fence and razor wire plus private security guards.
      That will make a pair of shoes cost more.

  6. The ‘army’ surrounding the Lincoln memorial and the White House are all decked out in full fatigues, all complete with masks and dark gla**es, without any markings or names of any kind. When a reporter asked one of them who they reported to he was given what he called a “scripted answer” that they reported to the Justice Department?

    Since when dd the Justice Department have any kind of Army? Only one group that could create this kind of thing, Eric Prince.

    So Lou, you got it wrong, it isn’t ICE who is Trump’s Brown Shirts, it’s a much more sophisticated organization, fully trained and with considerable experience.

    … and don’t expect the gun nuts with their phony second amendment excuses to protect us from this group, or the US military either!

    • You’re right! Cuomo for President… just don’t let any old folks near him. He’ll send them to their death camp.

        • Cuomo kills old people. Fact. Cuomo Runs a dump of a state. Fact. Cuomo has the most covid deaths fact. Cuomo has the most violent err.. peaceful protests in the country. Fact. Cuomo has the most violent err.. peaceful looters I. The country. Cuomo for president!

    • Did not Eric Holder, att. gen have an army in Mexico, that is why he sent all those guns their and never got to go to Jail. There was a Boarder Cop ,shot dead, by one of Holder’s guns. Just image a Black mans gun shooting a law enforcement man. and court trill Let us have a riot.

    • I remember when the pearl clutching high wing went nuts about Obamacare when it was proposed because of the provisions for end of life counseling it including, quickly labeling it “death panels” for political effect, which became their hew and cry. Now days they want to carelessly open the economy at once while callously suggesting we are going to need sacrifice a significant number of our elderly. If that wasn’t stupidly hypocritical enough, we now have yahoo posters on this blog wanting to blame others for good leadership that they falsely accuse of doing the same thing? Why don’t you jerks get your sh*t together and figure out what you want to begin with, before you start blabbing off with garbage that convinces everyone you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Can someone who speaks fluent gibberish please interpret the above comment. It seems to have something to do with Obamacare, sacrificing the elderly and blaming others for good leadership. Thank you.

        • It is written I think, in High School English. You would probably need some sense of reality to comprehend such things, perhaps reading it when sober might help?

    • Thank you. I wrote the story from a 2 minute MSNBC life interview early in the morning. Could not find it on the internet. Will read now and add to the story in tomorrow’s blog.

      • Lou, that story spread like wildfire here in the D.C. area the morning after it happened. So refreshing to hear about someone with such a good heart in the middle of all this chaos. I also know there are many more like him who would embrace the opportunity to help.

        The video of the cops chasing the protesters down Swann St. was crazy! I mentioned the location because it didn’t even make sense that they got chased like that even so far away from the main event, at the WH and Lafayette Park.

        Thanks for mentioning it again in your next blog!

  7. Sorry got the correct Holder shooting now. There were several so I got confused.
    In the latest explosive twist to the Obama administration’s deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal, one of the key whistleblowers has now identified the FBI as a crucial player in the infamous 2010 murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
    Now can we have several more days of rioting –best TV ever.

  8. And now we find the great Obama FBI killers worked for Holder. Do you all remember this????

    After learning that the murder weapons were from Fast and Furious — and that disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department was engaged in an attempted cover-up — brave federal agents knew it was time to go to Congress and the press to blow the whistle. Now, Special Agent Dodson, a key figure who helped expose the administration’s gun-running scandal, has added even more scandalous revelations to the mix: The bandits who shot Terry were likely working for two FBI operatives at the time.

  9. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is the far right conservative arm of the Church. Its membership active and retired Bishops and other members of the Catholic hierarchy.

    I though they liked little boys all over the world.

  10. As The New American has reported for years, multiple officials on both sides of the border, as well as drug-cartel kingpins, have all suggested that the U.S. government is actually deeply involved in the drug trade. The fact that there was never any real plan to arrest anyone as part of the Fast and Furious scheme — indeed, the two “drug lords” were already FBI operatives — would appear to bolster those allegations.

    Maybe we can now have the congressional probe of Fast and Furious. Like they did to Trump

  11. Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.

    You have to be the biggest pest on earth and the most gullible fool any of us will ever know. Your grasp of honest reality is just so pathetic and your need to self destruct on Lou’s blog is embarrazzing. Please stop making us witnesses in your personal problems by acting out like such a jerk all the time.

  12. Ha Joe why did not you and your boss oboma fight against shipping all those jobs to RED CHINA?
    You sid tonight you know how to fix the job problem–did you just get smart in the last three years?

  13. Sandy the troll, always trying to change the subject from something serious, to some sort of wild and crazy rant on any old subject already debunked a hundred times, just to try and avoid talking about real issues of the moment.

    Just an angry old man pretending to be relevant.

  14. Then maybe you can tell me why the balance of trade payments grows in favor of RED CHINA if it has been so well debunked. And what is more important JOBS and FREEDOM.

    • Persistent (and pathetically lonely) troll, using bad facts and very forced logic, hoping to win a Nobel Prize for ignorance by posting on Lou’s blog

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