Never thought this day would arrive. Trump truly teflon when it came to answering for purported misdeeds. No more. Today, in New York. Tomorrow, Georgia and Washington, D.C.

It is a disgrace the nation has to be subjected to Trump’s indictment. However, he deserves to experience and suffer its shame.

The rule Biblically and otherwise is man is required to pay for his sins. Today is Trump’s first day in the process.

He deserves the embarrassment and personal fear he must have within him this day.

I wrote a few days ago about a Trump supporter who compared Trump’s feelings this week to experiences Christ suffered during Holy Week. A disgrace to place Trump and Christ on the same level in any regard.

Bess Levin published an article yesterday the title of which spells out Trump’s feelings in a similar fashion: Donald Trump, No Joke, Believes What He’s Going Through Is Like The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ. In the article, Levin wrote: Trump believes he is “absorbing pain for everyone.”

He considers himself Christ like!

The man is demented!

“I have a dream.” Famous words spoken by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28, 1963. He spoke them frequently in the years that followed.

Five years later on this day in 1968, King was shot and killed.

A recognized American hero. His statue holds a significant place among the Washington Memorials. Trump will never be recognized as an American hero nor will he have a place in the Washington Memorials.

I am beginning to think DeSantis is worse than Trump. He already far exceeds Trump in radicalism.

Gun violence an example.

Monday, DeSantis signed a new gun law for Florida. Signed the law in his official office with a strange exception. The signing was not public. Conducted behind closed doors. Present only several members of the NRA.

The new law allows concealed guns to be carried in Florida without permits. Anyone and everyone 18 or over permitted to do so.

Makes it easier for guns to kill children. Such will be DeSantis’ heritage.

DeSantis also recently signed another gun law. Whacky also.

The law broadens a 2011 law that can make local governments pay as much as $100,000 if one is sued for for suppressing gun regulations.

In other words, DeSantis wants to stop local governments once and for all from, as he perceives it,  violating gun owner rights and stop wasting taxpayer money. Some local governments who do not agree with DeSantis gun laws seek to pass local laws overriding DeSantis’ State laws.

Keep it up Governor! Continue making it easier for children and adults in Florida to be killed.

I love basketball. Especially college ball. Last night Men’s Final Four was outstanding! Joy was mine!

Connecticut and San Diego State vying for the national title. Best of the best.

Connecticut favored. Connecticut was the better team going into the game. The end result established it as a fact. Connecticut won 76-59.

Except for a run by San Diego State with 10 minutes left in the game, it was Connecticut all the way. In the last 10 minutes, San Diego brought Connecticut’s lead down to 7 or 8 points. A terrific run! I thought San Diego might pull it off. Was not to be, however.

Whatever, a great game! Played well by both sides.

Baseball season has begun. Pro ball. The Masters this week. There is much sports wise to keep us busy.

My problem is I am not particularly crazy about baseball. Watch very little, nor do I follow it. Basketball and golf my games. Golf will carry me till the late Fall and the return of basketball.

There is an open furor evident in Key West re the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority paying lifetime health benefits to top executives and their spouses. Those paying water bills, which includes just about everyone, consider the payed health benefit a misuse of funds. They also wish they had such a benefit from any source. I need not tell you health benefits are expensive.

The situation should be investigated. May be perfectly legal. If so, makes it even worse.

My day till after Trump’s appearance before the judge and then again tonight watching Trump’s talk from Mar-a-Lago will be spent glued to the TV set. Can’t help it. Love government, love politics.

Enjoy your day, whatever it may be!


  1. Lou, I seriously doubt that Donald Trump believes what he is going through is like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. or that he is “absorbing pain for everyone.”

    What he far more likely believes is that his followers will believe that nonsense and support and finance his efforts to somehow wiggle out of this.

    May I point out that in the end Jesus Christ was actually crucified and in a very public and painful way. He never “got out of it.”

    Let’s hope Donald Trump is like JC in that way and also does not get out of it, regardless of how he feels.

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