Shocking! The news of the cyber attack on the U.S. The smartest, brightest nation in the world invaded by computer hacking.

It is said to be a “grave risk” to our government.

The methods used described as “tactics, techniques and procedures that have not yet been discovered.”

The finger heavily points to Russia. Makes sense. However keep in mind other nations may be playing the same game and have not been discovered yet. Like Iran, North Korea, China, Turkey, and Israel.

Trump involved to some degree? His deference to Putin clear. No question. He has yet to even discuss the cyber security attack publicly.

If Hillary were President, the cry by Trump’s followers would be “jail her!” Even, “kill her!”

Also coming into play would be “treason.” How many times has Trump accused various persons of treason? So many. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Trump may not be free from such accusation.

His deference to Putin for four years has been alarming. Putin has to be holding something over Trump’s head. Anything from sex film to helping Trump with his personal finances.

The first Cabinet meeting in months was called this week by Trump. Noticeable by their absence were the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Department of Justice, Director of National Intelligence, and the CIA.

Does their absence say something?

We shall see.

Trump has many consistent patterns. One is he expects his appointees to dance to his tune. Do as he says. My way or the highway.

Jeffrey Rosen is Trump’s nominee to replace Bill Barr. Maybe not, however.

Trump earlier this week said Rosen would not be his nominee if he didn’t agree to special counsels being designated beforehand for an investigation of Hunter Biden and what he describes as baseless election fraud allegations by the Biden side and others.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I suspect such might be illegal. A quid pro quo.

Coronavirus rampant. More cases and deaths each day.

Yesterday the worst yet for new cases. Over 200,00 new cases in one day. So far this month, 40,000 deaths.

Trump’s lack of action initially and even now misfeasance. It rises perhaps to a criminal level.

Even God’s chosen ones are in danger of the virus.

There is a home for elderly Sisters (nuns) in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Eight nuns died of Covid-19 last week. Four in one day.

The Sisters were tested. One hundred tested positive.

The virus began evidencing itself Thanksgiving day.

The FDA approved Moderna yesterday. It will especially help in smaller communities whose local hospitals do not have extreme freezing facilities. Another benefit is that only one shot of the vaccine is required.

The 21 Club in New York City is world known. A luncheon place for the rich and powerful. Expensive!

The 21 temporarily closed in March. Its owners announced this week that is its employees who were furloughed were now terminated. All 148 of them.

Sad. The 21 has been open for close to 100 years.

I was fortunate to have lunched there a few times. I was not among the rich and powerful. My clients were. I was their guest. And yes, we always were seated on the first floor.

The move continues to be to make Key West into a Naples. Elevate the community from its old vintage to a modern day existence.

More and more airlines are announcing they will be servicing Key West. The latest is Jet Blue. Direct flights from New York and Boston. The flights will begin February 11 and run through April.

When it is extremely cold up north, it is cold here. Key West cold. Today one of those days. High 68, low 65.

Enjoy your day!


8 comments on “TREASON?

  1. Your comments about Trumps malfeasance are very well explained and deserved.

    Our actions (none) as a nation and as people in regards to this are a clear indication of our decline. We can no longer even self describe ourselves as mighty an just.

  2. Saw Pence get his shot and make a little speech this morning. His mention of Trump was low key and without the usual slavering we have seen in the past.

  3. “This week, we successfully shipped all 2.9 million doses that we were asked to ship by the U.S. Government to the locations specified by them,” Pzifer said in its statement. “We have millions more doses sitting in our warehouse but, as of now, we have not received any shipment instructions for additional doses,” the company added.

    • Trump is too busy with other things (war with Iran?) to be worried about a vaccine for a little “thing” he considers a hoax.

  4. Our con man Trump is bragging about “his” vaccine. The worst President we ever had would have done the same things with regards to it, which he just proved. Also, he still has a few weeks left to roll out his “beautiful” health care plan.

  5. or all of you armchair deniers so quick to dismiss actual science and expert opinions, who rushed to praise Sweden with their ‘light-touch’ herd immunity Covid policies, please know that no less than Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf, is now saying ‘We Have failed with our approach to keeping our people safe during this crisis.’

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