Time to recognize what our government has become. CORRUPT! At the highest echelons.

Trump dirties everything he touches. Honorable persons become tainted.

The Department of Justice has always been beyond reproach. Trump has been telling us for 2 years how corrupt it is. He’s correct. Not because Justice basically was. Trump did it. He corrupted the best of Justice.

Attorney General William Barr a recent example. He should go to jail, not Hillary.

The other, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein based on the news that broke yesterday. Rosenstein has been a secret Trump stooge from almost day one.

I suspected something was wrong with Rosenstein  when he wrote a report recommending Comey be discharged for what appeared to be bullshit wrongdoing. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at the time. Justice works under stringent rules and perhaps Comey had overstepped those bounds.

However based on yesterday’s news release re Rosenstein cavorting with Trump from almost day one and Barr recently, it is obvious that he is lacking in character. He has continuously stated how honorable he is. I suspect he speaketh too much to the issue. The man is a hypocrite.

Rosenstein sucked up to Trump and back stabbed his friend of many years Bob Mueller.

This cannot go on. The time is now to take steps to chastise and hopefully remove Trump. Impeach now. Not when all the facts have been investigated as the Democrats are saying. Actually, the Democrats are fearful of an impeachment proceeding backfiring on them politically. Such should not be their concern. Such is doing wrong as the Republicans have been doing the past few years.

Bring Trump down now! Not when it will be too late. Not when he will have convinced enough Americans that he is Simon pure and it is too late.

Last night was special. The Conch Republic Great Sea Battle and dinner with friends Theo and Dina. Mary joined us.

We watched the Battle from the upper deck of the Pier House followed by dinner downstairs on Pier 1’s outside deck.

Th evening excellent. Theo and Dina wonderful people.

They leave tomorrow. Eventually to return to their home in Greece. We are meeting tonight at 6 for a last drink.

Tom and Fran back. Buffalo friends. It has been a long time between visits. Missed them last night. They were out on a boat watching the Battle. Tonight, I may run into them for a drink. At 7, I am due at Donna and Terri’s for dinner.

Enjoy your day!



  1. The organized attack on America by Trumpism may be a greater threat than anything faced before. This must be viewed as a cancer, to be cut from the body of this nation. Anything less is as good as rolling over. Let us now forget Chief Architect Bannon’s vision of deconstruction of America……. treason by most definitions. There may not be blood flowing on the field of battle but this is as divided we have been since the civil war.

    • Trumps hates everyone he feels has dissed him, regardless of when or where. Loyalty is important and only good insofar as what you’ve just done. You should hear what he says about Barron sometimes.

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