Trump is losing it. The numbers seem to be stagnant against him. Each day his anger becomes more pronounced.

The man is argumentative and aggressive. He knows he is losing it. He is falling apart because of it.

Biden on he other hand remains relatively quiet. Subdued. He looks Presidential and acts Presidential. The same cannot be said of Donald.

Which man will be more attractive to American voters?

To me the answer is obvious. To many others obvious also. Those are the ones who have decided to vote for Trump or are leaning towards doing so.

Corporate America loves Trump. Why not? While the pandemic has been destroying much of America economically, Wall Street profits have soared.

It is a false economy when not all benefit. A nation cannot continue to survive where not everyone sits at the table.

Coronavirus keeps hitting America every day. Surges occurring in many States. Last wednesday, the number of new coronavirus cases in one day reached almost 60,000. Deaths on the rise in more than 20 States.

No end to the pandemic in sight.

An example of the rich getting richer. Morgan Stanley an example. In the 3 month quarter July through September the company reaped $2.7 billion in profits. A 25 percent raise from the same time last year.

Goldman Sachs did even better. Its quarterly profit was $3.7 billion.

These people are not waiting in food lines. These people can pay their bills.

I was rereading portions of COLLUSION: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Trump Win. Written by Luke Harding, published in 2017.

Came across an interesting passage I wish to share with you: “For Putin, lying was an operational KGB tactic. Russia’s twenty first century postmodern media strategy borrowed something from Lenin’s relativist ideas. The actual truth was unimportant. What was important was the Kremlin’s ‘sovereign’ version of it. This was energetically disseminated inside Russia and increasingly abroad via Russia Today (later, RT) and other state news platforms.”

When will it end? Is nothing sacred anymore? Pedophilia is a black mark the Catholic Church will have to live with till the end of time. It will remain a constant as the Inquisition has.

The incident about to be described hopefully a solitary incident. It will not be remembered long, but the act as wrong and sacriligious as pedophilia.

The place a small catholic Church in Paul River, Louisiana. The Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Its pastor a 38 year old priest.

The time this year.

The pastor engaged in sexual acts with 2 female parishioners on teh Church’s altar. What could be more disgusting!

The 3 have been arrested and charged with violation of a Louisiana obscenity statute.

The Church relatively small. Some 380 members. The congregation obviously upset, disturbed, etc. This sort of thing does not happen in a Catholic Church and involve a Catholic priest.

Archbishop Greg Almond traveled to the Church on two consecutive sundays. During the second visit, hew celebrated mass and reconsecrated the Church and its new altar.

The altar used was obviously contaminated. It was destroyed by fire. The new altar was Fromm a Catholic Church which closed the year before.

The Archbishop spoke words which he hoped would be helpful to the parishioners. He described what had occurred as “obscene. He was “shocked and angered.” He referred to the occurrence as “demonic.”. Claimed it was “sinful and totally unacceptable.”

What more can be said about an occurrence which is just not supposed to happen.

The priest was removed from his duties and prohibited from being a practicing Catholic priest forever. What happened with the criminal charges, I was not able to ascertain.

The informal Fantasy Fest was to have begun this past weekend. I am sure it did. However, I do not know what happened. I am self quarantined. I telephoned many local friends as to what occurred.

No one could tell me. They were either self quarantined also, or did not waste their time attending the bogus Fantasy Fest being spearheaded by some swinger groups.

The Citizen was devoid of any information, except for a brief comment in today’s Citizens’ Voice section: “Dear tourists that are still planning a Fantasy Fest event: go home! You are not welcome.”

Spells out the position of locals. Except of course for the bars, restaurants and hotels. Their greed is manifesting itself during the crisis.

Tonight Tuesday talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Lots for me to rant and rave about. A quick moving half hour. Join me.

Enjoy your day!

11 comments on “TRUMP THE TOUGHIE

  1. Here is some more hot news from Russia.

    Andrii Derkach said in a post to Facebook on Friday to say there is a ‘second laptop’ involving evidence of corruption and connected to the Biden’s. That post, it seems, has since been removed from Facebook.

    Please do not believe this as it is the famous Russian blot, Sandy Feet

    • FAKE news from a Russian troll, who would be expected to say such a thing. These Russian Hackers are actually under indictment for creating this whole October surprise Biden smear campaign and Lou’s resident Troll has the chutzpeh to still try and make this thing happen?

      You are such a Chutzpenik Putz

  2. It looks like a lot of Dems are voting now. The poor people waiting in those long lines are socially distancing and wearing masks.

    • Seems ironic that ANYONE would accuse Biden of “wetting HIS beak” in the age of TRUMP as president.

      Trump grabbed more during his presidency alone, than Biden did in his entire lifetime.

      Whose calling the kettle black?

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