Tony Bennett died. He made it to 96. God looked with favor upon him.

A great vocalist. An American legend. “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” one of his top recordings.

Frank Sinatra said of him: “For my money, Tony Bennett is the best singer in the business. He excites me…..moves me.”

My life has been full with meeting interesting people. Tony Bennett one of them.

It was sometime in the 1970’s. I was in New York on business. Finished a bit late. Noticed a steak house nearby. Decided to try it. Not one of the famous ones.

I was eating at the bar. A fellow came in and sat next to me. Looked familiar. I could not place him, however. Tastefully casually dressed. Blue blazer, shirt open at collar, kaki slacks and white tennis shoes. No socks.

We began chatting. Continued doing so for about 3 hours. Talked about nothing and everything. In the midst of the conversation, it dawned on me who the man was. Tony Bennett! I politely said, you’re Tony Bennett. He modestly said yes and we continued talking as we had before.

Turned out his arranger was from my hometown Utica. I did not know the family name.

The steak house was on the first floor of a hotel. Bennett lived in the hotel.

A memorable meeting for me.

As predicted, the coral reefs are suffering from the excessive heat. Warm water is impacting the reefs. Bleaching and other diseases occurring big time.

Though none of us want one, a hurricane would help the reefs by knocking down the water temperature. Unfortunate that one horrible event is required to eliminate another. I do not favor a hurricane. 

Hemingway Days have arrived. Tonight, the second preliminary round of the Hemingway Look-Alike Contest. Finals tomorrow night. Sloppy Joe’s the locale. Running of the Bulls tomorrow at 1.

Fun time!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has the backing of Jim Jordan re Kennedy’s bogus Hank Aaron COVID conspiracy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not his father. He has never been at any time during his adult career. He’s a whacko job!

DeSantis is not qualified to be Presidnet. He has already proven he is not qualified to be Governor.

Among Florida’s new standards for teaching American history which were approved wednesday, one of them claims African Americans received some “personal benefit” from slavery. They “developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their present benefit.”

Like what? Slavery is slavery!

History is history and should not be changed. Even in the slightest.

Abe Lincoln is turning over in his grave.

The British Open Royal Liverpool Course is tough. Tough, tough. Almost to the point of being unfair. Bunkers ridiculous. Deep and straight up. Rough horrible.

Holes 17 and 18 described as “monstrous.”

Courses today are getting tougher and tougher. Is this the way golf is to be played? Is this golf’s future?

Finally, a $1 billion winner! A Powerball ticket sold at a Los Angeles shop near skid row. I’m curious to learn who purchased the winning ticket.

This day in 1925, the “monkey trial” ended in Dayton, Tennessee. John T. Scopes was found guilty of violating state law for teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Years later, it was determined Scopes’ arrest and trial were a fraud. Even Scopes was in on it.

City fathers got together and arranged the whole thing hoping it would bring notoriety and business to Dayton. It did.

I have written about the falsity of the Scopes trial several times over the years.

An anti-abortion lawsuit in Austin, Texas is in the news. Brought by women who were denied abortions in medical emergency situations. They testified, cried and one vomited while testifying.

I strongly suggest you read the detailed article in Vice News 7/20 re their testimony. Some of it will cause you to tear up.

The heat the U.S. is experiencing is even more so in Europe. The summer’s heat wave is the third extreme one in 20 years.

In August 2003, more than 35,000 died. Last year, 61,000. This year more than that number expected. A contributing factor is most European homes are not air conditioned.

Enjoy your day!


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