Time again for a morning stew!

Topics shared in order as they appear in my notes. No special arrangement.

Read a platitude re Trump recently. A slogan Trump appears to live by: Fake it till you break it, then blame someone else.

A Dr. Falchi observation re coronavirus yesterday: “It is breaking out” in “epidemic proportions.”

Today the day! Super Tuesday. Interesting to see what the results will reveal tonight.

Joe Biden has had a meteoric 2 days. Last week, he was dead. South Carolina result unexpected. Buttigieg and Klobucher pull out and tell the nation they now support Biden. O’Rourke comes out last night in Dallas and says the same thing.

It could not be better for Biden. Lets see if it is enough.

Pence and Agar did the Sunday media tour. Topic coronavirus. Their comments not really directed at the virus. Rather in protection of Trump. A spin exercise by both to explain the “hoax” comments.

U.S./Afghan peace deal already falling apart. I said it would not last Monday when it was signed. Trump will find a way to make it and himself look like a winner. Probably blame the Taliban and the Afghanistan government.

One of my better nights on the town last evening.

On my way to Dueling Bartenders. Walking past the Side Bar. Heard “Louis!” shouted. Knew it was David.

Went inside and spent some time with David. One of the nicest guys in town. Love his company.

Then around the corner to Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. A good night to be there. Besides Rick Dery, Bobby Nesbitt was performing. Bobby the best of the best.

Ran into Kay and Ted. Met them a week ago at the rib place on Grinnel where Terri was performing. New friends!

I had made reservations for 2 at Antonia’s for 7. Intended taking Mary. We generally run into each other at Dueling Bartenders. No Mary. So it was me alone at Antonia’s bar for dinner.

Lovely Nicolle bartending. She has now lost 36 pounds. Keep going, Nicolle!

Nicolle now refers to herself as “Tuesday Nicolle.” Because I only mention her the day after I have dinner with her bartending at Antonia’s. I have made a mental note to mention her once more before next week. Hope my memory is good.

My meal superb. Fit my diet perfectly. A tuna tatare appetizer and broiled lamb chops.

Great company at the bar, also. Two couples from the Jersey Shore. Live very few miles apart. Never met before.

Jan and Dick from Avalon, Pete and Kathy from Stone Harbor.

There is nothing like the Jersey Shore. If you have never been, try it this summer. The beaches are exceptional.

In years gone by, I spent a couple of weeks every summer in Stone Harbor at Frank and Lois Paladino’s summer home on the intercoastal.

As usual, the cupboard was bare. Stopped at Publix on the way home to pick up a few things.

The nation hears little of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He is one the best! As good as, if not better, than his father.

He has instituted special help to the public during the coronavirus crisis: Receiving a formal emergency room test without payment. He had New York initiate a ruling that insurance companies are required to waive co-pays for those tested. In effect, the ruling paves the way for all to receive free testing. Whether insured or not.

I commend Cuomo. This is an example of “thinking outside the box” to get something beneficial quickly accomplished.

Today, Tuesday! Big day for Louis. My blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time.

A quick half hour of me raving and ranting about whatever. A lot of “whatever” this past week!

I restarted my daily podcast 2 weeks ago. On Facebook. Key West Lou. Call the show What Bugs Me Today!

I rant and rave on this show, also. Except only for 2-3 minutes about one topic.

Both shows run forever. Tuesday Talk is intermediately archived. What Bums Me is there in today’s comments on Facebook and runs continuously.

Enjoy your day!

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