Janet is one who consistently reads my blog. Opinionated. Generally, intelligently.

Janet commented yesterday to my recent blog: Why?…..I Don’t Understand.

Her comment speaks for itself.

“People take their kids on a metal tube that goes 500 miles an hour at 36,000 feet without ever ‘doing their own research’ about who made the plane, who last serviced it, or even reading about the physics of air travel. They just trust that ‘big airplane’ knows what it is doing.

Cut the crap stupid!”

Texas Governor Abbott continues on his roll. His long “15 minutes.”

In his recent announcement, Abbott barred all coronavirus vaccine mandates in Texas, including private employers.

His statement claimed Biden is “bullying” people with his COVID comments and handling.

A Trump stalwart is Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi).

Southwest Airlines cancelled most, if not all, of its fleet over the weekend. Some two thousand planes. The reason pilot “sick outs.” Pilots not sick, but wish to make a point to management.

The pilots are opposed to what they describe as “imposed mandates.” Get vaccinated or lose your job.

Johnson supports the pilots. I would have expected nothing less. He describes the walk out the “Great Rebellion” over vaccine mandates. He added, “Stop the mandates before more damage is done.”

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association has sued their airline employer in federal court re the imposed mandate.

Some view the walk out as only the beginning. Intimating other airlines may follow.

Benny Johnson is an 18 year Southwest pilot. He said, “This is the single bravest thing I have seen in years. God bless them pilots. The heroes we need right now.”

Johnson views the confrontation as one involving “freedom of choice issues.”

A 10/10/21 Zerohedge article claims: “The U.S. is finally a banana republic: The top one percent now own more wealth than the entire middle class.” The situation represents “unprecedented wealth inequality.”

The last time such a situation existed was prior to the Great Depression.

The Key West Airport has outgrown itself for the third or fourth time in the years I have lived in Key West. Key West is at the point again where too many planes are coming in and going out.

A vastly remodeled airport is planned. Construction to soon start.

Hurricane Irma occurred just over four years ago on September 10, 2017.

Today for the first time I learned the air control tower has been down as a result of Irma. It cannot be used.

Air controllers are working across the tarmac in a tiny trailer and can’t see planes coming in and out.

How safe is that? Especially with the significant increase in air traffic.

A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning concerns the airport: “Dear airport noise/traffic complainers: You fools bought an overpriced house on an island where the airport is at most 2 miles from your house! Get over yourself!”

Tuesday again. Tonight my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Please join me. I rant and rave for a half hour re things that bother me. Helps relieve my concerns and frustrations.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou,
    Was this intelligent woman understanding that these “stupid” people were not FORCED to take their children in these metal tubes?

    If forced to do so, I think that these “stupid” people would have a very good case, if the metal tube tell out of the sky and killed these children.

    Just as these same “stupid” people would have a very good case, if it turns out later that this vaccination has harmful consequences.

    Ever heard of Thalidomide?

    At some point people have to weigh the risk of not being vaccinated vs the chances of dying. Just like driving a car or flying in a metal tube…then make a personal CHOICE.

    Take another look at the statistics Lou.

    • No that’s not at all what Janet was saying.

      What Janet was saying was that people are using excuses for not getting vaccinated that they do not use for other, far more dangerous things, like flying in airplanes.

      Janet was talking about hypocrisy.

      You are twisting what was said to make your own political point.

      Make your case on the merit of your own argument and let’s argue that.

      BTW, aren’t the statistics where this pandemic’s downside are horrific and the and well known and those of the vaccine almost nil?

      This is no Thalidomide, the science and use of that drug is MUCH more akin to the use of Ivermectin, the horse dewormer drug. Stop trying to scare pepole with falce information.

        • Using the Air plane hypocrisy issue has NOTHING to do with “choice” or mandates, and was only used to illustrate the absurdity and political spin being used.

          Your reply only amplifies your stupidity.

      • That is exactly what Janet was saying. She forgot that flying in an airplane is not mandatory. The “stupid” people she is referring to are resisting be FORCED to be vaccinated. The airplane analogy was stupid on her part. Nobody is forced to fly on a plane

        • Nonsense – you have real comprehension problems, and are just trying to bully your way past what Janet was actually saying.

