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Donald Trump has been nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Price. Would you believe!

Alfred Nobel must be turning over in his grave.

Trump was nominated for his assistance with the Israel-UAE accord.

A tweet this morning from a Middle East person says well what most must think about the nomination: Since when does the Nobel Peace Prize go to “politicians who invite Racism, Civil War, Fraud, Tax Evasions, alleged serial rapists…..You get the drift.”

Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen was a guest on the Rachel Maddow show last night. He was asked what Trump might do if he lost. Cohen says Trump would resign. Pence would become President. Pence would pardon Trump.

One of Key West’s favorite sons passed away. Benjamin “Dink” Bruce. Loved and respected by all.

Dink got his nickname, which has stuck with him, from Ernest Hemingway. Dink’s parents were close friends of Hemingway. His father was extremely close to the great man. He built the wall around Hemingway’s home on Whitehead. The two would fish and drink together.

Before moving to Cuba, Hemingway left in a room at Sloppy Joe’s boxes. The room was full of the boxes. They contained some Hemingway writings and artifacts.

The boxes were discovered after Hemingway’s death.

Hemingway’s last wife traveled to Key West to see what was involved. She took some items, gave the rest to Dink’s father. Dink’s father left them to Dink.

Dink still had them at the time of his death.

I only met Dink in the past few years. He was a regular at La Trattoria. He would sit on the stool in the corner by the window. We met one evening and became instantaneous friends. Everyone who met Dink became his instantaneous friend. He was that kind of person.

Dink is missed already.

May he rest in peace.

Mosquitoes are man’s enemy in the Keys. They bring all kinds of medical problems with them. The Keys protects its humans with a professional Mosquito Control Board. They do a good job.

Turns out humans are not the only ones prey to mosquitoes. Manatees, also. A recent discovery.

Manatees rest with their head and shoulders above water or on a beach. The mosquitoes attack them. Some have begun coming down with dengue fever and encephalitis as a result.

Not everyone went to Duval this past weekend. Some felt it was safer to remain home. The hordes of visitors would bring coronavirus with them.

I have a question. Directed to the Key West Citizen. Why no pictures of the weekend? Why no columns re the weekend? Was the Citizen afraid to make the public aware of what went on?

The City Commission’s loosening of the rules for the holiday weekend were not supported by all Key West residents. Did the paper support them? Did the paper support the bars, restaurants and businesses who clamored for an easing of the rules?

The people have a right to answers to all the questions asked. Especially if the virus has a surge by the end of the month.

William Hackley wrote again about his baby in his diary entry of this day 1855. He refers to the child as Baby. I wish he would let us know what her name is.

Her health still a concern. To me and many other readers, also.

Hackley wrote: “Babe’s mouth very sore. Sarah Peterson says she has thrush and is using a preparation of brickdust, burnt alam and honey…..Baby is growing finely and looks well if her mouth will only get well she will soon get fat and will be pretty.”

I worry about Baby. Appears it was very difficult to survive birth and the early months of life back in 1855.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Australia’s quarantine camps. The concept has arrived in the U.S. Ohio’s Gov. DeWine issued an order establishing “isolation camps.” Technical name “non-congregate sheltering.”

Fourteen days of quarantine and a clean bill of health before being permitted to leave.

The purpose of the isolation camps “to isolate individuals who are unable to safely quarantine in their places of residence and to isolate those diagnosed with or showing symptoms of Covid-19.”

While most cities across the country like Key West fail to enforce the rules, colleges and universities do not. An example being Northeastern University in Boston.

With Labor Day coming, the University said partying students would be dismissed without tuition refunded.

Eleven students broke the rule by partying in a Boston hotel room.

All 11 were dismissed. Their tuitions forfeited.

Fuddruckers. What a name! Sort of like Smuckers. It has to be good!

I discovered my first Fuddruckers 30 years ago in Coconut Grove. Fell in love with their steak sandwiches.

In recent years, found 2 in Miami. When I have been in Miami, I make it my business to stop in one.

Thirty one Fuddruckers left in the U.S. Their Board recently voted to close them all down, sell off their assets, and distribute the money among the shareholders.

Really sad! Apparently not everyone enjoyed Fuddruckers as I did.

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    • Who are you kidding, he doesn’t give a squat about the “people.” He lied about Covid so that the ‘markets’ wouldn’t panic! He then cut a deal with the Chinese and sold off what PPE’s we had stockpiled to them and then lied about that too.

  1. Pence would become President. Pence would pardon Trump.

    Pardon him, how so? He hasn’t been found guilty of a crime and Pence wouldn’t be in office long enough for anything the SDNY may prove.

  2. Now Bob Woodward is reporting that Trump told Peter Navarro that his “fu*king generals are a bunch of pussies.”

    Care to try and cover this+ too John Galt?

  3. Lying to America isn’t comforting America. Remember Trump has often said if it wasn’t for this virus his re-election was ensured. Motive?

  4. From his own statements we now know Trump knew that the Covid virus was VERY serious and deadly, yet he used the situation to convince his followers that it was nothing more than a HOAX perpetuated by the democrats to make HIM look bad.

    OK you willing fools, please tells us again why you are still willing to believe him about anything he says and why you believe anyone else in the world should either. While you are at it, please tell us why we should believe anything else any of you post on Lou’s blog.

  5. He knew he was lying, what does that make the rest of us that also knew he was lying and said so?

    What does that make those that supported him while he was lying?

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