Three items to be discussed this morning. The turtle that died, last night’s debate, and my beard. Each will be discussed in the order of their importance. Importance from my perspective.

The turtle. Good Hope. Found August 24 on a St. Croix beach. Beat up, cut up and sick. Pregnant. Airlifted to Marathon Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys. Several surgeries. Carrying over 100 eggs. C-sectins done to extract some of the eggs. Sand brought from the St. Croix beach to the hiospital and placed with the eggs in incubators. The mission…..Save the mother and the eggs!

Good Hope succumbed yesterday. From her injuries and pneumonia. Previous to her death, 61 eggs had been removed. After her death, 58.

When the eggs hatch, the new born turtles will be flown to St. Croix and deposited on the same beach where their morther was found. That evening, the turtles will walk into the ocean guided by the moon light. The hatched turtles must be returned to the St. Croix beach within 24 hours of their birth or they will expire. Plans are in place to see that the transfer takes place in a timely fashion.

The mother Good Hope made a valiant effort to survive and give birth to the eggs within her. Roughly six weeks. Over 100 of her eggs will become turtles. Thanks not only to the courage of Good Hope, but also to the Marathon Turtle Hospital and all others involved in the effort to save the mother and her offspring.

The debate. Romney finally arrived. The President fell far short of what was expected of him.

No question. Romney out did Obama. He still spoke of many things inaccurately. However, his enthusiasm and the President’s lack thereof made Romney’s misrepresentations go unchallenged and not noticeable.

The Predident was bland and sluggish. Rarely inspiring. He failed to take advantage of the many openings Romney gave him.

I sensed from the start that Obama was going to have a bad night. The first question had to do with how would you improve the economy. The first item Obama duiscussed was education. Where was the infrastructure bill? The bill provides an immediate kick in the ass to the economy. Education is important. However, in a hierarchy of things, it is not near the top at the moment.

I still do not trust Romney nor would I want him as President. Was last night representative of how Obama has been conducting his Presidency? I cannot belikeve it.

My beard. The third item on today’s agenda in order of importance. The beard is gone!

I purchased beard trimming equipment. I took too much off on one side yesterday. Tried to balance the appearnance by taking a bit nmore off the other side. Kept screwing up. Kept going back and forth. Beard kept getting smaller. Continued to look unbalanced. Finally I said…..Screw it! I took the whole thing off!

I enjoyed having a beard. I will return to one some day.

Woodward’s The Price of Politics continued to absorb my attention yesterday. I continue to read of a President less capable than I thought. I continue to read of a Vice Presidnet who is an extremely ingenious individual. Cantor has not chaged. He continues to be a worm. Valerie Jarrett is an excellent keeper of the President’s back, but too hyper. She sees shadows where none exist.

There will be no Internet show tomorrow morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour will not be broadcast. Sorry. The show will return next week.

My mornings are always busy. A haircut today at 10. Lori and me. An enjoyable time. She will be shocked when she sees me beardless! Lori trimmed and shaped the beard before I purchased the equipment and started doing it myself. She was responsibe for the beard’s initial shaping and development. Looked pretty good till I screwed it up.

Jean Thornton is back! Key West the better for it. Key West loves you, Jean!

It just started raining. No, pouring! the rainy season seems to me to be more than normal. In past years, it was usually five minutes a day around 1 in the afternoon. This year it pours big time several times a day.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Romney’s statements couldn’t be challenged because what he said was accurate.. Anyone watching the economy, that actually knows anything about economics, understands and has watched obama’s tactics fail miserably.. Last nights debate was very predictable.. I can’t wait for the next debate,, it’ll have to be a real comedy show..

  2. The beard is dead; long live the beard! Today is the first day of your new beard 🙂

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Cindy and I are planning our next trip to Paradise, so we’re looking forward to getting together with you once again!

    Take care,

    Billy & Cindy Schott
    Lakeway, Texas

  3. Sorry Patrick but Obama is only working with the garbage economy Bush left him with. Take your blinders off and realize the GOP screwed up for 8 years!! They were left in great shape by Clinton and Bush & Cheney absolutely lied about everything, delivered on NOTHING promised and handed off the worst economy in history to Obama. I’m sure you want to go back to those glorious GOP-led efforts of 2006, but I’d rather trend up, not down. Lou and other sensible Amercians know this, that the GOP gave us this mess.

    I realized from the Bush/Kerry debates that promises and plans are words just to get elected, nothing more than lip service as Bush demonstrated with vigor.

  4. Clinton left us great shape ?? Really,, a 5.6 trillion dollar deficit after 8 years is great shape ?? Not to me it isn’t.. Its true Bush added to that to the tune of an additional 4.5 trillion in his 8 years,, but,, BHO has increased this to 16 trillion in his 3.5 years.. People need to get off the idea that its all Bush’s fault and look at the facts..

  5. Actually, other than Ron Paul who actually tells us how screwed we all are they are both liars. They are two sides of the same coin..big entitlements or big defense either way spend spend borrow debt. One day we will have no choice but to act like a broke republic 15 trillion in the hole.

  6. But it was/is Bush’s fault, sorry but true. He mismanaged the economy into the worst in history and walked away just after signing a $7 TRILLION bailout. Yeah, that was great!! He delivered nothing of what he ran on and you know what FACT is true? He left the economy much worse than he found it and got us into two irrelevant wars. Remember the WMD lies? Yeah, plenty of facts backing me up and we’re still wallowing in those facts!

  7. yep…….. what was the price of gas 4 years ago today when the ‘big oil men’ ran the show? i’ll tell you $1.87 a gallon……….

  8. I was going to stay away,, My friend Gary emailed me. Apparently we’re the only 2 New York/ Key West conservatives and he got me back here to raise my blood-pressure..
    Blinders are put on horses for a reason.. I don’t understand why some humans insist on wearing them ,, all the while drinking the Kool-aid..
    We have been put in this position by politicians,, democrats and republicans.. If we keep on this path the hammer will fall sooner than we like.. Us old-farts will probably be OK,, its the younger generations I worry about..

    • Could not say it better. We oldsters will survive until death (that includes Lou) but my kids and if they ever have kids…God help them. We need to face the music, drink the medicine and realize we are flat broke. Scale back, deal with the debt and pay the crap off. It will never happen of course so look for more wars, more inflation and a slow and steady erosion of the American way of life. M best friend is a defense contractor with SAIC, he has told me that without a war he had no job. That is a string motivator to kills somebody, somewhere, anybody,so the dollars keep flowing.

  9. Priorities.. We may have mis-placed them.. I found it a shame that the turtle died.. I don’t understand why they don’t release and implant the turtles for a beach here though..

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