Better than a television series! Donald Trump!

The most recent episode the disclosure of highly classified intelligence. To Russians, of course. Showing off? Trying to make whatever his relationship is with Putin more solid?

A man who calls Russia a friend and Canada an enemy gives me concern. Trump consistently treats our enemies as friends and friends as enemies.

He is President, not dictator. Maybe he would like to be a dictator.

Beware. The time could come when we have martial law. Troops in the streets.

An observation: The media is our savior. Without their investigations of Trump’s activities, we would be ignorant of the true facts.

I went to the Republican meeting last night at the VFW. Even though I am a Democrat. I wanted to hear Commissioner Mike Forster of Islamorada speak on why he wants Route 1 to become a toll road.

The public was invited. I am one of the public.

The meeting got started. Pledge of Allegiance. A few opening comments by the chairman. Then his apologies. Forster would not be attending. He forgot to invite him.

Such is life. I had to get out of the meeting. I did not belong there. Fifty feet to the door. I hung my head and tip toed towards the door.

Silence! Everyone looking at me. I looked up, smiled and said…..I’m a Democrat. Wanted to hear Forster.

Smiles and laughter accompanied me as I left.

I decided to stay at the VFW for dinner. Sat at the bar. Mike to my right. We talked most of the night.

We both have Christian Brothers backgrounds. He went to La Salle, I Manhattan. Got into basketball.

Mike is night manager at Hogsbreath. We spoke of George, a friend of both Lisa and I who has bartended at Hogsbreath for years.

He suggested I order the braised ribs sandwich. Did. Wow! Delicious! Yesterdays ribs between freshly baked ciabatta bread. Cheese, onions, etc, also.

A young man to my left was discussing Isaiah Thomas with a friend. I interjected that Thomas was the last selected in the NBA draft his year. Number 60. He looked at me as if I was crazy.

He was drafted #60. Hard to believe!

I was told the VFW kitchen was now operated by La Trattoria. The food overall must be good!

I learned for the first time this morning that Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were engaged about ten days ago. Stars of the Morning Joe Show. Theywere vacationing in the South of France when he popped the question.

I have been watching Morning Joe religiously for years. Could see the closeness developing. Wonder if the engagement/marriage will affect their relationship when Joe yells or puts Mika down. As he is prone to do.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Join me. Topics interesting. Trump, of course. Also, new kinds of GMOs, whites sub-human, a Venezuela update, and more.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “TRUMP…..WHAT NEXT?

  1. Yes…..Trump the never ending low quality B movie of a President, the little rich boy that couldn’t. He is a constant source of agita. Martial law would be the seed for revolution, you can guess which side I will take, however I do not think it would come to that. Trump is without a doubt accustomed to being the King and he will never adapt well to not being so. Lou, it is a good thing that the Repubs at the meeting had a sense of humor, I can see you not making it to the safety of your vehicle otherwise! Braised ribs, always a good choice….low and slow, the secret to good eats!

  2. Not sure why you like Joe? He is a conservative republican from Pensacola. Know locally as an ass and member of crappy local band.

  3. And where’s Patrick…? Still waiting to see what Dump will do with his power? Guessing you don’t care much about clean water or air?? All about the $$.

  4. Louis, IMO the possible marriage between Mika and Joe is a PR job. Those 2 need higher ratings bc Maddow is getting them now. PR job. No love there. Typical libdem connection.

  5. How can you be a “life long democrat” after HRC?

    The “media” is far from our savior. They are the propaganda arm of the D’s. Stretching back to Walter Cronkite, the “press” has always been the cheerleader for the liberal democrats.

    I’ll have to get down to Key West so I can record a debate. Although the VFW sounds great. I’m an American Legion guy. (Spent my time defending Maryland.) Does FL have the usual dumb rules about “being signed in by a member”?

    Mika and Joe are a real pair. Sometimes I just shake my head and say how can twoo people be so … … off the rails with no common sense. But then, they are making grazillions and I’m a fat old white guy retired injineer who’s a poor old senior citizen on a fixed income!

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