Tonight ends the stone crab season. My favorite food. At this time each year, I think I have not eaten enough.

Supposedly a good season. Overall catch and dollars appear down. Not by much. I will advise the numbers when they are out.

A major industry. A year ago, I recall mentioning the number of tons shipped to Asia. The major market for Key West stone crabs.

Spent yesterday afternoon writing.

Last night, celebrated Mother’s Day with Donna and Terri. Dinner at Duffy’s.

I finally returned! Yanna, the manager, came running over. The prodigal son had returned!

Terri looks fantastic! Absolutely amazing considering what she is going through. Next weekend the ladies drive to Tampa. Donna has a week long series of tests scheduled at a Tampa cancer hospital.

I wrote yesterday about Thelma Strabel and Reap the Wild Wind. Mention of the film could be found in the Key West Citizen’s Historical Section this morning. Paramount’s photographers had completed their work on the film and left for Hollywood this date in 1941.

One of Reap the Wild Wind’s stars was John Wayne.

Two Trump updates.

Media reports the past several days claim Trump runs around screaming at the TV set every time the Russia links matter is shown. The screaming is to have occurred both before and after the Comey firing.

Concerning the law firm letter Trump released last friday. It basically gave Trump  a clean bill of health. The certified one  as Trump constantly states. As if certification gives any truthfulness to its contents.

Two oddities re the letter.

First, it is written and signed by the Washington law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bachius. The firm was named “Russia Law Firm of the Year” in 2016. So named by the London based legal research publication Chambers & Partners.

Second, the letter was dated March 8, 2017. It was not revealed/made public by Trump till May 12, 2017.

I conclude on a happy note. McDonald’s is as American as apple pie. There are 36,899 McDonald’s worldwide. U.S. ambassadors!

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “STONE CRABS BYE BYE

  1. I didn’t expect you to get back to me, didn’t think you would. But, regardless, I’m pretty sure I knew Terri and I wish her well. I just thought some day we could have another drink and maybe compare notes.

  2. Trump’s “certified letter” reminds me of Epstein’s notes from the sitcom Welcome Back Kotter……..”Please excuse Juan from…………. signed, Epstein’s Mother.

    Well at least Trumps “letter” cost less than what taxpayer paid for Chris Christie’s “he didn’t do it” report, that cost NJ taxpayers north of 10 million. His pathetically low rating as Governor prove that money may keep you out of prison but will not buy you vindication in the minds of the voters.

  3. Seems typical of a WOPO report. It has pretty well already been debunked regarding Mr Trump. Although the report did say from member[s] of this and former administration. We already know classified info was given them by our former admin.

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