My cell phone went off at 5 this morning. A severe weather alert. The alert was running from then to 8 tomorrow night.

The warning: Heat will feel like 109 degrees, though temperatures will be in mid 90’s. Where: Monroe County. Monroe County covers all of the Keys. Heavy humidity, also.

Greece is hot! The heat abusive. Acropolis is closing at noon each day in order to protect visitors and employees.

Athens’ Mayor was interviewed on a TV talk show last night. Athens and Greece suffering greatly from the heat as is most of the northern hemisphere. 

He was asked what to do for the heat. His immediate response: “Plant trees.”

My curiosity piqued. I knew shade is cooler. Nevertheless, I researched the issue. Shade the answer. Trees provide shade. Shade cools. The cooling effect can be as much as 20-45 degrees cooler.

Plant trees! May not help this season, but will in subsequent ones.

To my friend Theos, stay cool!

Ain’t no breath like hog’s breath! Hog’s Breath has been sold. Purchased by timeshare giant Westgate Resorts.

Lobster Mini-Season in a few days. July 26 & 27. Key West and lower Keys will be flooded with lobster fishermen.

Boats galore will go out. 

I lived on the water in Key Haven for 23 years. I used to sit early mornings on my deck watching the boats go out. All size boats. Many overloaded with divers. Reminded me of the scene in Jaws where boats all sizes and overloaded went out looking for the Great White.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, injuries occur, a few die occasionally. The divers. The lobsters are expected goners. 

Hemingway Days Run of the Bulls at 1 today. Begins at Sloppy Joe’s. Fun to watch.

In the summer of 1990, the movie Criss Cross was being filmed in Key West. Starred Goldie Hawn.

Monroe County proposes a 28 percent budget increase. The $147 million increase is 28 percent of the current $519 million budget.

Why not? Keep bleeding property owners. Affect rental levels. Force more people to move.

A “jeer” on the Key West Citizen editorial page this morning: “To the proposal to consolidate Monroe County and Dade circuit courts. What is being presented as a cost-cutting measure is merely another example of gerrymandering and a continuation of a power grab by certain political factions.”

Judge Aileen Cannon did no favor to Justice this week when she decided Trump’s document trial would begin in May 2024. Never will. Trump will come up with some excuse (like too close to election) and be granted another extension of the trial date. This one after the election.

Fortunately, the Department of Justice may be able to get the January 6 case (once indicted) tried earlier. The January 6 matter is simpler to prove and should move forward forthwith.

DeSantis wants to sue Bud Lite now. Disney was not enough. Florida has enough “people problems.” The State and its Presidnet seeking Governor should pay attention to those problems rather than stretching out with wild theories to sue corporate giants.

Bess Levin does it again. Dramatically describes Trump’s reaction to Judge Cannon’s setting a trial date  well before the 2024 election and word heard that racketeering charges are likely to come out of the Fulton County probe. Her article in Vanity Fair covering Trump’s frame of mind is titled: That Sound You Hear Is Donald Trump Screaming, Crying, and Throwing Up in a Mar-a-Lago Bathroom.

Enjoy your day! Walk the Hemingway Duval Street Fair and watch the Running of the Bulls.

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