My Mother. So many years gone. We all love and miss our mothers when they are gone. Whether 1 day, 1 year, or 35 years as in my case.

Certain things bring Mom to mind. A dish she cooked. A meal I ate last night.

I stopped at Shana Key for dinner. Knew what I was going to order before I even arrived. Liver and onions. I had them at Shana Key for the first time a month ago.

My Mom infrequently cooked liver and onions. Each time however, oh so good! I don’t think I had liver and onions in the 35 years my Mother has been gone till Shana Key a month ago.

Just as good! Mom in my mind as I enjoyed the meals.

Continue to miss her dearly!

Before Shana Key, it was Aqua. For Aqua Idol.

A full house. Great performers. I enjoyed.

Bria Ansara one of the performers. Each time I hear her sing, I enjoy her even more!

Bria is a professional entertainer. Sings fridays and saturdays at A & B Lobster Houe. Bourbon Street on monday and tuesday evenings.

Teaches school by day. Taught Robert and Ally art at Montessori. They loved her!

Some coronavirus updates.

The time may come when we will be quarantining ourselves in our homes. Authorities are starting to tell us to prepare. Special foods, etc.

Amazing! Just like preparing for a hurricane. We in the Keys will have no problem getting ready should the necessity arise.

Money becoming an issue. Bills. As we all are aware, money is “dirty.”

Funny because last night that is exactly what passed through my mind as I was watching Aqua Idol. I had a pile of bills in my hand. To place in pails indicating support for various performers. The thought occurred dollar bills could be a virus carrier.

An article on the internet this morning advised the virus could live up to 9 days on paper money.

The People’s Bank of China last month began disinfecting currency deposited at their banks. Bills were first placed under ultraviolet lights. Then “quarantined” for one week before being released back into circulation.

The banks for years have been pushing “digital” money. I have opposed it in this blog the same number of years for reasons not important at this moment.

The banks may finally win. Digital cash in effect is the use of a credit card. We become a “cashless” society.

Assume for the moment that coronavirus impacts the U.S. big time. Will we do what China did? Declare martial law and place people in full blown concentration camps?

The thought is the concentration would not fly. Certain experts believe that finally the NRA will have proven of some value. Their thoughts are so many American are armed that they will oppose any effort to quarantine them in concentration camps.

Notice how Trump tries to minimize the coronavirus danger. Nothing worse than the flu, will be gone on its own in April when the weather gets warmer, etc.

Doesn’t fly. The numbers clearly indicate the risks should not be minimized. The flu kills 1 in 1,000. Coronavirus will kill 1 in 30.

Mentioned yesterday the Centennial Bank on Whitehead had been robbed tuesday. The perpetrator has not yet been caught. The police and FBI continue their search for him.

Turns out Biden won Maine, also. California not yet decided. Only 55 percent of the vote counted.

The tabulation so far is 10 states for Biden, 4 for Sanders.

Winston Churchill will forever be remembered. England’s strength during World War II. He had to deal with the Soviet Union thereafter.

Churchill made his famous Iron Curtain speech following the war at Westminster College in Fulton Missouri. His words historic. Never to be forgotten.

“From the Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent.”

Enjoy your day!




5 comments on “LIVER AND ONIONS

  1. My mother used to feed us liver and onions too. My sisters and I objected and I (at least) haven’t touched it since. Now chopped chicken liver, with schmaltz and onions, spread on a bagel at Goldmans, when they have it, that’s an all together different thing. Can’t get enough.

  2. A college administrator from Dartmouth Medical center came home from Italy with the china bug. He was told to self quarantine. Mr. know it all college administer did not!
    He went to a meeting at the TUCK Business school. An other know it all group of college types. Now two more have the china bug.

    • Trump says not to worry it’ll go away by itself. Maybe that Dartmouth college admin was one of those people that believes Trump knows what he’s talking about and does what ever trump says. After all Obomo said it was OK and THOUSANDS of people died.

    • Geese Feets, you seem to hate a lot of different people. Is that because you think you are smarter than most other people, or is it because your feet seem to hurt all the time? Maybe you shouldn’t put them in your mouth all the time.

    • Your president, OUR president, Donald Trump, is urging people to go back to work and claims in an interview on FOX news yesterday that people with Coronavirus should still go back to work and get better. Maybe this Dartmouth guy you smugly mock for having done just that, took the presidents advice and like with so many other things Trump does, we are NOW all the worse off. I’ll bet that Dartmouth guy and all those around him will now not vote for Trump in the 2020 elections, knowing Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about on way too many things. Thanks Mr. Feet for alerting us on this issue.

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