How can Putin kill so recklessly?

He has a train of death moving towards Kyiv. A 40 mile convoy of tanks and other vehicles. Seventeen miles away from Kyiv at the moment. Slow moving.

Air strikes would wipe the convoy out. The Ukraine has insufficient planes. A resolution is in the works. Ukrainian pilots are in Poland training on MIGS. Many previously trained on them. The game plan appears to involve the Ukraine pilots flying out of Poland to hopefully destroy the 40 mile convoy of tanks, etc.

I am confused art this point. How can Poland permit the use of their airfields for the use of Ukraine pilots to fly out to destroy Russian tanks? I thought the NATO Charter prohibited a NATO nation from getting involved unless there was an attack on another NATO country. Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

From my perspective, the world cannot stand by and permit the pending slaughter. Rules should be set aside. The bully must be stopped, destroyed.

The Ukrainian seaside resort of Berdyansk is occupied by Russian soldiers.

A small shop owner said: “Frightened kids, frightened looks. They want to eat.”

The hunger problem is working two ways. Russian soldiers apparently not eating also. They went into a supermarket and grabbed canned meat, vodka, and cigarettes: “They ate right in the store. It looked like they haven’t been fed in recent days.”

Necessity is the mother of invention. The Ukraine doing whatever necessary to win.

An example is the offer by the Ukraine to Russian soldiers. The Ukraine is offering the soldiers cash and full amnesty to stop fighting. Requires a voluntary surrender.

The money offer is 5 million rubles. Less than $50,000 at the moment because currency has cratered amid global sanctions.

Numbers vary as to Ukraine war dead and injured. The UN Commissioner for Human Rights says 406 civilians affected: Three hundred four injured, 102 killed including 7 children.

Other sources indicate as many as 1,500 killed and injured.

A number have fled the Ukraine for neighboring countries. The present estimate 500,000.

Oksana Markarova is the Ukraine Ambassador to the United States. He said Russian forces have invaded his country acting like Nazis during World War II and hitting innocent cities.

Mitt Romney spoke out yesterday re certain members of his party. He said, “I’ve got morons on my team…..anyone who would sit down with White nationalists and speak at their conference are certainly missing a few IQ points.”

His reference was to the America First Political Action Committee Conference in Orlando. Romney was blasting GOP members who attended or spoke. White Nationalists support Putin and  are anti-Semitic.

Two “prominent” Republicans spoke. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in person and Representative Paul Gospar via a pre-recorded message.

Syracuse, my Syracuse!

Defeated again last night. Beat by North Carolina 88-79 in overtime. A close game throughout. Syracuse outscored in the overtime however 15-6.

There is always next year.

Join me tonight on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. There is much to rant and rave about this week. Actually, when isn’t there.

Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Nine my time.

Note the early publication of today’s blog. I am off to the hospital this morning for more tests. No problem testing Just don’t want them to find anything.

Enjoy your day!


19 comments on “TRAIN OF DEATH

  1. Geeze, if Cheney was still in charge of war mongering, he would simply announce/insist that Russia has WMDs and get Congress to approve an attack, now! No messing around.

    That’s the way to handle this. Ukraine mess.

  2. For certain, no one can be accused of wanting war except the person who actually started it.
    This is all on Putin and he must be stopped.

  3. Why did Joe tell us to buy America, but he is buying Rusan oil?
    Why were the Mig 21 stopped?
    Twain is next Joe-right,

      • Hey Just, are you trying to highlight that Joe does not have a complete line of fashion clothing all made in China, like Donald Trumps daughter did? and that maybe Slandy, should maybe think before he posts? Because if that’s what you mean, I think that you should probably add that Joe (as “S” likes to call him) didn’t as his first order of business after being elected president back in 2016 petitioned (and get) the Chinese government for a bunch of trademarks for that clothing line that they up to then were having an awfully hard time getting!

        • Taras, I was starting with the short list, but, yes, even beyond trademarks Trump received personal loans from China since his credit was badly damaged by his repetitive default. Having Trump on Russia’s lap was bad enough but China? All that tough talk from Trump and SO many business connections to be concerned about.

  4. No word about Joe handing out crack pipes two weeks ago.
    Just like he ran out of test kits Joe Has run out spine.
    He did not speak about Berouse to the north offering help to Putin.
    Joe did not say he was going to speed up material sales to Tiwan. He has not learned.

  5. Sandy is just a useless tick, who spreads nothing but misinformation and other phony garbage on Lou’s blog, just to start fights.

    Pathetic racist parasite.

  6. The us is buying 600,000 bl of oil each day from Russia. If all the banking systems have been shut down by our government how is the money changing hands? Where is the gap in the sanctions JOE?

  7. These are top secret issues, for which you do not have ANY clearance. besides, this stuff needs to be handled by people with brains, also not you.

    BTW, are you a Russian bot?

  8. sandy’s not smart enough to be a russian bot. He;d end up giving them a good name.

    Come on sandy, let’s have more of your nonsense. I use some of your better posts in my poly sci clazz.

  9. Trump’s net worth has dropped by 90% this morning. The Russian Ruble has dropped by 90%. Probably just a coincidence.

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