Mark Anthony standing over Caesar’s body uttered the following in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.”

At the moment, Anthony was imagining Caesar’s spirit joining in  exhortations “ranging from revenge.”

Anthony intended the words to be a call to the Roman people to unleash themselves upon the Senate and those supporting them.

I cannot take credit for usage of the “dogs of war.” A commentor wrote very recently that “Trump released the dogs of war between the citizens of this country.”

How true. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. He spews his lies re corrupt balloting. His nutsy followers believe him. At some point Trump followers may end up in the streets in a conflict between Trump’s people and Biden’s.

Trump is a poor loser. A vindictive man. His present intent is similar to what the Russians intended when they defeated Napoleon’s armies. A scourged earth. Destroy everything.

Barr has been quiet in recent weeks. He came out of the woodwork yesterday. He has directed Justice to investigate election fraud claims. Even before the results are certified.

The rule was only after certification.

Barr is as his leader. He abuses authority. His scum equal to Trump’s.

Once again a civil servant has stood up to a Trump wrongdoing. Richard Pilger was till yesterday the official who oversaw investigations of vote fraud in Justice. He refused to carry out Barr’s directive and resigned.

His successor was immediately named. Similar to a bench warmer on his high school’s basketball team. Not even the varsity. The jayvees.

Trump is doing well in recent court cases involving the election. He is 0-8. Even Syracuse is doing better at 1-7.

Trump is blind to he error of his ways and the effect it may ultimately have on the nation as a whole.

Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper yesterday. By tweet. A class act.

Replaced him with another bench warmer. Christopher Miller. His experience limited. His most recent as Director of the National Terrorism Center.

Trump fired Esper because Esper refused to call out the Army during the Washington protest.

A dangerous move by Trump. Trump can do all sorts of things adverse to U.S. interests between now and January 20. Like invade Iran, call home all U.S. troops stationed on foreign soils.

It was announced on the news this morning that Pence was on vacation. If there is to be a “bunker,” Pence obviously does not want to be a part of it.

This is a momentous day in the Supreme Court. It is hearing arguments on the future of the Affordable Care Act. An adverse decision would ring the death knell for Obamacare.

Twenty million would lose coverage. Pre-existing conditions would no longer be protected. Parents would no longer be permitted to keep children on their policies till 26.

A tough day. The 9 Justices are divided 6 conservative and 3 liberal. Republicans have waited years to totally take down the law. This may be their day. I expect they will.

There will be no decision today. The Supreme Court rarely decides on the day of argument. It will be several weeks before a decision is rendered.

Key West was sparred Eta. However the storm did hit the upper Keys with 65 mph sustained winds.

Some damage. Could have been worse. One thousand homes without power, some property damage, trees on houses.

Key West has had in excess of 1,700 coronavirus. With the number steadily rising. All other Keys communities significantly lower. Key West leads the pack by a large margin.

Key West is “open” too much. Only ten percent want it thus. The bar owners and hotels. Ninety percent of the people want the City Commission to restrain itself and cut back in some areas.

This is not Louis alone speaking. This morning’s Citizens’ Voice had 3 comments on the issue. Three on one issue rare. I share all 3 with you.

“Our Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly, mobs of uncontrollable tourists are taking over, tourism is being promoted and our Commission thinks a midnight curfew will accomplish anything? What a failure of our government.”

“When are we going to stop pandering to the bar owners and their employees versus the other 90 percent of citizens? Most decent tourists will not even notice a midnight curfew and it might discourage some of the trash we’re getting on weekends. Close the bars at midnight! Permanently!”

“The City Commission is scheduling large events yet again. Do they really think that implementing a curfew will curb our over-rising Covid-19 cases? It is foolish to invite thousands of people here and than have a curfew. You are all responsible for our numbers rising because of your poor decisions.”

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A fast moving half hour of critical observations by me.

The one problem I face in putting the show together is there is so much to talk about.

Join me. A fun time!

Enjoy your day!










11 comments on “TRUMP’S DOGS OF WAR

    • I think they (Republicans) would have been seriously pissed. accusing the Democrats of fraud is so much more what they want to do, than govern for 4 more years.

      We just went through 4 years of them in pretty much TOTAL power, yet constantly whining about EVERYTHING. Now that they are losers, we can only imaging how much more fun they will have. Bitching and complaining is really what they do best.

  1. 70 million pissed off Americans and not a single city is on fire. No broken gla$$. No riots. No spitting on cops. No frantic breakdowns. No safe spaces. Anyone wanna tell me what the difference is?

  2. Lou you have self isolated for 6+ months which you are able to do as your source of income does not depend upon working or a business. If everyone would do that- we would have no covid 19- and no local businesses lieft

  3. I’m in Florida, but out of town, I just saw the first pair of round trip tickets for the Key West Express for sale.

    ETA aka Estimated Time of Arrival. Hurricane was on Island Time. And wishy-washy/wischi-waschi. (No pun intended.)

    I started watching a series on Netflix, The Barrier. A family faces danger after being reunited in a dystopian Madrid. There is a virus and search of a vaccine. Many sheeple. (Trailer available.)

    Additionally, great movie on Amazon Prime, The Wave, by Dennis Gansel. It is German. English subtitled. Film in color, but cover in black and white. A role-playing experiment is performed by a high school teacher to explain to the students how totalitarian governments work. Tragic results begin. (Trailer available.)

  4. CORRECTION: *Resale
    I’m in Florida, but out of town, I just saw the first pair of round trip tickets for the Key West Express for *sale.

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