The day has arrived. Kate Miano candidate for Key West Mayor. Her campaign kickoff party. Six tonight at The Gardens. Friends, music, food and drink. Everyone come!

People are asking why I support her. Simple. I know her, her character, her business acumen, her concern for others. She is the best of the best. Key West has long been waiting for the type of political leader Kate would make.

See you at the Gardens tonight!

Busy day yesterday. Haircut and manicure. Lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. Cuban cheese toast with tomato and a large Cuban coffee.

Last night, the Chart Room and Tavern ‘n Town.

Kevin was there as I had anticipated. I have not seen him in a few months. Kevin had the misfortune of a scooter accident. All kinds of bad injuries. Twenty four days in intensive care.

He is on the mend. Still a way to go.

Looked good. Lost a lot of weight. One shoulder lower and smaller than the other. His face shiny from the several plastic surgery operations. Several pins in various parts of his body. Appeared a bit tired. Anxious to be on the move, however. He was planning an afternoon bocce party for several of us.

His wife Holly sitting next to him. His pillar, his strength. A strong woman.

Hunger befell me. Stopped at Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. My protein meal. A prime rib. Nothing else. No veggies, etc. Sounds strange, but has been working. Twenty pounds lost so far.

We are experiencing a cold spell. When cold up north, cold in Key West. Sixty one degrees last night.

My air conditioning/heating unit went on the blink yesterday. Going to be completely replaced inside and out. New unit not available till wednesday.

I froze last night. Even under a thick quilt. Will be cold tonight also. The day and evening in the 60’s. Kate’s party will be cold. Long pants and a leather jacket for me.

School attacks always occur somewhere else. You rarely think of them happening at a place you know or where you are.

My home town is Utica. In the heart of central New York. Home of Utica College. Utica College the home of two terroristic threats. One monday, one tuesday. No shooting or bombing. Telephone threats. Violence threatened. Taken by administration and police as “a real credible threat.” Everyone asked to shelter in place.

The perpetrator arrested the second day. A senior student. Twenty three year old Fahriedin Omerovic. He will do time, a long time.

Omerovic used a cell phone app that prevented his identity being discovered. The police a step smarter. They used something that was able to determine who was making the calls.

Trump spoke at a rally on December 1, 2016 in Cincinnati. His words: “We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks. Our goal is stability, not chaos…..”

Trump’s Budget Funding Request for 2019 has been submitted. He seeks Congressional funding for a 60,000 man army to defeat ISIS in Syria.

Strange. Trump claims the U.S. has defeated ISIS in Syria. He tells us every other day. Considers it one of his major accomplishments.

Experts say the money is not being requested to defeat ISIS. They are already beat. It is to overthrow Assad.

That my friends is regime change. Something he said he would not do. It is also going to pit us head to head against Russia who has been supporting Assad.

I sometimes think Trump wants to be a war President.

Robots should have been a part of the steel conversation. Never mentioned. Trump’s concern for those who lost their jobs because of foreign competition. The unfair balance of trade.

Not quite correct. The two  not really related.

Thirty years ago, the steel industry employed 188,000. Today, 86,000.

One problem, however. No one seems to look at realities. A significant one: The United States produces as much steel today as it did 30 years ago. And does it with less than half the employees of 30 years ago “primarily because of technological advances – or, to oversimplify, robots.” So wrote Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell recently. She further wrote: “Don’t blame China and bad trade deals, Mr. President – blame the robots.”

Remember, The Gardens tonight for Kate’s party!

Enjoy your day!




















  1. US steel production is down app 25-30% from the 1950s and 1970s until now. We import more steel from Canada than any other country. We do not make enough steel to fulfill our needs which should be allowed to change.

  2. There has been at least a 90% reduction in American flags actually being made in America since the 1950s and 1970s. 94% of American flags last year were imported from China. We do not make enough American flags in America to fulfill our needs, this should be allowed to change.

  3. The original post talked about fake American steel production figures. There was no mention of flag production. Talk about off subject topics mickey.
    But, for once, you bring up a good new topic. [ Even you can get lucky every once in awhile]. American flag production is a good one and is being changed for the good.

    • That was sarcasm Patric, accurate but sarcasm, as I assume was the excellent ‘beef’ post by Anonymous. I wrote that to illustrate the redundant absurdity of your ‘steel’ post, which all (posts) lately seem to be just your attempt to bait any of us into an argument you eventually always want to claim isn’t what you meant. I probably should have included that detail (sarcasm), knowing how you don’t get that sort of thing. Sorry, I’ll try and be more careful in the future, if that’s OK with you?

  4. I suppose it was one of your attempts at sarcasm, it was just another poor attempt. My steel response just happens to be true, which seems to elude you. To try and salvage your flag post, and help you out, American made flags are on the increase.

    • Patric – I never said (or implied) your ‘steel’ post wasn’t true, or even accurate (aren’t you jumping to conclusions about that?). I did say it was duplicitous (to Lou’s accounting) and would now add, unnecessary and completely insincere – nothing more than a cheap and transparent attempt to bait an argument. Any increase in American made flags is insignificant nowadays and was used only as a metaphor to illustrate the banality of your original post.

  5. redundant absurdity of your ‘steel’ post

    ,unnecessary and completely insincere

    banality of your original post.
    end quote

    Your posts are even beyond ridiculous. Stop trying to scramble.

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