Strone crab season is only a few days old. Its prices in the Keys similar to gas prices. A few miles make a difference.

I spent $49 per pound for large sized stone crabs monday night. Similar sized half way up the Keys were selling for $35 a pound. I thought $49 too expensive. However, when you’re a stone crab fanatic price is immaterial. Those paying $35 a pound likewise thought $35 was expensive.

Someone contacted me and said the price would go even higher. The reason. Goliath Groupers aka Jewfish. A favorite food. Some run 800 pounds. A fisherman on the internet commented: “Goliath groupers eat stone crabs like tic tacs.” The author of another article said “he felt bad for stone crabbers.”

Goliath groupers have been a protected species in Florida waters for over 30 years. If my research is correct, a certain number will be available for harvesting in 2023. However, the Keys will remain off limits. The monsters will still be able to devour my favorite food.

I have always enjoyed grouper when dining out. Now I know why. The mothers pigged out on stone crabs!

The price of gas in Key West up and down. Fluctuates like my body weight.

My 10/13 blog read: “Two weeks ago one gallon of gas cost $4.47. One week ago, $3.99. Yesterday, $3.87.”

The pendulum has swung. Sunday one gallon was $3.99.

Steve Thompson wrote about the early Casa Marina. Even before his time here.

Six acres oceanfront on the south side of town. A first class resort was sure to bring them down. They came to Casa Marina for sun and food.

It was the roaring 20’s and they sunbathed nude.

Louis interjection: The Casa Marina closed in the late 1920’s for 2 reasons. One the crash of 1929. The other those who came came booked only for a 3 day stay. The first night at the Casa. Quiet. Too quiet for them. Most left the next morning by ferry boat for Havana. Cash flow became too poor to remain open.

Back to Steve: Not till the 70’s did they really bring it back. The Birdcage Lounge was the first to reopen. The acoustics were so bad I thought they were joking. Painted plants on curved walls with no windows and a domed ceiling. I guess they wanted to give it a birdcage feeling. 

They tore it down when they built the new wing. The new hotel was fit for a king.

I’m insulted! Syracuse has been insulted!

The AP Preseason Top 25 College Basketball Poll fails to list Syracuse.

Go to it, Boeheim! Show ’em how wrong they can be!

Enjoy your day!



  1. $49 a pound for Stone Crab at a restaurant is a pretty good price, if you ask me. We paid $79.00 a pound at Joe’s here in Miami the other night.

    My husband always says, you shouldn’t be ordering Stone Crabs at a restaurant if you need to ask the price.

    I say, don’t EVER go to Joe’s, if you need to ask the price.

    • Eaton Street Fish Markey a combo. Fish market and eat outside set up. Eating outside nothing fancy. Paper plate and plastic fork. Paper napkin from pull out on table. Price take out or eat there the same. Eaton’s a former gas station. I would expect to pay more at Joe’s. What weas the size at Joe’s for $79 a pound?

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