Indiana pretty much sewed it up for Trump. Good for him! Bad for America!

I fear he is going to go all the way. The campaign will be dirty. The end will find him left standing. The four years following will tell whether I am correct. I hope I am wrong.

The American people are angered. About everything. Politicians are the first they can get at. They are doing it by nominating outsiders to be their leaders.

Sanders is another example. He has won a lot of States. He won Indiana last night. I suspect he will come up short, however. He will end up the also ran.

Sanders represents an extreme. His not bad in comparison to Trump’s way of thinking.

My blog talk radio show went well last night. I worked during the day fine tuning the show. I went on the air five minutes late. Technical difficulties. If you tried and failed to hear the show, it is archived on Blog Talk Radio, You Tube and my website Key West Lou.

The anti-gravity treadmill later this morning. I am going to cut the time back to 15 minutes. Monday proved to be too much.

Perry Court. Why did the Key West City Commission approve a $12.5 million dollar transfer of land authority money to make the transaction work? I thought the people voted down the acquisition of Perry Court. The Key West political powers are a conniving group.

My column Afghanistan and America’s Heroin Addiction appears in this week’s KONK Life which hits the stands today. Heroin is an issue to which we have closed our eyes. Time to wake up! Read the article. An eye opener.

Audrey Hepburn was born this day in 1929 in Belgium. She spent the World War II years in Nazi occupied Holland with her mother. She is reported to have suffered many hardships.

My friend Anna was born and raised in Navaro, Italy. She lived through a Nazi occupied Italy during the War. Though Anna was probably 10 years younger than Hepburn.

Anna was four when the Americans arrived to free Navaro. Anna’s recollections are many. During the occupation, the German soldiers and the executions against a brick wall not far from her home.

As to the Americans, she distinctly recalls their arrival. She was given gum by one of them. She had never seen gum before. Did not know what it was. She ate the gum as if it were candy.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I just signed up to volunteer inside during the Cleveland political convention in July. That way I can see what’s really going on.

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