I’m back. Two days off. Surgery yesterday. Endoscopy.

Modern day surgery never ceases to amaze me. The anesthesia. A shot. The intravenous and you’re out. No counting back from 100. No dreams during the surgery. When you wake, you can’t believe it’s over.

End of life should be that way for everyone. You drop. You’re gone. Unfortunately, many suffer from dreadful diseases and feel the pain thereof.

The question regardless of your method of dying, is what is next. An afterlife? 

At my age, the question is a constant. I read about those who have died and returned, etc.

None of us will ever know till it happens.

This morning’s Keys Citizen main front page article concerns a “move” to consolidate Monroe County’s court system with Dade County. Reason: Monroe County is a small county not requiring its own judicial system.

Believe it not.

My friends, leave well enough alone.. Tallahassee runs all over us as it is. We don’t need a judicial system that does also.

Keep what has been for decades unchanged. Give up no part of the judicial system. Fight the move. You will regret the consolidation if it happens.

The Keys are unique and require judges who understand its special problems.

Mel Fisher’s day! This day 1985. After 15 years of searching, Mel Fisher found the mother lode of the Spanish galleon Atocha. After years of struggling and never losing confidence, he deserved it!

Man walks on the moon for the first time! This day 1969.

I remember it clearly. Excited me. One of the most thrilling events to occur in my lifetime.

It was late at night. My recollection after 11. I had my wife wake our 4 young children and bring them downstairs. I wanted them to see and remember the event. They saw, but never have remembered. Too young.

Trump seems to claim “everything” is his. First, the classified documents. Now, perhaps Israel’s antiquities.

The Israeli antiquities include part of Israel’s national treasure collection: Clay lamps and ancient ceramic candles.

They were shipped to the U.S. in 2019 for a Hanukkah event. Got “stuck” here due to the pandemic. Somehow have ended up with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Israel has tried for several years without success to obtain their return. Trump apparently has refused. There has been no comment from Trump thus far re their release.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I think Florida is screwed, and academic respect is only one small part of it. DeSantis will be dead and gone (so will Disney) but the rest of the state will be filled with Dumb and dumber and an unworkable infrastructure and no respect from anywhere else.


  2. F*k the Israelies, they knew exactly who they were dealing with in the first place. Donald studied Hitler and wrote about it praising him. He also supported right wing Nazi groups while running for president and praised them after being elected. Trump’s father was openly antisemitic and a known Nazi sympathizer. Yet Israel and Jews everywhere supported Trump, contributing millions to his campaign, hoping for favors like moving the embasy to Jerusalem.

    Never Again?

    F*k you Israel

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