Trumpelstiltskin applies.

Think about it.

My President is a bully. A bully avoids confrontation. Confrontation in this instance is Trump’s appearance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. He can hand it out. Fears getting it in return.

Go face to face. In a congenial setting. The situation cannot get worse. Something better might come from it.

Chart Room first last night.

Met two former upstate New York neighbors. Mark and Marge Rapport. Formerly of Lowville, New York.

Lowville is the end of the world. Roughly fifty miles north of Utica. Snow like you would not believe!

Mark and Marge spent 7 1/2 years residing in Lowville. Mark was the Administrator of the Lewis County General Hospital. Largest employer in the area. Mark today retired. Marge, also. From nursing.

Lowville is in Lewis County. One of the largest land counties in New York State. Correspondingly, one of the smallest population wise.

The Village of Lowville is the County seat. Its population 3.5 thousand. The Village is part of the Town of Lowville. The Town’s population 5 thousand. Includes the Villages’s 3.5 thousand.

Ain’t much to do nights in Lowville. Marital sex the frequent event. Marriages strong because of it.

Turin is a few miles south of Lowville. Turin also in Lewis County. A big ski area. Chris Rounds is a well known Key West figure. Presently owner of La Te Da and Fantasy Fest king. A good guy overall.

Chris formrly of Turin. Born and raised there.

I mentioned Chris to Mark and Marge. Though they do not know him, I suspect they will be looking him up.

Met three charming ladies. Becky, Michelle, and Donna. All in the financial field. Becky a retired CPA. Michelle an internal auditor for a hospital. Donna a senior financial analyst.

The ladies all originally from Iowa. Becky and Donna still reside there. Michelle now in New Orleans.

Spent some time chatting with Becky. Lovely lady. Charming personality. Would enjoy running into her again before she leaves Key West.

The three were on their way to a drag show at 801 later. Their first.

For me, it was off to La Te Da’s outside bar for dinner. Then a brief stop at Publix to pick up some groceries. What a bachelor does on a saturday night in Key West.

Key West people compatible. Tolerate most things. One happy family. For real.

Sometimes an outsider tests our tolerance.

A sad occurrence one in the morning on 2/23. 1200 block of Duval.

Two Key Westers going home on their bicycles. Some one on a scooter/moped came up behind them and then in front. Hit one of the bikes causing it to overturn.

The trouble maker was calling the bicyclists faggots and other vile names. Shouted at them: “You live in Trump City now!”

Sick bastard. He will be caught. Police arrived. Witnesses.

Another sick incident. Friday morning just before 6 am. Two young girls were waiting for their 6 am school bus pick up. Two men stopped in a pick up truck and offered them a ride. The girls refused. One of the mothers drove up with a bottle of water her daughter had forgotten. The men drove away.

Fortunately a rare occurrence in the lower Keys. My concern is the 6 am pick up time. The schools have to do better. These kids are getting up at 5 am to start their day. Wrong! Time for the school board to rework things.

Big day ahead. Probably will never leave the house.

Sloan at noon. Syracuse/Louisville on TV at 2. The Academy Awards tonight.

Not a bad day!

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Trump town? What the hell is that, what does that mean? This criminal evoked the name of America’s President as permission to assault based on bias. I hope he is charged as a hate crime. How disgusting!
    Sadly, it is troublesome that every single Trump supporter I’ve spoken to has some form of bias revealed in the debate process, LGBTQ, Islam, Mexican and African American. Some apply with a broad brush and others just one or two, but bias is by far the common denominator.. Trump is bad for America, Trump is not America. Trump has used without doubt used the same template as in 1920’s Germany to further marginalize certain people in his bid to gain political power. The fact that it worked makes me wonder about the future of this nation. Clearly, even KW, a beautiful community of progressiveness, is not outside the contamination field by Trump. This kind of conduct will not be tolerated and neither will a leader that enables the likes of the ass that committed this crime. The bias shooting in Kansas with Trump’s name invoked, Key West bias assault with Trump’s name Invoked.Trump is the darling of the Alt-Right, the skin-head white identity movement and so many other un-american movements in this country.
    It’s getting to be that time….. when we make Trump the Nixon of the 21st century.

  2. It is very fortunate the mother returned, I suspect the two men had bad intent.
    I don’t know if such occurrences have increased over the years or are merely better reported but it is important for remain vigilant. Many bad situations come from ignoring or minimizing the significance of events. An unfamiliar occupied car parked on the street, a vehicle that appears to be trolling a neighborhood, a suspicious person hanging around where children gather, such things may be nothing or everything. A call to the authorities in such situations is prudent, better safe than sorry.

  3. Louis, you would look as good in a tux as
    our great President Trump does. I am in Key
    West again for 10 minutes and already getting
    approached by supermarket workers to get their
    kids green cards. Woe. Why does this happen to me?

  4. An inaccuracy needs correcting in the following sentence.

    “The bias shooting in Kansas with Trump’s name invoked, Key West bias assault with Trump’s name Invoked”

    The attacker in the bias shooting in Kansas did not use Trump’s name, it was “get out of my country”. The KW bias incident is where Trump’s name was invoked during the attack.

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