Mr. President To Be: Congratulations! Seventy eight years old! God bless!

You are young in heart and mind. This is your time. America needs you.

America’s Catholic Church has a way of getting involved far more than it should. At a time when its track record the past 40 years leaves much to be desired.

The abortion issue rises again! In a very small minute area.

San Francisco Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Brennan yesterday urged Catholics not to “jump on the COVID-19 vaccine bandwagon.” He cited certain concerns about the use of fetal cells in vaccine development. He said, “I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’m going to rain on a parade today: The vaccine parade.”

Bishop Brennan said that some researchers racing to produce a coronavirus vaccine have made use of cells derived from aborted fetuses and perhaps other “morally objectionable” materials. Apparently most companies producing vaccines use fetal cells at a stage in a vaccine’s development.

His specifics a bit unclear. The  Bishop claims he was referring to fetus cells from an abortion or material cast off from the artificial insemination of a human embryo. It is the second portion that confuses me.

Respectfully, the good Bishop then sounded like Rudy Giuliani. He cited the Pfizer vaccine as involving human cell material.

Pfizer spokeswoman Jerica Pitts responded later saying, “Not a single stage has had it.”

“The Charlotte Logier Institute is an anti-abortion organization. It said that both Pfizer and Moderna were listed by them as “ethically uncontroversial.”

The coronavius vaccine is most important at this stage. The Bishop should check the facts before making a pronouncement on an issue so important.

I actually feel sorry for Giuliani. A top notch prosecutor in his day no longer in his prime or anything close to it. He embarrasses the legal profession.

Trump is taking Giuliani down with him. Trump most likely neither cares nor gives it any thought.

His legal theories embarrassing. He forgets law is required to support such theories.

Yesterday, my heart broke for him. This once great lawyer speaking at a press conference was sweating big time. He repeatedly took out his handkerchief to wipe his wet face.

The worst was yet to come. Apparently Giuliani dyes his hair. His business. However, he should make sure it is done properly. Black sweat lines on both sides of his face were running from his hairline down his cheeks to his jaw.

Would you believe there are persons dying in hospitals who deny having the virus and/or claim it dos not exist?

South Dakota has made it big time as concerns the virus. Its numbers way up. Hospitals packed. Medical personnel beat. Supplies running short.

Jodi Doering is a nurse at a South Dakota hospital. She was interviewed on TV yesterday. She is the person who brought dying patient denial of the virus to the nation’s attention.

Denial of the existence of coronavirus! Wow! The number sick and the number dying speak for themselves.

Nurse Doering says caring for patients in denial is like a “horror movie that never ends.” She has patients on 100 percent oxygen that can only breathe because of the 100 percent oxygen being provided. Some of those in denial are in this group.

Difficult to understand when 250,000 have already died from the virus.

Sounds like most must be loyal Trump followers who drank the “kool aid.”

I have been sharing some local comments about the virus and how Key West is handling it. The comments are taken directly from the Citizens’ Voice. All so far have been by locals.

Today came the first by a tourist: “We visited Key West for the weekend based on a Trip Advisor recommendation. No masks or distancing on Duval. Bars are literally a petri dish. I feel sorry for those that work there. Requirements posted all over Key West but no enforcement at all. We will not be back.”

Coronavirus surging in our tiny Keys. Monroe County registered 300 new cases in less than a week. Positivity rates for Key West all over the place. Read one that was 18 percent. Another, 11.78 percent. Not sure which is accurate. Both too high in any event.

Key West got 49 new cases on thursday. One day. Would you believe?

Key West infections total 1,412. Presently hospitalized 9.

You will recall that last week I advised the City Commission had once again capitulated to the bars and restaurants. Policies have been drawn back some what.

The City is back to work this week re restrictions. Most of those reduced last week have increased this week. The writing was on the wall. The City fathers finally saw it. I hope.

Mask wearing required full time. A few exceptions. Someone referred to the mask wearing increase as “mask gestation.”

Recognized also was that were not a sufficient number of officers out on the street handing out citations to those not wearing masks. Through yesterday, police and codes personnel were utilized. Members of the Fire Department were added.

We shall see. This is friday. The weekend is here. Tourists will arrive in huge numbers. The bars and restaurants will be full. Coronavirus will have its usual weekend feast.

Maybe, just maybe, Syracuse can win its second football game of the season tonight.

Someone screwed up because Syracuse/Louisville is being touted as the Game of the Week. Seven tonight.

Syracuse  has only won 1 game this season. Louisville 2. The season is almost over.

Our 1896 beauty May Johnson was out again last night. La Brisa, of course. “Much dancing……came home 11:30, bed. DEAD TIRED”

Everest is due home this week. Wonder how things will go.

Enjoy your day!







  1. Under Trump, all of the myths and conspiracy theories that people used to joke about have become fact. Like now there really are a Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy.

  2. Just watched Kayleigh claim that there was no peaceful transfer of power when Trump was elected. She was lying again and not McEnany sense.

    • Agreed, she was silent but her facial expressions said it all. It would have helped if she verbally pushed back instead of absorbing her embarrazzment.

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