The President is a vindictive and mean man. For a man in his 70’s, he appears not to have learned what goes around, comes around. All in due course.

Andrew McCabe has been an outstanding public servant with the FBI for 21 years. Achieved the number 3 position in the FBI hierarchy. Served as Acting Attorney General for a time.

For whatever reason, Trump does not like McCabe. Might have some doing with failing to fire Mueller.

Trump has been threatening to fire McCabe for several months. McCabe announced his retirement. It becomes effective sunday. The word is Trump may have McCabe fired today or tomorrow. So doing would result in McCabe losing all his retirement benefits.

The charge being alleged against McCabe a bullshit one.

Vindictive? Mean?

Mr. President, back off. You have beaten and tarnished the man and his reputation. Enough is enough.

I enjoy the Justice Building Blog. Today’s a spoof. Titled The Last Days of Rex Tillerson. One portion sub-titled White House Switchboard Operators Resign. An excerpt: “You’ve reached the best White House switchboard. A switchboard no one has ever seen one as good. If you are a Cabinet member seeking to resign, press one; if you represent a porn star and want to have your client give an interview, press two; if you are the Attorney General of the United States, you suck and your time is coming pal.”

Spent the whole day home with the air conditioning people. Three of them. Installed a completely new air conditioning/heating system.

Everything worked last night! I had heat! Even better, the purchase and installation cost me nothing. I am a tenant.

By the time the air conditioning people left, it was too late for me to make the Sons and Daughters of Italy dinner meeting. Called Catherine who is also a member and said let’s go to the Chart Room for drink.

We did.

Kevin and Holly at the round table. My Wampsville buddy Ted Kane at the bar.

I wanted to get home by 9 to watch the Syracuse/Arizona game. Catherine and I had dinner at the Pier House’s ONE Duval.  The Pier House’s fancy restaurant. Sits where the Wine Galley used to be.

Enjoyed a filet mignon. One of the best I have had in years!

Rushed Catherine home by 9. Hurried to my house in time for the start of the game.

Syracuse won 60-56. With 3 minutes to go, I did not think Syracuse would win. They had a great final 1.5 minutes.

Onward Syracuse! I do not know who we will be playing next and when.

The U.S. Navy maintains an air base 5 miles from where I live. Boca Chica. Huge. Busy at one time. Now not so busy. Used primarily for training.

Two U.S. Navy aviators died yesterday in the waters off Boca Chica.  They were the crew of a F-18 Super Hornet fighter jet attempting a landing at Boca Chica. The plane crashed in the ocean. The crew was able to eject beforehand. Rescued. However both were declared dead when they arrived at the hospital.

No further details  are available.

The National Students Walkout yesterday.

I am proud of these high school students. They may accomplish what adults have not.

Thousands walked. No disturbances. Those who spoke were articulate and intelligent.

The one word used which moved me was “hunted.” Many said they were not comfortable being “hunted.”

Today is March 15. Known also as the Ides of March. The day in 44 B.C. that Julius Caesar was assassinated. Shakespeare’s famous words recalled through the centuries: “Et tu, Brute.”

Those who deceive are thought of today as Brutus’. A close friend who performs a despicable act upon a friend.

Have to move my ass. A noon doctor’s visit.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Just curious if people would be as proud of these kids if they were organized to do a walkout in support of Pro-life movement, in order to save more kids lives?

    Or would accusations of the kids being used as political tools, be thrown about.

    Don’t all kid’s lives matter?

    • Since no ‘kids’ have banded together in any significant way, during all this time this has been an issue, to do a walkout in support of any (so called, but really anti abortion) Pro-Life, movement, I guess we don’t know what accusations might be used as political tools. So why do you bring this up and why not just as well ask what would happen if pigs could fly? Or, do you yourself have a not so hidden political agenda. The issue at had is for a nationwide and spontaneous action about kids being killed with guns and your diversionary comments are uncalled for, even mean and vindictive.

  2. Don’t all kid’s lives matter?
    end quote

    Nope, they don’t. Most democrats and liberals don’t care about the unborn ‘kid’. They think they are the party of human rights, Talk about hypocrisy.

    • boy, if you want to talk about hypocrisy, we should talk about those conservatives, christian right and most of those who still call themselves Republicans have with the born ‘kid,’ and other children’s human rights.

    • you don’t have to really do very much to care about the unborn kid that’s mostly hypocritical tears. Caring for the bornkid is the hard part part and proves the total hypocrisy protect the unborn phonies

  3. Patric – that’s just total bullshit, on every level. Again, proving you are wrong about most things you wish to bring up every chance you get. You only post here to pick a fight. Why anyone would take you seriously about anything, is beyond me.

  4. Well said.

    “[“No-nonsense identification of terminology“] Do you think knowing the parts of a gun will stop the crazies from killing our children? You’re preaching to the choir, the rest of us, including our kids, want those rapid-fire guns gone from our lives. I think you gun nuts just like feeling dangerous and scary. You are!”

    • Patric – the liberal mind amazes and scares you because YOU don’t comprehend well and are so, so blinded by hate and bigotry. The best you can usually do is repeat the mantra you see and hear on Fox news.

      Take for instance your stance that they are the minority in this country, even after having won the majority of votes in the 2016 nationwide presidential election – and by a lot, some say the most ever. That’s facts – not Fox.

