The last few days Trump has increased his attacks. On anyone and everyone. He realizes the end is near. The likelihood is he will be defeated.

The last 24 hours an example.

Donald has a new line in his rallies: American has to be made “great again, all over again.”

He fails to realize there was nothing seriously wrong when he first took office. He just had bullshitted the people into thinking so. His efforts to make America great again failed. Four years of failures. Coronavirus contributed. However had Trump dealt with the pandemic properly and timely, it would not have become the scourge it is.

The tax records the New York Times came up with are revealing. Bits and pieces coming to the public’s attention.

The tax records show one of Trump’s businesses International Hotel Management maintains a Chinese bank account. He had pursued expansive business projects in China.

The tax records also show the corporation paid $188,561 in taxes to China from 2013-2015.

In 2016, Trump was required to show international business interests in a disclosure form to the U.S. government. He failed to do so. No mention of his Chinese business activities nor the tax dollars he paid China.

Giuliani was once considered a great public servant. Much respected. Referred to as The World’s Mayor.

No more. Today he is one of Trump’s stooges. He frequently travels to Europe and other places in search of anti-Biden information that would be helpful to Trump defeating Biden in the election.

Don’t you find it amazing that it is always Giuliani that discovers interesting things adverse of Biden.

The Ukraine turned out to be a bust.

The Ukraine and the most recent expose appear to be Russian disinformation. Giuliani is gullible. As is Trump. Both fall into Putin’s disinformation schemes.

Recently, Giuliani has once again come up with Hunter taking a bribe and giving half the money to his father. At a time when Biden was Vice-President. It has been investigated by several agencies. All came up with nothing. A phony.

The story has been expanded in the past 48 hours.

Giuliani came up with what he claims is Hunter’s laptop. I think it is the information on the laptop that constitutes  the “corrupt” cry by Trump. The situation where Trump now insists Barr appoint a special prosecutor. And get it done before the election!

The drama involves “sexual depravity.” There is allegedly a photo on the laptop showing Hunter, his Dad and a 14 year old girl. A normal photo. Nothing sexual about it. It can be found on the internet.

However, Giuliani claims there are also numerous pictures of underage girls on the laptop.

Sex/pedophilia appear to be the cry. The item must be investigated. If such were said of Trump or Giuliani, who knows what actually might be discovered based on their past histories.

Giuliani took the laptop to the Delaware State Police this week and insisted they should investigate. Nothing heard from them yet. It seems no one wants to pursue the matter.

What is strange about this story is that there is little said in the media about it. I came across the story accidentally this morning.

Trump went after Barr yesterday. Trump bellowed on TV that he wants Barr to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate. Investigate what? The “corruption.” Related to the laptop. Trump failed to speak as to what exactly was involved.

Apparently other agencies have refused to deal with such an investigation, also.

Trump is desperate. The election is only 13-14 days away. He yells “appoint somebody.” He also says, “This is major corruption, and has to be known about before the election.”

As to Barr once again, Trump claims “Bill Barr is going to go down as either the greatest Attorney General in the history of the country, or he’s going to go down as…..a very sad situation.”

Barr has cut many corners as Attorney General. He has supported Trump improperly in all kinds of crazy schemes. His reputation and perhaps freedom may be on the line. He could possibly be subject to indictment for some misdeed should Trump lose.

I suspect the laptop story is too hot to handle even for Barr. He may be trying to redeem himself should Trump lose.

Will Trump lose? Can Trump lose? New York Times Opinion writer Ross Douthat in a piece published yesterday titled “Trump Is Giving Up,” wrote: “If he (Trump) does win his victory will have to be attributed to ‘the working of divine providence.”‘

Douthat also wrote, “We are watching an incumbent doing everything in his power to run up his own margin of defeat.”

Obama speaks tonight!

Whatever your political persuasion, please listen. He is not the phony Trump has been.

Obama is speaking in Philadelphia in a drive in scenario. The word is his talk will be directly to black voters. Black men specifically. The theme Your Vote Counts.

Political strategists claim Trump cannot win without Pennsylvania.  The race is presently close.

I suffered a strange experience last night.

My blog talk radio show was ready to go. It was 8 o’clock. The show at 9. I had a whole hour to kill.

I sat down in a comfortable chair and decided to watch TV for an hour.

I fell asleep.

I woke and Rachel Maddow was on. My sleep must have been heavy. I was not connecting. Looked at the clock. 9:06. Suddenly I realized my show! It was to have started at 9.

I rushed to my office. Started pressing the necessary numbers to hook up with my platform. I was still groggy. Took me 4 tries before I got it right.

It was now 9:10. I thought of not even doing the show. However I decided to give it a shot since most of those listening do it on the archived edition where it would not matter as much if I was 10 minutes late.

Between the rushing and still being groggy, my performance was not the best for the first few minutes. I explained I had fallen asleep, please excuse me, etc. I finally straightened out.

A terrible experience.

Enjoy your day!



  1. These accusations about Biden’s son’s computer are facial and the people involved, including Rudy Giuliani have changed their stories many times. The whole thing has been widely debunked and the justice department itself has indicted several Russian hackers thought to have been directly azzociated with this story. Even Giuliani is being investigated because of this mess.

