The story of Eta and Key West.

Eta supposedly was going to hit Key West. Key West right in the middle of the cone. Eta avoided Key West entirely.

Eta a strange storm. Began in Central America. Built up. Went over Nicaragua as a Category 4. Hit Cuba.

Then instead of heading for Key West turned west and northwest into the Gulf of Mexico. Eta had lost its center and was trying to recapture it.

Eta did. Changed direction and headed for Florida again. Florida Keys and south Florida put on alert.

Before a tropical storm or hurricane hits, there is a calm. The calm before the storm. Experience one and you will immediately know when a big storm is on its way.

The calm in Key West began around noon. At 3, I stepped on the porch. The calm was stronger. Yes, a calm can be felt.

A calm means nothing is happening. Everything quiet. Little or no rain. Very little wind if anything. The water not moving.

I went out on the porch at 6 again. Could feel the calm building. Which meant Eta was getting closer.

At 9, I was back on the porch. Black outside. The street lights were out for some reason, though house lights were on. No moonlight. My neighbors on the street in small groups chatting.

I went to bed. Figured Eta would hit during the night. Knew what would happen when it did. Unbelievable thunder. Some lightning. Heavy rain. Wind big time.

Woke this morning. It was quiet. Eta never woke me. Eta never woke me because it missed Key West.

I went back out on the porch. Streets still wet. Very little breeze. The taste of the calm gone. In addition, no house damage, fallen trees or wires.

Key West did it again. Missed the bullet!

Further up the Keys not so fortunate. Eta reached landfall at Matecumbe Key as a tropical storm. Eta also pounded away on south Florida’s east side.

Eta has been taking a strange path. In all directions. Described as “zig-zagging.” A weather report this morning indicated Eta could return to Cuba. A 180 degree turn around.

Another possible problem. Eta might slow down and take a rest. Could sit as a tropical storm somewhere. Could spend several days over one spot.

This is the craziest storm I have seen re direction of travel. The zig-zag thing. Wind is fickle. Those who sail know. It moves this way and that way suddenly. Never seeming to know exactly where it is going.

May it decide not to pass over Key West!

Trump’s people have announced Trump is set on a Thirty Day War. Sounds like something out of the history books.

His fight to the bitter end.

Most consider his battle futile. No legal grounds for it.

Not surprised. At this point, Rudy Giuliani is heading Trump’s legal team.

Trump’s vindictiveness obvious. He cannot handle being a loser.

Word is he plans to make Biden’s prospective dealings with Iran difficult. Many believe Biden may try to reenact the Iran nuclear deal. Lifting the onerous sanctions Trump has placed on Iran.

Biden can do it.

Trump has come up with a way to thwart Biden’s Presidential move. Before leaving office, Trump would hit Iran with a new set of sanctions. Directed at Iran’s ballistic missile program, association with terror organizations, and human rights violations.

Such could be difficult for Biden to set aside. At the very least take significant time to correct.

Noted singer “Frozen” Sugar Idina Menzel shared a Biden victory experience. Her son was with her watching TV. When it was announced that Biden had won, her son went over and hugged her saying, “Mommy, no more kids in cages!”

The number of Key West confirmed Covid-19 cases. As of yesterday, 12 new cases bringing the total to 1,237.

If the tourists had been kept out and the bars and hotels fighting to reopen, the number probably could have been 237. I base the observation on the fact that no other Keys community has even close to 1,000 cases.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Iran should wait him out, with calm – Not something Donald can handle.

    Come spring, Iran should obliterate one of Donald’s Golf courses – the one without insurance to cover such a loss.

    • Most of the country will heal, the rest will deny, resist, block and COMPLAIN about Hilary Clinton, just like the Obama years.

  2. Angered at President Donald Trump’s apparent loss, the president’s psychotic supporters took to the streets to drive to work and go about their lives as normal.

  3. Crowds of Trump supporters were seen just kinda doing the same old thing they always do, not burning down any buildings or a$$aulting anyone or tipping over statues. The deranged, dangerous followers of the fascist ruler got in their cars and flooded the streets, but they were just driving to work, because life goes on.

  4. Some got out of their cars and marched, but they were just marching into their offices and onto construction sites, the ones where they work, because they have jobs and their whole lives don’t hinge on who is or isn’t in the White House.

    “Look at how insane these Trump supporters are!” screamed one commentator on CNN. “They are flooding our streets and going to work like usual! AHHHHHHHH!!!”

    • Total Bulsh*t – Read the real news and you’ll see they have been holding rallies and protesting all over the country. Focusing their denial and spinning like there was no tomorrow.

      Some are even making up stories distorting the truth about how they are the good guys trying to hide the fact they predicted left wing mahem in an effort to stir up trouble

      • So all the riots and looting in big democratic cities was just a coincidence? My, some people are very gullible. Hey man, broaden your horizons.

  5. Biden will be in deep trouble once Trump gets all of his factual evidence together that will detail just how the election was stolen.

    • Pathetic struggle to reinvent a false reality. You lost a fair fight, exposing what had always been a supreme lie. When are you going to realize you have been had?

      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, but it was only a house of cards to begin with and will forever be known as just another cheap wannabe loser and a bench mark low point from which every other president will by default – look good.

      Dream all you want which makes you too nothing but an over reaching pathetic loser as well with your embarrazzing posts on Lou’s blog.

    • Sarcasm is in the mind of the beholder, one person’s sarcasm is another person’s “snarky”

      Or put a different way, one person’s sh*tty remark is pazzed off as ‘sarcasm’

      Patrick used to always say if you want it to be sarcasm, please warn me first. But then he always had serious comprehension issues and was easily confused anyway.

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