The Key West City Commission has failed again. Failed with regard to its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

In most instances, the Commission has subverted the interests of its citizens to the interests of bar owners and their employees and restaurant owners and their employees.

At last night’s Commission meeting, the most important issue was whether a curfew should be imposed prohibiting the operation of bars and restaurants from midnight to 7 am. The bars and restaurants attended in full strength. Owners and employees.

They won. The curfew resolution was withdrawn.

Covid-19 is increasing in Monroe County and the State of Florida. Rampantly increasing across the country. New Covid cases every day.

Key West is a tourist community. Tourism its industry. People have once again begun flocking here. Especially on weekends. Key West has developed a reputation for being an “open town.”

The Commission did wrong last night. It capitulated to certain business interests which put them in opposition to its many more citizens.

It is time to cut the bullshit and get tough. Otherwise, Key West’s sole hospital and its area cemeteries will see an increase in their businesses.

Front page headline and article in the Key West Citizen this morning clearly set forth Covid cases are on the rise both in the County and Key West.

The County has experienced 74 new cases since friday. Nearly one half are attributable to Key West.

Florida’s total number of cases is 847,821. Monroe County 12,596. State deaths are reported as 17,179. Twenty five occurred in the County.

Significant is the following. Recognize what the numbers tell us.

Since the start of the Pandemic, Key West has had 1,251 confirmed cases. The next city in the County is Key Largo. Three hundred thirty eight cases. The numbers speak for themselves. Key West is the Covid playland of the Keys. The merchants and virus love the many tourists who come down.

The Citizens’ Voice carried a comment this morning which reflects ignorant and arrogant thinking. Trump thinking: “We haven’t ever worn a mask. Not going to, ever. Covid-19 is a hoax. Always has been, always will be.”

Vice-President Pence and his family arrived on Sanibel Island yesterday for a vacation. The vacation to last till saturday.

With everything topsy-turvy in Washington, why has Pence left the Capital? Is it because he does not agree with what Trump is doing and wants to escape any responsibility for it? Or, is it so he will be kept “clean” for the pardons he will give Trump and family?

I strongly believe Trump will resign before January 20. Pence will become President. Pence will pardon Trump, etc. As Ford pardoned Nixon.

Today is Veterans Day. It marks the end of World War I. The Allies and Germany signed an armistice that day.

I find it interesting that the provocateur in both world Wars was Germany.

The holiday was first known as Armistice Day. The name since then changed to honor all U.S. military veterans.

As time moves on, we tend to forget many things. The purpose of Veterans Day is to make sure we forget not the many sacrifices they made.

Some interesting facts surrounding Veterans Day.

The World War I Armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. A practice has developed  where at 11 am on Veterans Day there is a period of silence lasting 2 minutes. There are 9 million veterans over the age of 65. Female veterans exceed 1.6 million.

It’s rain, rain, go away time. It has been steadily raining for several days. Two might be attributable to Eta. None of the others. It just keeps coming down!

There was late breaking news last night. We were already aware Trump had fired Secretary of Defense Esper. Last night, Trump appointed to 3 top Department of Defense posts “his people.” None of whom has any experience in work they are now responsible to perform.

Trump appointed a successor to Esper. He too is without sufficient experience to hold the post he now does.

Trump is packing the deck. Esper was fired for not backing Trump in calling into play the Insurrection Act during the demonstrations in various cities. Military on the streets, guns drawn and loaded.

There may be demonstrations between now and January 20. Did Trump fire Esper and make the 3 appointments to ensure the Insurrection Act will come onto play the next time he wants it?

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou is a half hour show. Last night only 15 minutes. Don’t know why the platform cut me off. Bill is paid. Sloan checking into the problem.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Even the idea that a President can be pardoned at all is problematical, more so that he can be pardoned for something (anything) that he hasn’t yet been convicted or even charged with.

    That a president of a free country needs to be protected from anything while in office and similarly after he leaves office for anything he did while in office, allows any president to do ANYTHING he wants, ignoring ALL laws while in office

  2. Maybe. But irrational. For a sitting President to believe that he can ignore all laws without penalty, he must also believe that he will be pardoned by his successor. He cannot reasonably know that. Why, for instance, would Pence pardon Trump in the final days of their lame duck administration? What political advantage could Pence gain by pardoning a man who is disliked by half of the voters?

    Trump could try to pardon himself. But there is no precedent for that, and most legal scholars believe it would not be successful.

    • You libertarians are going to get us all killed while you sit around and proclaim your unrealistic views about how everything would be OK if people would just behave as YOU feel they should, as Rome burns.

      Trump has made a mockery of your post today JG, he does what he wants and probably always will. It is not OK, just because you say it is OK, and can’t be just accepted because you say, Oh well !

      You quoted Steve Jobs on this blog less than two weeks ago criticizing some other poster that “Ideas without action aren’t ideas. They’re regrets” now YOU personally are copping out with some milk toast analysis about what Trump will and will not do. Why don’t you practice what you preach, instead of simply pontificating and hoping for Lou’s approval.

  3. I read in a post elsewhere that 91.7% of Key West residents make their living directly or indirectly from tourism, 4.6% from the military, and the remaining 3.7% from everything else. (I don’t have any idea what “everything else” is.)

    Can anyone confirm or deny these numbers? I’m not sure I believe the exact, to the decimal point accuracy, but in general, these seem reasonable.

    If this is the case, then I at least understand why the vast majority of Key West want tourists to return. For them, it is the reward vs risk equation… put food on the table vs risk COVID-19.

    As for me, I am able to work from home. (I guess I’m one of the 3.7%) While I do wish sit with Lou in the Chart Room, for now, I’m staying hunkered down.

  4. Maybe that 3.7% is Keno Sandals, the closest thing to a manufacturing base in Key West. Most other income generation is based on discretionary luxury spending on nonessential goods and activities typical to a tourist destination.

  5. People want to come to Key West because Key West is Fun.

    They have nothing else better to do where ever they live and don’t care if they get sick because they come there, or not. Like somebody said it’s a risk azzessment issue for them.

    The problem is, their risk azzessment shouldn’t HAVE to be at my peril, or Lou’s, because if this causes Lou to NOT come out of his house because these risky people come to Key West sick, so then Lou suffers. The problem for me is that these people come back to where I live and can pazz their newly acquired risk reality on to my children or me and force me to risk more that I bargained for. So I say, OK go infect Lou and some others but if you choose to do so please don’t com home! or if you do come home, wear a mask and help reduce my risk for which I azzesed differen’t and chorse not to go to Key West.

  6. That Pennsylvania ‘vote fraud’ allegation much hyped but Trump and and Rudy and then recanted, turns out to have been one of James O’Keef’s Project Veritas’ stunts. When is that turnip going to do some jail time?

  7. “I strongly believe Trump will resign before January 20. Pence will become President. Pence will pardon Trump, etc. As Ford pardoned Nixon.”

    I suppose it is possible as Trump may consider the move a kind of “chapter 11” on his presidency and a sound “business” move. What impact would it have on the future of Pence handing a blanket pardon for any and all crimes committed over the last 4 years, time will tell. It isn’t looking good for the former GOP, unless Americans are willing to stay as low as their representatives go.

    • “Pence will become President. Pence will pardon Trump, etc. As Ford pardoned Nixon.”

      Why? What would Pence have to gain? At least Gerald Ford had two more years ahead as President, and the opportunity to run as the incumbent in the 1976 election. There is no political advantage here for Pence.

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