In most instances, FOX taints those who broadcast for them. An honest FOX broadcaster a rarity. One is Chris Wallace.

Wallace has been with FOX a number of years. He was able to maintain an honest high profile news personality without relying on falsehoods.

CNN terminated Chris Cuomo rapidly. He was CNN’s top anchor person. In only a few days, the CNN/Wallace deal was made. Wallace will host a weekday show.

Both Wallace and CNN come out on top in this deal!

From his time as New Jersey governor to today, Chris Christie has learned truth is the way to go. His recent positions are more honest than in the past. Not hard to do if you are increasingly anti-Trump as Christie is.

Christie appeared on yesterday’s ABC morning show with George Stephanopoulos. His words re January 6 right on: “In the end the facts are going to come out, but let’s not kid ourselves. This was a driven-from-the-top-process executed by C-team players. And that’s why it looks like a Keystone Cops operation, because it was.”

Only 12 days to Christmas. How time flies!

The question arises this time every year as to the best place in Key West to welcome the New Year. Three from my perspective. All “street events.”

The three are Sushi the Drag Queen and her red stiletto heel drop at the Bourbon Street Pub, the Conch Shell Drop on the roof of Sloppy Joe’s, and the Pirate Wench Drop from a mast at Schooner Wharf.

Each Key West’s Time Square rendition.

Time’s Person of the Year Award announced yesterday. Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg. The Swedish climate activist. She is the youngest ever to receive the Award.

Proof again that climate change/global warming is a real problem deserving of everyone’s attention.

“The whole town is gone.” Words uttered by a female employee who was buried under the rubbish of the candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Sex is a powerful force. Compels many to set duty aside for a few hours of decadent pleasure.

General Charles Lee was a British General who who joined Colonial forces.

Washington was in dire need of Lee and his men. Lee had his marching orders where to join Washington.

Lee was delayed on the way. For an evening of sex. He stopped to enjoy an overnight dalliance with a lady at Widow White’s Tavern in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Washington was pissed!

Things were already strained between the two. Lee was upset Washington had been given command of the Continental Army instead of him. It was easy to set aside the “rush” to aid Washington for a bit of sex.

Lee and Washington continued to have a strained relationship. Finally in 1778, Washington suspended Lee. In 1780, he outright fired him.

Enjoy your day!


  1. One of the only news shows to watch is Fox. CNN took far to long to fire Cuomo but at least they got around to it. Wallace will certainly help CNN bring back its reputation.

    • I don’t really watch either, I do however notice the words, demeanor, body language, innuendo and recordings of certain events. That is usually more than enough to know what is happening, without a summary that is often seasoned to ones own agenda.

  2. Hey Lou, Please please please tell me you are not bringing up climate change as a cause of the Midwest tornado tragedy. These poor people haven’t even buried their dead and it appears you are already going down the road of decisive mean spirited liberal politics. I’d like to say I’m shocked at your insensitivity but honestly, I’m not surprised!

    • Your post makes no sense at all, could you please try again with a little more clarity and a little less mismosh? What is it exactly you are trying to say?

  3. The point is that historically weather is cyclical [ that means it changes, I thought this is necessary to explain] . Ever hear of the ‘Warm period’ or the ‘ice age’ ?

    • Deny all you want, we all know you are just trying to make a political point. The ENTIRE climate change issue is about a man made avoidable accelerated crisis that can be mitigated, if we do the right thing.

      You are not helping – you are obstructing. Please sit down, shut up and try and do something constructive,

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