Lend Lease was a thought in Roosevelt’s mind in 1940. He was able to get it actualized in 1941 when it became law.

The U.S. was not yet at war. Hitler was rolling over Europe. The Allies needed items for war and food. They had no money.

Roosevelt came up with Lend Lease. Production took place in the U.S. Then shipped to Europe and where ever else needed as time went on.

The program ended with World War II in 1945.

Items shipped were free. If there was any thought of the Allies paying back, it never occurred.

Someone had to watch the money. Involved was $51.1 billion. In today’s dollars $575 billion.

A Congressional oversight committee was established. Harry Truman chaired it. He watched the money being spent as if it were his own. Not one penny of scandal while the billions were being spent.

Not the same today. I suspect billions are wasted or channeled into improper pockets during similar transactions.

Many believe Roosevelt selected Truman as his running mate in 1944 because of Truman’s stringent honesty and ability to hawk every dollar spent as if it were his own.

The topic is not Truman and Lend Lease this morning. Lend Lease merely a run up as to how things were done at a time when honesty was a given among most in government.

It is the first stimulus package and its Paycheck Protection Program (PPC) at issue. Money was “lent” to companies to assure employees would be kept working. If employees were kept on or called back, there ws no pay back provision. Free dollars involved. It was assumed at the time it became law that small businesses would benefit.

The vermin smelled the free money and came out of the woodwork.

Many companies applied for the monies, received them, and either laid people off or did not rehire them.

A total of $1.8 billion is involved. Nine hundred companies. The 900 took the bucks and in effect laid off 90,000 workers.

Scam time.

Sixty percent of the money was to go to pay employee salaries. Initially it was 75 percent. However lowered at some point.

Some examples.

Brady Linen Services in Las Vegas received $4.6 million. Unemployed were 800 employees. None hired back.

PBM LLC was approved for $10 million. Three hundred forty nine were laid off.

The  Buffalo law firm of Gross and Dolowy got $3 million. Employees laid off before and after 146.

The penalty for misusing the monies. Must be paid back at 1 percent interest. A million dollar loan at 1 percent. Sweet!

Criminal responsibility? The level of wrongdoing must reach the fraud level. What that is at this time, I don’t know. Doubt any criminal charges have brought.

Why, how did this happen? Simple. No longer are there any Harry Truman’s in the Senate. Or, the House for that matter. Statesmen and men of honor left years ago. Most politicians today are dishonest in one fashion or another.

Biden’s transition team was barred by the Pentagon this week. Admittance denied. Biden’s people were “stunned.” This all occurred without notice or warning.

Trump’s political hacks in the Pentagon said “maybe” meetings would occur after the holidays.

What is being hidden? Cybersecurity information? Where billions of Pentagon dollars went which cannot be accounted for?


Trump is not going to have smooth sailing oncehe leaves the White House. He is going to find “oh, the web we make when first we seek to deceive” is going to hit him squarely in the face in a number of areas.

The end is near. Trump will be out on January 20. His “loyal” workers are trying to redeem themselves. Barr with his failure to find significant fraud and publicly announcing it. Now Pompeo himself. He openly admitted yesterday that Russia was the country that has the U.S. under cyberattack. He described Russia’s involvement as being “pretty clear.”

For several months, Trump has been bragging how delivery of the vaccine was covered. The U.S. Army was taking care of it. A specific General had been appointed. He and his men deep in experience.

So what is happening?

A Pfizer representative said this week, “We have millions more doses sitting in our warehouse but, as of now, we have not received any shipment instructions for additional doses.”

What happened? Again Trump assured the American people everything was worked out. Some entities that were to receive x number of doses are now initially complaining they have not received the number they were told to expect. Now additional numbers of vaccine are not being delivered per any schedule.

Why? Why? Why”

Three reasons come to mind.

First, the Army failed. Hard to believe. I cannot conceive of such a detailed plan having gone no further than step 1.

Or, is it Trump punishing the American people because he lost? Could be.

Finally, perhaps he wants to make Biden’s life more difficult when Biden takes over?

Thomas Paine’s name comes into play today. He published his first American Crisis this day in 1776. The opening line we all recall: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

He wrote the American Crisis essays from 1776 to 1783. In 1776, he also wrote what most of us learned in grammar school. Common Sense.

His writings promoted revolution. Overthrow of existing governments. His writings helped inspire colonial patriots to declare independence from Great Britain.

Not one to let a revolution escape his attention, he was in France in the 1790’s and deeply involved in the French Revolution.

He was anti-Christian. He was not well liked as a result.

Paine died in 1809. Only 6 people attended his funeral. The low number attributed to his negative positions regarding Christianity.

Excuse how I am going to describe Paine. He was a fruitcake. A troublemaker. Yes, he knew the correct words to inspire men to  revolution. Nevertheless, he was way out. The U.S. looks upon him favorably because all we were taught was Common Sense and the American Revolution. If one digs deeper into his background, the real man becomes obvious.

Paine reminds me of today’s Steve Bannon. A man traveling the world seeking countries where revolution or overthrow of an existing government is possible.

Mel Fisher. American hero. Key West hero. Considered by many to be the greatest treasure hunter ever. He searched 15 years before finding the mother lode of the Spanish galleon Atocha in 1985.

He died this day in 1998 at the age of 76. People who knew the man speak fondly of him all the time. His name came up frequently in the Chart Room which was one of his favorite haunt.

Daughter Lisa worked at the Mel Fisher Museum for several years. She was Development Director.

Jean Thornton has even a closer relationship. She knew Fisher personally. Jean you will recall is Key West’s Golden Girl. She was diving with Fisher and came across gold and jewels. Her discovery so sufficient that she quit her school teaching job and never worked again.

I wrote yesterday negatively re Trump. I expected several pro-Trump anti-Louis comments this morning. Not one. Shocking. Only comments from those who apparently agreed with me.

Busy day yesterday medically. Blood screw up last time taken. Had to return to have a portion redone at the hospital. After leaving, I got a call to return. They failed to get blood for a third item.

I fell thursday. Going up the stairs. Third time in 2 weeks. I worry about fracturing a hip.

Anyhow, my head and left arm just below the elbow hit the wall hard. I’m on a blood thinner. My arm was bleeding bad, profusely, etc. Actually, I did not think it was that bad.

However, I could not stop the bleeding. Thought it would stop on its own. Bloodied a good shirt, 2 towels, a bed sheet, and I don’t know how many band aids.

Still bleeding yesterday. Did not want to go to the hospital emergency room. A long wait. Instead called my friend Susan Neill at Dr. McIvor’s office. Susan is a heart specialist.

She took care of me. In fact, wrapped my arm so tightly that I fear I may lose circulation in my lower arm and fingers. I have been opening and shutting my fingers last night and today.

Self-quarantine now in its 324th day. I had to see my primary care physician a couple of days ago. Told me I looked tense. I said I was not. We talked. He was right. This quarantine is subconsciously getting to me. It is imperative to one’s existence to have someone to talk with.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Instead of a negative attitude about all that is going on, look for the positives. Such as Trump having a vaccine developed before year end when a few months ago all the media reported that it would take a miracle to achieve.

    • I don’t believe Pfizer was part of Trump’s push to develop the vaccine. They would not agree to his terms and chose to go it on their own and as such they were the first to bring a vaccine to market.

      Furthermore the head of Trump’s “Warp Speed” Program has personally taken responsibility for their distribution problem, using the word “failed” repeatedly.

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