    Even a casual look at the details of the story itself suggests it is more like pizzagate than anything plausible. The timing alone is enough to raise the most skeptical eyebrow. Even Bill Barr has run from it.

    Why do Republicans think this “nothingburger” would matter anyhow, especially when compared to the ‘woppers’ the Trumps have been pulling for the past ten years?

    • Sometimes a nothingburger turns out to have real meat on it. In this case we know for a fact that the FBI is in possession of a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden which contains emails purportedly showing Joe Biden had involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings. The laptop also is reported to contain files and images that could lead to criminal charges. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has confirmed that the laptop is “not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”
      The laptop contents may or may not reveal criminal wrongdoing, at least not in time to influence the election. But there should at least be an investigation into what is on the laptop, and where it might lead.

      And just where is Hunter Biden anyway? He has not emerged to deny any of these allegations .

      • This laptop computer was turned over to the FBI over a year ago, with plenty of time to impact the election.. However, the FBI concluded that it was NOT credible and eventually indicted a bunch of Russians hacks that they apparently believed were responsible. Case closed, until Rudy Giuliani gets involved and makes enough of a stink that ONLY the irresponsible press, NY Post and FOX News get’s all over it, not for any reason apart from a smear two weeks before an election.

        You and Rudy are only trying to divert attention away from the thoroughly debunked false issue (to begin with), of the real “nothingburger” issue where Joe Biden’s is being wrongly smeared for something that wasn’t actually done.

        Thing is, it now looks like Rudy may have brought this all up now to take the heat off being caught in his embarrazzing escapade with Borat!

        • I have found nothing about any statement from the FBI saying the laptop information is not credible. There have been no indictments related to the laptop – not Russians or anyone else. The Biden campaign has called it a smear, but has not denied the existence of the laptop, or the contents of it’s hard drive, or the fact that the FBI has it. If you know of verifiable sources for your claims, it would be helpful to the readers here for you to name them. You could start with naming those indicted.

          • Look harder foo, it’s everywhere EXCEPT your wacko sources apparently.

            And as far as the Biden’s denial goes. They’ve made their statement denying this many many times and I don’t see why they need to make it again, especially on YOUR demand or that of any other wannabe that wants to repeat the same old smear BS.

            BTW all of this information is readily available, try google. I feel no need to help you do what is the most basic of research, just so you can try and keep this cheap and obvious smear going. +

              • Nonsense, just you insisting on a smear for something that is inconsequential (a nothingburger) at best. It hardly rises to Trumps undisclosed (yet proven) bank accounts in China, which is criminally wrong. Where is your fake outcry for that. Yes, that’s an attack, you snowflake crybaby.

                • And still no facts. The humorous part of all this is that if it were Donald Junior’s laptop, you would immediately accept every word of it as true. You wouldn’t question any of it, you wouldn’t ask for verifiable sources, and you wouldn’t accuse anyone of lying about it. But because the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden, all of a sudden it’s a smear, it’s made up, and everyone is lying. Don’t bother telling me how objective you are and how you just want the truth. In your case that train left the station long ago.

                  • You are simply wrong comrade, You have the facts and choose to use twisted alternate unprovable nonsense, coughed up by Rudy Giuliani and other highly questionable mopes who have been at this for over a year. The whole thing stinks and was always just a smear nothingburger to begin with, which has gone NOWHERE on merit, regardless of your arrogant insistence and flagrant dishonesty. No matter how many times you say it comrade, it still won’t make it true.

          • And now there is this. A former business partner of Hunter Biden says he heard him and his father, Joe Biden, discuss his dealings with a Chinese energy firm in 2017 and that the former vice president was due to receive a share of the profits. He stated yesterday that he personally witnessed Biden discuss business deals with his son, Hunter, contradicting claims by the former vice president.

            • More unsubstantiated fake news that can’t and won’t be proven. Let me add my own news, equally important. Mike pence was overheard telling people Trump admitted to him that he (Trump) FU*KED Hillary!

        • This whole Computer Laptop thing is Russia’s attempt to interfere with this election, just as is being reported on by the FBI and other intelligence sources. Those defending it on this blog are tools, trolls and fools of that effort, plain and simple.+-

          • Fact check. The FBI has said no such thing. And John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence (DNI), said that Russia and it’s operatives are not involved in the laptop matter.

            • Redcliffe, a politician appointed by Trump to spin whatever comes his way, is reporting that Iran is the one who is pushing this sh*t. Most intelligence experts are laughing. Including many Republicans.

  2. From Yahoo news:
    Four years ago, Obama delivered Hillary Clinton’s closing argument in Philadelphia — at a rally for thousands the night before Election Day on Independence Mall. Now, with the coronavirus pandemic upending campaigning, far fewer voters saw the former president in person.

    Far, Far fewer supporters!

    • Great speech, forgotten how good that president was.

      Didn’t call anybody an idiot – did mention however, and I quote
      “Donald Trump isn’t suddenly going to protect all of us. He can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself,”

  3. Sandy you total pest – Obama’s speech was a “drive in rally” not intended for ‘in person’ spectators. Can’t you get ANYTHING right?

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