      Do get a hold of yourself man, or go play amongst your similarly minded friends

  5. Actually, Trump is the President that has come the closest to giving the appearance of becoming a dictator and taking away the rights and guns from “certain” people “for the good of the Country” and his base will back him, unless, surprise surprise, he comes for them too, once they have served his purpose.

    “Only those who don’t believe in democracy and the ballot box fear our government someday will try to subjugate us. Those paranoid, confused Americans are the real danger to democracy. Their loyalty seems to lie in their possession of war weapons. Calling them traitors is going too far, but there’s a lot of truth in extreme statements like that.”

    • Also, well said – fear is an aphrodisiac, coveted by the uninformed and by manipulators of our society, particularly challenged politicians, as is the case with most Republicans nowadays where, along with hate, has become the anthem of those who attend the CPAC convention.

  6. My comprehension skills are just fine. And I happen to know that Donald Trump won the election. I know its hard for folks like you to comprehend such an awful thing, but, you need to get used to it. The electoral college is a good thing, especially so, after listening to what hillary just rambled on about.

    • No Patric NO – your comprehension skills are not fine and your answer to my post clearly shows that. No where in my post did I say, or even imply that Donald Trump was not elected the president. I said and I am paraphrasing here, that liberals had the most votes. In fact, I was not even referring to Donald Trump at all, only disputing your ridiculous claim that liberals were in the minority and using the fact that they (liberals) had the larger number of votes (and by a lot, some say the most ever) in the 2016 election, to make the point. You need to read more carefully, or have someone help explain to you what you are reading before you run off your mouth with something not in evidence. It is impossible to to take you seriously when you can’t even comprehend simple comments and respond according to the issues being discussed.

    • do you really think you want to get into a pissing match about what HILLIARY just said? Are you a fool Or just an idiot?

  7. The ‘popular’ vote means nothing, and thats a good thing. Thats why we have the system we have. But you go right ahead and keep clinging to it. i know what you’re saying and you can stop trying to scramble out of it anytime.

    I hope no one wants to get into a ‘pissing match’ about what nitwit hillary was spewing in her last interview. She is as clueless as ever. But, I may be talking out of turn because I don’t know who HILLIARY is. I was referring to slyck willie’s wife.

    • Patric – It seems to me the only scrambling going on around here is in YOUR head, where there doesn’t seem to be much sense, discipline, or comprehension as to what you’re doing.

      YOU are the only one bringing up and wanting to talk about the Electoral College. Nobody else is challenging you on that and yet you persist.

      YOU are the only one bringing up and wanting to talk about Hillary Clinton. Again, nobody else is challenging you on her and yet you persist here too. What is it about you and her, are you obsessed with her personally, or is it just uncontrolled hate?

      And scrambling is the correct term to describe YOU not wanting to stay on any point of discussion, rather diverting to your above favorite topics, just as a diversion from having to discuss your mistakes and misinformation in the first place.

      And yes, the popular vote does matter, particularly when used in my post, as a way to illustrate your incorrect statement that liberals are in the minority in this country. They actually had the majority of votes in the 2016 nationwide presidential election – and by a lot, some say the most ever. And that’s even with all the voter repression efforts enacted in many states. That’s facts – not Fox.

      So, get ahold of yourself, you’re really embarrassing yourself as to what an American should be.

  8. I’m here because of your comic relief. Your inability to grasp is comical. If I’m an embarrassment to those like you, thats good. I get a chuckle out of your posts.

    • Patric – you must live a sad and unfulfilled life if you derive such pleasure from the reactions of others to your lies, distortions, misrepresentations and radiant hatred and bigotry. I find it pathetic and embarrassing, and wish you only a bully’s just salvation.

  9. What is going on here? All these people “piling up” on Patrick and Lou remains silent?
    Gentleman Lou, for select contributors, will ride in on white horse to stop the ‘war’. Perhaps you have the wrong equipment Patrick. 🙂

    • I respect Patrick. Though I rarely if at all agree with him. His thoughts the opposite side of the spectrum from me. Some of his positions make no sense at all. However he expresses himself sincerely. That is the man. I consider Patrick the indispensable opposition. Opposite thoughts necessary in a free society. Note also Patrick does not resort to vile and profane statements in expressing himself. A virtue sometimes in this Comment section.

      • well lou, maybe not those posts where he uses his own name but he’s been pretty brutal with some posts that sure look like they are from him under other names

  10. Thank you Lou. We stopped by the Chart Room to chat and buy you a drink when we were in town, but, you weren’t there at the time and I didn’t say anything to the bartender.

    I have been on this site for many years, more than most. If that makes me a troll, so be it. If this site is reserved for liberals only then i need to be told that. Its obvious some don’t like differing opinions and think it should be that way.

    I try to keep things civil which is more than can be said for some. I do enjoy having fun with a few responders though.

    As i’ve said several times, I only post under one name regardless of what some wish to believe.

  11. Just a thought Lou. If something doesn’t make sense, we can discuss it privately if you care to. We might not end up agreeing with each other but I know we can stay civil and respectful.

  12. Anonymous on March 19, 2018 at 8:20 pm said:
    Jees Patrick, you forgot to say “I Love you, Lou”
    end quote

    LOL. Polite, civil and respectful are three words not in your vocabulary apparently. Plus you are also unable to read between the lines.

  13. Anonymous on March 20, 2018 at 7:43 am said:
    A little touchy there aren’t you crabby Prince Patrick?
    end quote

    Nope, not at all. Just responding to a moronic post.

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