Slowly American society is being pushed into a quarantine situation. Considered by some to be necessary to protect against a continuing spread of coronavirus.

Most by law, edict or order. Some by personal decision.

I am one remaining in by choice. I refer to it as self quarantine. At 84 and having a few physical problems, I felt it better to do what I could to protect myself. Better safe than sorry!

There are those in history who have self quarantined for political reasons rather than medical. One where death was a possibility.

People are beginning to complain about having to remain at home. I don’t understand. Disease driven death confronting the world in the face at the moment.

Anne Frank suffered from a possible death consequence during World War II.

Place quarantine in proper perspective.

Anne Frank was a young girl who spent 761 days in an attic hiding from the Nazis in Germany during World War II. She and 6 others lived in 450 square feet.

They were required to remain still and quiet by day. Other people in the building. During the evening, they had to move quietly.

The key to their salvation was to remain quiet and undiscovered. Thereby, living. If caught, death inevitable.

Those who have visited the attic have a clear recollection of squeaky floorboards. The reason no one could move by day.

Our sequestrations will in no way be as mentally tortuous nor as long as Anne Frank’s was. Coronavirus should be well gone sometime in 2 years. We will then be out and about. Anne Frank never got the opportunity to be out and about. Once caught, all that faced her was a short trip to the gas chamber.

Complain not, my friends!

There are those who refuse to believe coronavirus is a real problem. The know it alls. Many Trump supporters. Persons who believe the whole thing is a hoax.

What percentage of the U.S. society? There are statistics, polls, etc. All over the place. Best I can determine, from 31 to 62 percent. Not very dependable numbers. Whatever, the figure is substantial.

These same persons refuse to follow the practical rules for fighting/thwarting the disease. Many will infect others.

May the doubters be the first to meet their Maker!

Trump went on a tirade at the Task Force public TV appearance yesterday. He defecated on NBC’s Peter Alexander for asking what Trump considered an improper question arising out of poor journalism.

The President came like a bolt out of the blue. Hit hard! Forgot his manners.

Edmund Burke said about manners: “Manners are what vex or soothe, corrupt or purify, exalt or debase, barbarize or refine us, by a constant, steady, uniform, insensible operation, like that of the air we breathe in.”

Donald ain’t got no manners!

Some coronavirus observations.

New York has closed down “non-essential” businesses. Liquor stores not listed as non-essential. Ergo, liquor stores considered “essential.” They will remain open.

The beach closing situation in Florida a shame. Mostly spring breakers on the beach. A good number of adults also, however.

It took a while for Florida to close the beaches. Reminded me of the movie Jaws. The town refused to close the beach for a “little” fish because the town merchants did not want to lose precious tourist dollars.

Poor Italy. Wow! The beating!

Six hundred twenty seven died yesterday. In 1 day.

The hospitals are overwhelmed. So far, 47,021 persons have been infected, 4,035 have died.

Congress is going back and forth re how to pay people who are out of work. Complex and timely ideas suggested.

The U.K. has the same problem. I consider Boris Johnson a nut. Similar in every respect to Trump.

However, Johnson has come up with way to pay employees that seems simple. Pay those employees unable to work 80 percent of their usual salary. To a maximum of $2,875 per month. Retain them on the payroll. Whether the employer is open for business or not.

The plan would provide payment for the first 30 days. Then to be looked at again.

Starbucks. In the U.S. and Canada.

Those company operated are closing their doors. Only drive through service will be available. Sixty percent of U.S. Starbucks are company operated.

Reusable cups will not be permitted.

In the event things continue going bad and employees have to remain home, Starbucks will pay their full salaries for 30 days.

It has become obvious after 3 years of Trump as President that he is expert in everything. He knows, he feels, he understands. The fact he is full of horse manure is immaterial.

His most recent exposure of brilliance involves support of 2 drugs that are unproven as a cure for coronavirus. The 2 are presently used in helping those with malaria. They are untested as to coronavirus.

Trump spoke as to the 2 drugs possibly being cures for the virus. He was all excited. Spouting false encouragement.

Dr. Fauci had to take the microphone. He said the drugs were only anecdotalevil. Till properly tested, not sure the drugs would be effective.

Dr. Trump v. Dr. Fauci. Who do you believe?

The stock market dropped another 800 points yesterday.

Moving on.

May Johnson appears to have been an attractive belle of the ball type back in 1896 in Key West. On this day, she and a Mrs. Rowen had a tour and lunch on the USS Amphritite which was in port. A row boat had to take them out to the vessel.

They were the sole guests of the Captain during the tour and lunch. The lunch consisted of fish and mutton chops.

At the end of her diary for the day, she described the day as GRAND! LOVELY!

Mark Twain was in Key West this day in 1902. He stopped on his way to Cuba.

I close with Key West’s beloved President Harry Truman.

The President left for Washington this day in 1951 after a 3 week vacation at the Little White House.

The thought occurs. Truman was a President. Trump is not. If Donald were a reader of history, he might have learned some things from Washington, Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan. Even Obama. However, Trump’s dislike for Obama is so great he is blinded as to the good Obama did. He continues to tear down Obama’s successes one at a time.

Enjoy your day!


12 comments on “ANNE FRANK “QUARANTINED” 761 DAYS

  1. If the USA as a whole ends-up following the Italian model and not the Chinese or Singapore model the death rate will be sobering around May 1. It will be surreal as spring will be in full swing and the morgues will be out of space.

    That thought alone is enough to keep me inside and as I live (thankfully) in a very rural area, my “inside’ is many wooded acres and dirt roads of peace and solitude. I notice the birds are busy courting and soon nesting, oblivious to Mankind’s current predicament.

    If the world truly melts down to Mad Max, where you are then will have a lot to say about your fate. I would never have believed such an event possible until about ten days ago.

  2. There are now more than 1 person dying every hour in NYC. Doesn’t sound so bad to some, I’m sure – but every one of those deaths is an unnecessary tragedy to to a loved one, far worse than having missed a prom, or a graduation.

    I wonder if we will ever know how many people died in our “border refugee” concentration camps. Probably not for years, decades even, until those stories (and museums) are told. Our qrandchildren will wonder how we could have ever let that happen.

  3. ”There are those who refuse to believe Coronavirus is a problem”. Many Bernie and Biden supporters. Millennials partying on the beaches until beach closing forced them to leave! – Scaup

    • Why are you so concerned about a few spring breakers and say nothing about the people in some states, RED states that are ignoring the Coronavirus? Were these spring breakers Chinese, we know how you HATE the Chineses.

      • Not saying anything about the red state people because Lou covers them every day as he did in this column also. Just pointing out Lou’s extreme bias which he is absolutely entitled to. Lou doesn’t for a day claim to be an objective journalist. He is an opinionated columnist. I may disagree with many of his positions and may point out his examples are found on both sides as I did here by pointing out the millennials,?who typically are on the left, are ignoring the risk of this virus and were partying on the beaches. I do respect the fact lou doesn’t pretend to be neutral and speaks his mind even as misguided as I may believe he is! Lou stay healthy …

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