          Not being forced to fly has NOTHING to do with her argument. She was only saying that those people objecting to being forced to vaccinate are using arguments for not doing so that are hypocritical to other more serious decisions they are making.

          …and we all get that.

          You are making a fool of yourself trying to make it into something else. Frankly I don’t have a problem with that, nor do I mind having the opportunity to point that out AGAIN!

    • More Americans have died from the Covid pandemic than from ALL wars we have fought, put together. This is a REAL crisis.

      More Americans have died from Covid than from ALL seatbelt accidents before that was vastly improved with seatbelt and air bag MANDATES, which people said would do more harm than good.

      Far more people died from Polio than they did from any vaccine used to eradicate that disease, despite the fears for that back then.

      Thalidomide was developed back in the ’50’s as a sedative or tranquiliser and was never mandated by anyone. It’s chemistry was controversial at the time and problem’s with it’s use were sited almost exclusively to it’s misuse the people began using it for all the wrong reasons, self prescribed. It was then removed from most use with less than 20,000 people were effected.

      The COVID pandemic is FAR more dangerous to humanity than anything that we’ve seen since small pox and, unlike just about all other vaccines, the Covid vaccine has had a far lower amount of serious side effects (in BILLIONS of people using it) than just about anything before it. Chemotherapy drugs, as an example are far worse with side effects and far less effective than Covid drugs, and nowhere near as effective at saving lives.

      Stop trying to twist everything with VODO Bull Sh*t

      Get vaccinated or face a very real possibility of dying from Covid, while almost always infecting others who very likely will die too.

        • No smoking in restaurants doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone and that’s a mandate that is not even a matter of life and death.

        • Misleading information.

          With that logic, should we also ignore Cancer, and any other deadly diseases?

          Over one third of all Americans have contacted Covid and more have died from it, despite the tremendous and hugely taxing efforts of our medical system, more people died from it than almost anything else in this country, EVER.

          And that’s without knowing of ANY long term effect this disease might bring.

          Stop with the spin. It is not only irresponsible and foolish, it is stupid.



  3. Insanity. We go to the dentist, masks required in waiting room and hallways. No where else, restaurant no mask walking into the restaurant, put it on, walk to the table, take it off. People on tv trying prove a point put masks on and take them off depending on the camera location. The best analogy of this craziness is telling people just to go pee in a certain corner of a public pool and hope it doesn’t get near you. On and on. People will not stay scared forever with this insanity.

    • Stupid argument on just about any level.

      This isn’t about being scared, that’s a Republican Political approach to the problem. This is about being smart.

      Go ahead and be stupid and defiant. You can then prolong something that could be reduced and even eradicated. Denying it is a problem and doing everything you can to prolong it is not only stuping, it is wrong. Stop the Bull Sh*t

      • You are drinking the koolaid. Sorry but there are more sides to this story than just “wear a mask, get vaccinated again and again, and wash your hands” 300 college football games so far, not counting pro, 75,000 fans on average each game with no masks for the last 6 weeks. And the numbers continue to drop. Good luck with all of this, and the next one and so on.

        • We’re drinking the Koolaid???????????

          Smart people have helped improved things in spite of you wacko deniers, vaccinating the majority of Americans., etc., etc.

          Now that that’s happening YOU want to suddenly take credit for those results WE fought for and use them to say this whole thing is overblown.

          Dude it’s been two years and almost a million deaths and you are sill trying to claim it was basically a hoax. Or that it’s “not so bad” because, hey we can go to football games?

          Let’s hope any football players don’t get hurt in any of those games because many of the hospitals near their injury are still too full to help them much.

          Get real and stop with the spin BS

  4. Well, you are not as smart as you think you are, but that’s ok. That’s a free country. Why aren’t you making all the overweight, out of shape people who are dying of heart disease each year exercise daily. 2 faced, wake up to reality. Let me guess who you voted for……… then tell me this isn’t a political thing about control.

  5. That’s very simple and something you wouldn’t need to bring up if you ere even only slightly aware of what is going on, instead of constantly doing the political thing instead of what is smart.

