I got to watch half of Trump’s lying devious performance on the CNN Town Hall in New Hampshire last night. The first half I was finishing up a most enjoyable dinner at La Te Da with my good friends Don and Chris from Syracuse. They return home sunday.

Trump out did himself lying. Something I did not believe possible. Wasn’t he raised to tell the truth? The lies flowed like Niagara Falls. One after another, with rapidity.

The essence of the United States will be destroyed if Trump is reelected. It will not survive another 4 years of him. The fortunate thing is I doubt he will be reelected. The American people are not stupid. They do not have a death wish. I doubt he will even be the Republican candidate. By the time the election rolls around, Trump will be a man with a criminal record. He will have one or two convictions and other charges still pending against him.

Trump’s audience last night was Republican. Intended to be undecided Republicans. By design. CNN planned it that way. Don’t think it worked out as planned. Sounded to me like a very pro Trump crowd.

Some of Trumps lies, misstatements, etc. included jokes he made about E. Jean Carroll who he had been convicted of civilly sexually abusing and defaming in a federal court in New York the day before. Additionally, he deflected blame for January 6 from himself, continued to refuse to concede he lost the election to Biden, and said he would pardon many of the rioters, 

Consistently refused to say whether he wanted Ukraine or Russia to win the war, said the Republicans should blow up the debt ceiling, he would reinstate his family separation immigration policy, require people to have voter ID (something they already must have), blamed Pelosi for the January 6 violence, denied asking Georgia Secretary of State Raffensberger “to find anything,” and claimed only a couple of January 6 rioters “probably got out of control.”

He called a police officer who on January 6 shot a pro Trump supporter “a thug,” claims he was entitled to remove/take documents from the White House, misspoke re monies other nations have provided Ukraine in supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia, claimed he finished the border wall with Mexico when 280 miles of the border still lacks a wall, accused Democrats and Hillary Clinton of being willing to “kill the baby in the ninth month,” claims he gave the largest tax cuts, does not believe Pence was in danger on January 6, and continued to represent many illegal votes were cast in Wisconsin where subsequent investigation revealed basically none were.

That’s “our man.” The one who wants to represent America again. Americans have to be out of their minds to reelect him!

Have to hustle. Haircut with Lori at noon.

Enjoy your day!


  1. But Lou, the American people ARE stupid, he got them (and you) to watch a totally insignificant and unnecessary campaign stunt over a year before the election on a midweek evening, thereby driving up viewership and interest – encouraging other future stunts of equally foolish nature. Maybe on riday you can go to the triangle and watch a few car accidents too?

    Shame on you, Lou.

  2. A rerun of Trump and his crazy, insane self. If Canada wasn’t so cold it would be an option if he ,(God Forbid) should win. Please, please people can’t be that stupid!

  3. Wasn’t Trump JUST convicted of defaming E. Jean Carrol?

    Didn’t he just defame her again while on live TV, in New Hampshire?

    Can’t he be further punished for doing that? Does E.Jean Carrol have to resue, or can the court itself step in and issue a cease and desist?

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