Russians have been living well in recent years. When Putin decided to invade Ukraine, his people bought the lies he told as the reasons for the invasion. The Russian people were led to believe the “operation” was a piece of cake. a walk in the park.

Now the truth is leaking out. Russian life slowly taking on the existence of a war economy. Many Russians asking questions.

Putin continues to add to their hardships. At some point, the Russian people will say no more and the unthinkable will occur. The people will dump him. How severely depends on how quietly Putin departs. If he makes a fuss, his end could be similar to Mussolini’s.

In the middle of the night, this past night, while much of the world slept, Putin announced a further mobilization. Necessary for an escalation of the “war” with Ukraine.

Putin has thrown down the gauntlet once again.

He called up 300,000 more troops. Where is he going to get them? Mothers and children taken from their homes? He already extended the “draft” from 18-60. Last week announced criminals were being solicited from jails. If they agreed to serve, their sentences would be voided after 6 months.

His middle of the night announcement also stated in unequivocal terms that Putin was prepared to use nuclear weapons. He was emphatic that he was serious in this regard.

His words, his challenge, obviously born of desperation.

World leaders are speaking today at the United Nations. Biden is scheduled to speak to the Assembly at 10:30. His response will be interesting.

New York Attorney General Letita Jones announced she will make a “major announcement” at 11:30 this morning. It is assumed it will involve Donald Trump and his businesses that she has been investigating.

As a lawyer, it is a pleasure to finally observe a “real judge” involved in the Mar-a-Lago documents matter.

Special Master Judge Dearie held his first hearing yesterday. It was obvious he was not going to put up with bullshit and delay. He was not buying Trump’s present position re classification. Judge Dearie’s approach direct and to the point: If classified, say so…..”You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

Amusing is the fact that Judge Dearie was one of Trump’s suggestions to serve as Special Master.

It was clear the Judge is going to move his responsibility with dispatch. He was suggesting a wrap up date of October 7. Much earlier than even the DOJ attorneys were suggesting.

It was announced that Governor DeSantis was sending another immigrant filled plane north yesterday. To Delaware. Obviously to insult/embarrass Biden. Delaware is Biden’s home state.

The plane arrived as threatened. One difference from what had been anticipated. It was empty. No immigrants on board.

DeSantis wants to be President. We had enough of his type game playing with Trump.

Poor Joe Manchin. He’s upset. He decries the “revenge politics” he is being subjected to. Concerns the speed up approval he wants for  permits to energize certain projects.

Manchin is learning that what goes around, comes around. Respectfully, he was a ball breaker first class for more than a year. The Democrats were upset with him. The Republicans cheered him as one of theirs. It was thought he might become a Republican.

Now the Republicans are openly bucking him. Most of the Democrats silently smiling and happy Manchin is getting his just due.

Again what goes around, comes around. In Manchin’s case, deservedly so.

During the pandemic, food supplies diminished. The federal government pumped money into various state programs. Several involved child nutrition programs: Food for children.

A major federal indictment was announced yesterday in the State of Minnesota.

Feeding Our Future is a non profit organization. One of its “good works” was to help feed hungry kids during the pandemic. The group received $250 million federal dollars. Very very few dollars went to the children. Most went into the pockets of those managing the program.

Forty seven people have been charged with personal use of the funds. The money went to buy luxury cars, property and jewelry. The properties purchased included seashore homes in Turkey and luxury homes in Africa.

One more federally financed benefit awaits the 47. Long term vacations in federal prisons.

Sexual activity must be on the rise. Sexually transmitted diseases are. Across the U.S. A trend.

Health officials and sexual health advocates are concerned. They are pressing the federal government to do more to stop the spread of STD’s.

Hurricane Fiona is now a Category 4. Moving northward, Fiona is expected to reach Bermuda by week’s end.

Fiona has left behind extreme devastation in Puerto Rico, the Turks, Caicos and the Dominican Republic.

Steve Thompson reports Key West was a cheap place to live in the 1970’s.

There were no cell phones or computers then. For seven bucks a month you could put a landline in. The business needed a phone, but that was all. Most of my friends didn’t have a phone so there was no one to call.

Although cable TV was all we had, $15 a month didn’t seem too bad. Many houses were appraised less than $20,000 so there was no property tax to pay.

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  1. Putin need not worry, he will live out the rest of his life in luxury at Mar-a-Largo, as the guest of his close friend Donald Trump. It is the least Donald can do, give the data he gave him from those “top secret” papers he gave him from his ‘stash’ ere actually a set up by the CIA who knew in advance that Trump was planning to do it.

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