    Heart disease is not a pandemic, nor is it a contagious and spreadable threat to others. Heart disease is not a spreadable deadly virus with exponential consequences and cannot be mitigated with the use of a mask or helped with a vaccine.

    Don’t be stupid, this Covid thing can be fixed, even if YOU don’t seem to understand that.

  6. Covid can NOT be fixed. That is your problem. It is here to stay, just like in influenza,suck it up and go to work. I own 3 properties where my “tenants” say exactly what you are saying as they can’t work due to covid, fright, fear, etc. All the time for the last 18 months they didn’t have to pay me rent so they could stay home, quarenteen, mask up etc. What a joke. They drive past 100 help wanted signs on their way to the job that pays them cash, they dont mask, and party every night while I go broke. Wake up to the real world. I suppose when I can’t make my payments due to covid you will have the government pay me will money they dont have. Taxes? Move on and get a real life. Work, get paid, pay taxes and stop crying. Probably not your circumstance but for millions taking advantage of the situation it clearly, without a doubt is. Sorry for they slap of reality.

  7. Reality my azz. Had we fixed Covid from the beginning, you wouldn’t be able to play the phony bitter old victim now, would you!

    Suck it up azzhole, you own this Covid problem you now want to use as a shield for hate and personal failure.

    Please put an end to your self pity monologue and get back to just criticizing Dion’s Chicken, so the rest of us can get on with our sleep!

  8. I too have income property, a duplex. We have/had teachers in both units. We were pretty good while they were home schooling, but they both got covid late summer when they were forced to go back. One died, the other is still recovering. I’m screwed without their rent.

    Covid is very costly, especially here in Memphis. We should have paid better attention and not tried to pretend it was no big deal.

  9. Sleep well with your government handouts. It is obvious you are right and and myself and the other 200 million Americans are wrong. I am done, you cant be helped…..FYI I LOVE Dions Chicken

    • You sure think a lot of yourself don’t you. Do you even bother to pay taxes? Most smug people who think they know it all don’t, they just complain about those who do.

      Sleep well with YOUR government subsidies and support for Popeyes. Saw your car there on Monday slumloard loser.

  10. Point is that’s not about vaccinations or not, it’s about controlling Americans who dont want to be controlled. I’m told to get a a couple shots, now a booster, wear a mask blah blah. The more this government tries to shove handouts out to people who take advantage of the situation the worse it will get. My point is economic. Get this country back to work.Happy for your aunt

    • No, it is not about controlling Americans who don’t want to be controlled. It is about saving the human race from being eliminated by a viral pandemic.

      What part of that don’t you get?

  11. You are freaking way out there. I will agree to disagree with you. Chances of dying from covid are less than riding a moped around KW. signing out.

  12. I am not freaking out and you are bailing because you cannot control the conversation to your liking.

    Your arguments are disingenuous, disgusting and wrong, in just about every way. Furthermore, your blind insistence and denial is both juvenile and dangerous.

    Had we not done all that we did with this issue, YOU would probably be dead by now.

    Had we done more than we did, we would not be having this discussion.

    Your comprehension on the subject (or is it pigheaded political bulling?) is appallingly shallow.

    Please sign out and don’t return until you can develop some humanity.

  13. Hard to tell, as a priest I have a lot of people who include me in their lives and I am rarely left wanting socially. I spend most of my time around people and that’s fulfilling. So yes, I have a lot of friends.

      • What I do is God’s direct work and my friends are God’s flock.

        You and your false judgments, on the other hand, are on your own. May I suggest you repent or watch you back, for twisting other people’s words for fun is the work of a false prophet and of the gravest consequence.

        Remember, only God can fix stupid

  14. Enjoy your fear, I am signing off. No hope for you, you arent even open to an intelligent discussion. You have a lot of big words with no chance of compromise.your way or the hyway, we are all wrong. I hope your business and your employees you are paying are very loyal to you. Good luck with the rest of whatever disaster you think is on the way, and the next one and the next…..

    • Wrong again, reread your posts and you will not find intelligent discussion on your end, strictly stubborn denial and constant obfuscation. You will also see you claiming to “sign off” every time you needed to change the subject.

      Talk about “your way or the highway.”

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