I continuously write about the impending food shortage. Impending may not be the correct word. The problem is already here. On a course to get worse. Extremely bad.

What follows is an update concerning the problem.

A federal judge in Washington blocked Trump’s effort to end food stamps for 700,000 unemployed. In a scathing ruling, Chief Judge Beryl Howell called Trump’s move “arbitrary and capricious.”

Judge Howell wrote he considers the food stamp program a “food safety net.” Especially so during a pandemic which has sent unemployment soaring and increased the number of people dependent on food stamps.

He noted that the pandemic had added more than 6 million to the food stamp program.

I do not believe Judge Howell is cut from the same cloth as Trump’s recent federal court appointees. Were he, 6 million plus would be starving today. Yes, starving. Call it for what it is.

The food shortage developing in the U.S. is slight in comparison to some other areas in the world. Six smaller nations combined face famine as Covid-19 ravages their countries.

People involved total 55.5 million. The nations are Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia.

The international charity Oxam reported the preceding in a recent article titled: Later Will Be Too Late.

The report further spelled out that the people of these 6 nations are presently living in severe to extreme levels of food insecurity or even famine conditions. Due largely to the fallout from the coronavirus epidemic.

The middle class gets smaller and smaller. Its downward slide seems not to stop. Half the working population in the U.S. make less than $3,000 a month.

The Social Security Wage Statistics for 2019 indicate the median yearly salary is $34,248.45. Divided by 12 months indicates one half of American workers made less than $34,000 a year. Which when divided by 12 months amounts to $2,854.00.

Try living on it!

Not a living wage. Not even a survival wage.

Such is the reason why the middle class has been and is getting smaller.

Those earning the $34,000 per year seem to accumulate more and more debt. They borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Run up their credit cards to survive.

Which means this group of America is in serious debt. Not as bad however as the U.S. itself.

The U.S. budget deficit tripled this past week to a record $3.1 trillion.

We the people are expected to live within our means. Not the U.S. government. You may be shocked. The U.S. spends 90 percent more than it collects in taxes.

The $3.1 trillion is not all the U.S. owes. There is something called the “off balance sheet obligations.” The “off sheet” carries an additional $100 trillion in obligations. Such “obligations” include $27.1 trillion for coronavirus debt.

The U.S. is never going to be out of debt.

Third world countries and autocratic leaders jail or kill leaders of the political opposition.Trump wants to jail the opposition. He has not yet suggested killing anyone.

He thought Hillary should have been jailed in 2016.

In the present campaign, he has either said or encouraged those at his rallies that Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer be jailed. Rally attendees in Michigan last week were shouting “lock her up.” Trump smiling and encouraging them.

In a Nevada rally this past week, Trump said Joe Biden was “corrupt.” Again he smiled in an encouraging fashion while those at the rally shouted “lock him up.”

Trump would be defecating in his pants were those shouting at rallies that Trump be “locked up.”

Trump’s four years have not been the best of times for our country and people. If anyone could screw something up, Trump could and did. He will go down in history as our worst President.

Hopefully, the election will mark the end of the Trump era. Let all of us then sit back and think…..Thanks for the memories…..No more!

Enjoy your day!



  1. Is Trump’s plan for the next four years to let let covid weed out the weak in our society? He already said that he likes people with “good genes”.

    • DUH!

      Trump has been holding rallies and super-spreader events with no distancing & no masks for his supporters. I feel sorry for those who get sick or die… but since we can’t stop them, at least there will be that many fewer people to vote for Trump. Let’s hope those folks were planning on not voting early or by mail.

      Well Duh.

  2. As a lifelong Republican I think you libtards should know that we need to give president Trump a little more time to come around. You’ll see he will become a good president once we let him do his job and stop criticizing him for ever little thing he does.

    • Tomorrow we will learn how much it cost the CIA to follow Biden kid around China cleaning up the mess they claim Trump made. Are we going to have an other herein.

      • Sandy is a tool and a pest who has made his life work pestering Lou and his readers with false and misleading information and by insulting everybody with racist rants and vulgar intrusions.

        His latest false stories about a son of the Presidential candidate are his way to try and draw attention away from criminal indictments brought against those creating this false narrative, such as Rudy Giuliani and a number of actual Russians behind the hacking of those spreading this garbage.

        Sandy thinks that insisting on this phony story over and over, will make Lou like him more and the rest of us believe it is true, as if we were all born yesterday.

        Just like he you to insisted Trump NEVER said that covid was a hoax!

    • Well yes, Trump Denial Syndrome, is still common among many remaining Republicans. Proving again that you just can’t fix stupid!

  3. Remember in 2016 when the Black Panthers showed up in Pa. voting places. Oboma and BIG Joe did nothing. They were to busy spying on Trump.

    • Sandy loves to troll with misinformation – There was no such thing as Black Panthers showing up at Pennsylvania Polling Places in 2016.

      Furthermore this equivalency bull sh*t is Sandy’s constant falce (Fake News lie) he does it with EVERYTHING. The issue now is Trump and HIS administration encouraging the Wacko Right Wing Malitia to actually show up (unlike anything Obama) and also threatening to have the National Guard there too (unlike Obama).

      Sandy is a tool of the Russian hackers

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