Trump continues his anti-Semitic rantings. His more recent telling Jews to “get their act together.”

The White House condemned Trump’s statements. Trump is upset becuse he believes Jews in the U.S. do not support him strongly. Whereas Jews in Israel do. No wonder. Trump gave Israel everything he could while he was President.

Trump’s dislike of American Jews borders on hatred, if not hatred itself. I find it strange. Ivanka and his grandchildren are Jewish.

There may be a sign/warning involved. Things are closing in on Trump. Big time. It has been suggested he will try to let his children take the fall for him. Would not surprise me. I find it difficult to understand. I am old school. One where parents do everything to protect their children.

The Trump family operation made money during the time Donald Sr. was President.

Yesterday’s New York Times reported that the Secret Service was charged exorbitant rates. Rates above government approved rates while Secret Service agents stayed at Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. while protecting Trump and family.

Eric was running Trump businesses while Donald was President. Government rates have a cap of $50 per night. Secret Service were generally charged $600. One night, $1,160.

Though under the weather a bit, I kept my date with Jean Thornton sunday night. Would not miss it! The game plan was Jean and stone crabs. A winning combination!

We met at the Chart Room at 6 as agreed. Jean waiting. Steve and Cindy at the bar. John bartending.

Good to see everyone!

Jean had Joe back in Birmingham check out what restaurants had stone crabs. Sunday was only day 2 of the new season. Turned out 3. Alonzo’s, Eaton Street Fish Market, and I forget the third.

We opted for the Eaton Street Fish Market. Sat outside and enjoyed. Large ones. Well cracked. $49 a pound. Going to be an expensive stone crab season!

Four stone crabs to a pound.

Outstanding! Delicious! Magnificent! What more can I say?

I went directly home afterwards to continue being sick.

I was surprised to learn families are still struggling to find baby formula. It is now one year since the shortage began.

Availability has improved, but not enough. The search persists.

One third of households with infant children had trouble finding formula last month.

Affected households had less than a one week supply of formula on hand.

Key West loves Harry Truman. Harry Truman loved Key West.

One of Truman’s famous sayings: “The President is always abused. If he isn’t, he isn’t doing anything.”

Some pics on Facebook of homemade “pasta.” Chef…..Al Cotoia. Looks delicious, Al! Wish I could share it with you.

Al will understand what I am about to share.

No pasta in my younger days. Nor his. “Macaroni” was the term. I’m going back to the 1930’s through 1950’s. Suddenly it was pastasized!

Homemade macaroni was something my grandmother made. Generally with the help pf her daughters and daughters in law. Made at the sink and kitchen table. Some sort of a machine. Dishes like linguine were cut long. Then carried into  a bedroom and laid on the bed. First covered by a clean sheet, of course. Smaller cuts , also. Gnocchis made from flour rather than potato. We kids permitted to thumb press them.

My grandmother was the best cook ever! She could make shoe leather taste like filet mignon. She would occasionally cook round steak for my grandfather. Fried it in oil. Just right. Shared with me. I have never forgotten the tenderness and taste.

For Al and I’s non-Italian friends, macaroni, and then pasta, were two times a week meals. Sundays and wednesdays. Always!

Syracuse/Clemson saturday at noon. Clemson a 13 point favorite.

Big game!

An oh, my God! Would you believe! The Jacksonville newspaper, The Florida Times Union, reported on 10/17/1884 there were 22 liquor saloons in Key West.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I’ve read about that too, Lou. But I think you have your numbers wrong. Apparently the Secret Service rules allow up to $250 limit per night for a hotel room for those agents while away from home and on duty. However Trump required them to stay at his “Trump” luxury hotels where possible and then had the rates jacked up to a minimum of 1K a night and reportably as much as 2500, in some cases. This wasn’t just for those protecting him,but sometimes for even Erick and Don Jr. How’s that for making a profit off the American people?

    Tucker Carleson, FOX News, the Wall Street Journal and all his fans want to make a big deal about Biden wanting to a forgive up to as much as 10K for some people, none of which does Biden personally make a dime, have made no comment about this.

    Seems Republican political outrage is always one sided.

  2. The Steele Dossier trial was widely considered and then used by FOX News and other right wing sources as “proof” that the accusations in that document were false and nothing but a dishonest smear to ruin Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

    Now that that trial (brought by Trump’s hand picked special prosecutor) has resulted an acquittal, will FOX News and all those other right wing sources admit that the Steele Dossier was in fact correct and that Donald Trump was corrupt and Hillary Clinton reasonable for having used this document originally created by the RNC to begin with?

  3. Louis, I remember my mother making pasta at the kitchen table, always knew it was 1 egg to 1 cup flour, but i had never made it until my recent trip to Tuscany !!! Each one of us was given 1 cup flour and 1 egg, made a “well” in the flour and broke the egg into the “well” !!!! With a finger, I kind of moved it around the egg gathering in the flour until everything was absorbed and a “ball” of dough was formed !!! Then with a roller, and extra flour for “dusting” I rolled out the dough until it was thin but not too thiin !!! Dusting both sides, I then “rolled” up the dough, then sliced the roll in 1/4 inch cuts which after all the cuts were made simply “unrolled” the pasta into strips to dry before cooking !! The fun was eating the pasta with a mushroom sauce !!! We also made our dessert of “tiramasu” !!!!! Ciao !!!!

    Try it, you’ll like it !!!!

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