If you are in Key West this evening, be at Aqua at 6 for Aqua Idol. You will hear some of the best unknown Key West singers in the process of being discovered. One and a half hours of exceptional singing. No charge. Merely a dollar or two in a water pail if you like a certain performer.

Aqua Idol continues to be Lynda Frechette’s baby. For 14 years. Her vehicle to raise money for the Waterfront Playhouse.

Join Lynda, me, the singers and an overwhelming crowd tonight.

Coronavirus has brought to our attention the need for certain items. N95 face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves. One more item we in the U.S. were not aware is a necessity.

Toilet paper.

There is a major shortage of toilet paper in Australia. Toilet paper referred to as loo paper there. People are hoarding because of the virus. Panic driven. Supermarket shelves empty. Loo paper available on the internet for more than $100 per roll. Public bathrooms without toilet paper. Stolen. When a truck arrives at a supermarket with toilet paper, people fighting in the streets to get some.

I am curious. Why have we not been made aware of the need for unusual amounts of toilet paper?

What a joke if toilet paper were suddenly needed and the White House were without. Donald would have to make do like the rest of us.

Key West is not a big crime town. Relatively little crime of consequence.

Till yesterday.

A bank robbery.

A man walked into the Centennial Bank on Whitehead, implied he had a weapon, demanded money. Took the money and walked out.

The police have not disclosed the amount stolen.

My yesterday full. Moved at a good pace. Did my blog in the morning. Spent the afternoon preparing for last night’s Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Watched Syracuse beat Boston College 84-71. Did Tuesday Talk. Spent the next several hours into the early morning watching Super Tuesday results on TV.

“Where is Bum Farto?”

Bum Farto is a part of the Key West legend. Years back, he was Fire Chief. Also, a drug dealer and pimp.The authorities arrested him on drug charges. He was convicted.

While awaiting sentencing, he left his home one day never to return. His wife took several weeks to report to authorities that he had disappeared.

He has never appeared anywhere since. Some think the mob may have been involved and he went the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

His reputation does not die. T-shirts sold daily for years in Key West. Emblazoned with: “Where Is Bum Farto?”

Super Tuesday yesterday extremely interesting. Biden, like Lazarus, rose from the dead. He won big! Won 9 states to Sanders 4. Ahead of Sanders now in the delegate count.

Christ like. Took Jesus 3 days to rise from the dead. He was interred on friday and rose on sunday. Took Biden 3 days, also. From saturday to monday.

Biden won South Carolina very very big. Then received several major endorsements.

This morning Bloomberg announced he was withdrawing from the race and throwing his support to Biden, also. In addition to $1 billion.

Last week, Sanders could not lose. Today, it appears he will have a difficult time winning.

Biden won without money and staff. Sanders had both big time. Sanders believed he was unbeatable. He said, “We’re putting together an unprecedented grass roots multi-generational, multi-social movement.”

Apparently not enough.

The word was Sanders had the young blacks. They attended his rallies big time. They failed to vote, however.

Trump did it again! Entered into an arrangement with a foreign power. The agreement is falling apart in less than a week.

Last week, the U.S. and the Taliban entered into a peace agreement to end the 20 year old Afghanistan war. A signed agreement. described as “an historic peace deal.”

I wrote before the agreement was even signed that it would fail. Not because I am a genius of sorts. Rather because it was obvious.

The Taliban is not the government of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has its own separate government. The government was neither party to the negotiations nor a signatory to the agreement.

Al-Qaida still involved. Al-Qaeda not a party to the negotiations  or signing, also.

The agreement provided for an initial 7 day period. If there was “little” conflict in those 7 days, the U.S. and the Taliban would sit down to work out a more permanent deal.

Trump was thrilled with the signing. Reminded me of Chamberlain when he returned from Munich…..Peace in our time!

Trump got bullshitted again. Also, Pompeo who led the negotiations for the U.S.

The first problem arose almost immediately. Afghanistan holds 5,000 Taliban prisoners of war. The Taliban wants them released immediately. Afghanistan said not. We have nothing to do with your agreement with the U.S.

No violence as Trump assumed…..Forget it! Since saturday, the Taliban has committed 76 attacks on 24 Afghanistan provinces. The U.S. also engaged militarily. The U.S. has conducted its first air strikes after an 11 day lull. The U.S. claims they were “defensive” air strikes.

I’m glad Trump knows how to negotiate.

Enjoy your day!




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  1. “Key West is not a big crime town. Relatively little crime of consequence”

    Let’s never forget the crime committed against Charles Eimers.

        • Just another reasonable human, fed up with your insistent butting in with unnecessary comments and trolls. If you want to talk about anything on Lou’s blog that isn’t germane to the topics actually in the blog, considered it impolite and expect to be called out.

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