Mother’s Day is Sunday. What mothers will get are flowers and brunch. Not what they want this year.

Mothers know best. What they prefer is safety for children.


Yesterday, a haircut with Lori. Always pleasant because Lori is pleasant.

Followed by lunch at Hogfish. Ate at the bar as usual. Waited on by Julia as usual.

I met Lori and Julia at the same time some 25 years ago. Lori was  a hairdresser and Julia a manicurist. Both working at the Casa Marina. Both wonderful women.

Lunch at 1 today with Steve Thompson at Louie’s Backyard. Louie’s is Steve’s favorite place. His “hangout” in the 1970’s when he first arrived in Key West.

The U.S. Navy’s newest guided missile destroyer the USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee will be commissioned tomorrow at 10 am in Key West. At the Outer Mole Pier. Two thousand five hundred attendees expected. No tickets for the event remain.

The Higbee has a crew of 350.

Following commissioning, the Higbee will set sail for its new home port in San Diego. The trip to San Diego will be made through the Panama Canal.

I recently wrote of Picasso’s blue period and Baron’s gold one. I share with you today from my collection two of Baron’s gold ones.




On this day in 1986, the movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis had its world premiere in New York City.

Kelly and her husband Fred Tillman settled in Key West. Purchased several restaurants. The first and most famous Kelly’s Caribbean Bar and Brewery at 301 Whitehead. Kelly’s became one of Key West’s best and most popular restaurants.

Kelly and Fred were my neighbors in Key Haven.

At some point, they divorced. Fred remained and Kelley moved north somewhere. Kelly still returns each year for the Kelly McGillis Women’s Flag Football Championships. Thirty teams from around the world come to Key West to participate.

I have not seen Fred since COVID began. I believe he still resides in Key West. The last time I saw him was at one of David Wolkowsky’s birthday parties.

Shades of Carl von Cosel and Elaine de Hoyos. 

A man kept his father’s dead body in a freezer for 18 months in Laudgraaf, the Netherlands.

The father died at 101. The son 81 at the time. The son told the police: I “did not want to let him go, or I would miss him.” He wanted to “continue to talk to him.”

The CNN Town Hall starring Donald Trump Wednesday night was a Trumpfomercial. Even many of the CNN staff were upset in that it gave Trump a platform to lie to a large audience.

Turns out CNN has a new CEO/owner who is an ultraconservative. He wanted to boost CNN’s income and ratings – both of which have been dwindling.

Oliver Darcy is a CNN media reporter. He wrote afterwards that it was “hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN.”

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote about Justice Alito in an article today: “The Aggrieved Justice Alito Points Fingers But Offers No Proof.”

She refers to Alito as “thin-skinned and injudicious.” Notes others who mention Alito as “aggrieved” and “bitter.”

My opinion: All comments right on. The man’s sharp tongue has replaced his written word. His mind is slipping and has been slipping for several years. He should follow his buddy Clarence Thomas off the Court.

Cheaper eggs are on the way. The Department of Agriculture indicates a sharp drop in the wholesale prices retailers are paying for eggs. Claim the price has fallen $ .78 per dozen in the first week of May as opposed to a peak of $5.30 at the end of last year. 

The overall wholesale drop in 2023 expected to be 30 percent.

Not enough! Still too expensive!

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “MOTHERS KNOW BEST

  1. It seems to me that bald guys like you are forever talking about getting your hair cut, what gives?

    My husband, who still has most of his hair, doesn’t get his cut anywhere near as you and I’ve never seen a picture of you where you had any hair, including the one above on this blog!

    Or, is getting a trim some sort of euphemism you gay guys in Key West use with some other meaning I’ve never been told about?

    • There was a time I had a full head of hair. About 20 years ago, it started receding. 20-30 percent left. Decided to get it shaved completely. Tried doing it myself. Not safe. So I go to Lori every 2 weeks and she does the clipper on a #1 and removes the fuss plus. I enjoy the visit and Lori. There are pics of me floating on the internet showing me when I had hair. Someday you may be fortunate and see it. Query: Why do you assume because I live in Key West I am gay? To the contrary. People like you are difficult to understand. Are you a lesbian? My question as stupid as your inference.

      • Terribly sorry Lou, I meant no offense by that. I thought you were in a relationship with that Patric person who used to post so often on your blog. You sort of treated him differently and I just, well sorry!

        Yes, I had a female partner for many years, after my husband (male) died. She’s now dead too, so I’m now single again.

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