Trump’s defense has begun. He is complaining the judge “hates” me. Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina says no way.

Trump is concerned also about District Attorney Bragg’s wife who has rallied against him for years in tweets calling him a racist having a personal hatred for him and advocating his arrest.

Trump, his family and attorneys were caught off guard by the indictment. They expected it to be at least a month off yet.

Maggie Hagerman said, Trump was “extremely angry” and his family “rattled” following the indictment.

Bess Levin wrote, “Trump was basically one step away from throwing a ‘no indictment’ party.”

A Trump supporter was interviewed on TV over the weekend. She compared Trump to Jesus Christ during Holy Week. Intimating the suffering and crucifixion he would experience.

A crazy fanatic!

My pleasant weekend is over. Cathy returned to Seattle yesterday.

We had a pleasant dinner at the A & B Lobster House saturday night. Shared lobster and escargot, oysters rockefeller, and beef carpaccio appetizers followed by bananas foster for desert. Not bad!

Before taking Cathy to the airport sunday, we had breakfast at the Pier One Deck. Eggs benedict. We were on a roll.

Met a very nice group at the table next to us. Gina D’Angelo and her guests a nephew Vincent from Austin, Texas and best friend Melissa from I can’t recall where. Gina is from the Philadelphia area. She and her husband Jim have owned a condo at Truman Annex for years.

Gina is my kind of people. She has been a part of Key West for years and understands the changes that have occurred.

The conversation was great. I look forward to running into Gina again soon. 

I ask Gina write a comment and share her e-mail or cell number. I have information that might help in cleaning her Mel Fisher coin which has gone black.

I watched the LSU / Iowa Ladies Final Four Championship game after I got Cathy to her plane. What a game!

LSU beat Iowa 102-85.

Great shooting by LSU. Especially, Jasmine Carson. She came off the bench in the first half. Her shooting was dynamite! She couldn’t miss! Everything went in! Took 7 shoots, made 7 shoots!

Even her final basket of the first half shone brightly. One second left on the clock. An Iowa player all over her guarding her well. She was way out beyond 3 point range. Threw the ball up in desperation. It went in! 

When you’re hot, you’re hot!

The referees sucked. Only way to describe how they handled the game. Both sides suffered.

Tonight another great game. The Final Four Men’s Championship. Connecticut v. San Diego State at 9:15.

I am excited!

Enjoy your day!




  1. Hi Lou! It was so nice meeting you and Cathy over the weekend! I look forward to seeing you again and introducing my husband to you. Maybe we can grab a drink at the Charter Room….but let’s skip the hot dogs!! My email is Let’s keep
    in touch!

    • Thanks for getting in touch.

      My son in law is Corey Malcom. For 35 years, he was the Director of Mel Fisher. He was in charge of diving, searching, etc. for the non profit end.
      I told him of your dirty coin. His suggestion was you place it in warm water. Then moisten your fingers in baking soda with the warm water, followed by rubbing the coin between your fingers. Should do it! He does not understand what your skin has to do with the problem, if anything.

      This morning I spoke with Jean Thornton. You two have never met. She lives where you do and has so for years. A snowbird also between her home in Birmingham and here. She is Key West’s Golden Girl. Years ago she was diving with Mel Fisher and found a bunch of gold coins and emeralds. Her share left her wealthy. She quit her job as a school teacher. Travels a lot with her husband. Sells a coin or two when planning a trip.

      Her solution is to heat a dish with warm water. Cover it for a while with aluminum foil. Then place salt and baking soda in the water. Add really boiling hot water and the coin to the water.

      She thinks your body sweat and cold water combined cause the coin to turn black.

      I will write to you at your e mail so we can keep in touch.

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