Hurricane season begins June 1. Somehow, a storm snuck in a month early. Tropical storm Ana.

Ana is presently somewhere off South Carolina. Its trajectory north. It is expected to hit the Carolinas with 2-4 inches of rain. Winds presently 45 mph. Could increase to 70 mph.

The first of the season!

My morning began on the anti-gravity treadmill. Love it! Three times per week the plan. Hope I stay with it!

In the afternoon, I played around with Growing Up Italian. Decided I might change the title so it better fit the stories. Was able to produce a chapter. A chapter I was pleased with.

The Songwriters Festival continues. Oh, so many people! Almost like season!

I noticed the increased traffic driving to the Chart Room last night. Word is the hotels and guest houses are full. Yes, 100 percent. Attributable to the Songwriters Festival. Some credit must be given to Mel Fisher. Some sort of annual event at the Casa Marina.

Jean Thornton has been lost to me for a week. She is probably busy at the Casa Marina with the Mel Fisher attendees. Recall that Jean found gold and emeralds many years ago on a Mel Fisher dive. Changed her life!

Chart Room full. All tourists. Chatted with Emily a while and left.

Dinner at Tavern ‘n Town. Quiet, as I suspected it would be. Everyone downtown for the Festival.

Yesterday was the anniversary of VE Day. I mentioned it in yesterday’s blog. As well as recounted personal memories of the day.

I was shocked at the number of comments received from others who recalled VE Day and VJ Day. Understand that those commenting are my contemporaries. Around 80 years of age. Each had one or more stories to relate re the Day.

Seems I hit a sentimental chord with my VE Day observations.

Our country’s Special Forces train in the Keys. Just off Fleming Key. Have been doing so for years.

The 50th anniversary of Special Forces is next week. On tuesday, Keys children have been invited to watch a demonstration by the Green Berets.

“Officer safety” has been added to our every day jargon. What about “citizen safety?”

Cameron won the English election overwhelmingly. The pollsters had predicted a close result. Many not sure who would win. Cameron killed the opposition!

The pollsters were wrong again. Wrong as they have been in recent U.S. elections. I have said before and say again it is because they predict as winner the candidate who hired them. Recall Romney. He and his people thought they were going to win based on their pollsters’ numbers.

Pollstering has turned into a he who pays the fiddler calls the tune situation. Immoral. Dishonest. No one benefits.

John Brown’s birthday today. The emancipator. A bit of a nut also in that he was an extremist.

I visited John Brown’s home by accident some 20 years ago. I was spending a few days at Lake Placid. It rained one day. I had nothing to do so took a ride. The roads in the Adirondacks go every which way. I ended up on a paved side road. Led to the top of a hill.

There before me was a tiny square wood cabin. Nothing spectacular. Humble. Some vegetables growing in a small area nearby. A sign indicated that Brown’s home was a national or state historical site.

This week’s KONK Life column 99 44/100 % Pure was linked to my Key West Lou Facebook site this morning. The Ivory soap story.

I am excited. Jenna and I are having dinner together tonight.

Enjoy your day!


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