There is a quaintness to Key West. A contributing factor is the height of our homes and buildings. In modern times limited to 25 feet.

A special election was held yesterday to permit an increase in the building height to 40 feet. The turnout was small. Only 16 percent of the population. It passed!


The permission is limited to a one time construction. A proposed affordable housing development on Stock Island. A 2.62 acre city owned parcel.

Permit it once, it will happen again. Human nature being what it is. The next time a developer wants to do it, he will use the affordable housing complex as justification for permitting another 40 foot structure.

Key West residents have fought developers for years on the issue. No one desired high rises. None want to turn Key West into a Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Naples.

Guaranteed 20 years from now, Key West will be lined with high rise condos.

Spent my yesterday preparing last night’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

I believe we are tired of listening to Trump items all day every day. There are other things going on in the world.

I devoted a considerable portion of last night’s show to other things. Some touched on Trump. Very little, however. My thrust was to talk about things not involving the daily chaos Trump imposes on us.

I spoke about civil disobedience, religion dying, robots in the news (especially Flippy the hamburger tossing robot), and the Miramar SWAT team suspended for rushing over to Douglas High School to help without first getting permission from a Miramar superior officer.

The evening a good change of pace.

A well liked Key Wester died monday evening. Jon “Tosh” Mc Intosh. Tosh was 70 years old. An exceptional artist. Always a smile, always a hello.

Another star in the sky.

Drivers beware. For your own good.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department announced a special program between now and the end of the St. Patrick’s Day weekend: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Part of a national effort to reduce drunk driving.

Be especially careful on US 1. Let someone else drive if you have had one too many.

It is a few minutes after 10 in the morning at the moment.  High school students all over the east walked out of their schools at 10. In support of National School Walkout Day. In support of gun safety. To present a force that ultimately will compel Washington and the States to change gun laws for the better.

The walkout is 17 minutes in honor of the 17 killed at Douglas High School.

The students hope to accomplish what adults have not. They just might. They fear nothing. Are politely vocal. Cannot be bullshitted. Will soon be voters.

A group arrived in Washington and will walk to the White House at 10. I am not sure the President is there. He was in California last night.

Trump lacks balls. He would never meet with them.

Students will walk out as the clock hits 10 in their parts of the country.

The walkout is organized. The group that arranged the women’s marches have been assisting them.

Weather continues to be cold. Sixty three last night. Froze!

Fortunately, the air conditioning people arrived this morning. A whole new air conditioning/heating unit is being put in. Tonight will be wonderful!

I have a 5:30 Sons and Daughters of Italy dinner and business meeting tonight. Then home. At 9:20, Syracuse and Arizona State meet in one of the first games of the NCAA Tournament. The Vegas Line has Syracuse a 1.5 point underdog.

Enjoy your day!




7 comments on “BEGINNING OF THE END

  1. Nothing will change about guns in America. Too many feel the need to keep their 50 shot AR15 handy in case the boogey man comes to their house. That’s why the NRA calls it “America’s Gun”.

  2. Where do you buy the 50 shot magazine for an AR-15? Never heard of that.
    Or are you just using hyperbole to make a political point?

    • ….err, any number of places listed on the internet, some even advertising more compact versions. Some places even offer pouches with belt loops. None however, listed at any place called hyperbole! This was very easy to have determined before posting.

      • If you can post an ad for a 50 round mag for an AR-15 be my guest. Just saying so doesn’t make it so.

        And belt loops, are not 50 round magazines.

        • One cannot post gun ads on Lou’s blog reply mechanism, nor (I think) even links, besides, there are literally pages of places who sell these, listed on Google. Look them up yourself, before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. And only a troll would make the comment you make about the “belt loops” with regard to my comments about how some places even sell pouches meant to carry such 50 round mags meant for AR15s, etc.

    • Just tape two thirty’s 180 degrees out, with 10 to spare. The point seems to be…..more to the mindset of some in America.

  3. There are companies that sell high capacity magazines for rifles such as the AR15 which hold as many as 100 rounds.

    High capacity magazines are illegal in many states,[ but, just because something is illegal doesn’t mean they can’t be had.]

    High capacity magazines really don’t mean much as one can be changed in 1.5 seconds and large magazines hinder the handling of the gun. Taping them together has been SOP in certain instances for decades.

    The Parkland shooter had/used 10 round magazines.

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