Trump has four criminal matters pending. The Manhattan one the furthest along the way. Trump was indicted yesterday.

The indictment contained thirty four felony charges. The matter involves the $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. The case initially considered the smallest of the four pending criminal matters. No more. A perfect example how big trees from little acorns grow.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been beat up the past several months. Criticized by Trump, his attorneys, Republican cohorts and many others for the way he was handling the case and the time he was taking with it. Bragg and his wife were verbally attacked as part of the process.

A lesson to be learned. Don’t defecate on someone who holds power over your life. I doubt Bragg would have thrown the book at Trump with the thirty four felony charges approach if Trump and his people had not climbed all over him.

Only one guilty out of the thirty four felonies charged is needed to convict. For a felony that could carry jail time with it.

Judge Merchan is not going to be happy with Trump after Trump lashed out at him in his Mar-a-Lago address last night. Especially after the Judge nicely admonished him in court yesterday to cease and desist.

Trump assailed Judge Merchan, his family, and Bragg. He said, Merchan was “a hating judge with a Trump hating wife and family.” He specifically attacked Merchan’s daughter. It is being reported this morning her photo is being circulated on the internet.

Very few photos were permitted of Trump during his court appearance. The few were enough to tell a story, however. He looked tired and beat up. Seething. Like he couldn’t wait to break out and do his thing – as he did last night in his Mar-a-Lago address.

Criminal law was not my specialty, though I did try several significant criminal cases. I was hired for my courtroom abilities. Ergo, I do not hold myself out as a criminal law expert. However after hearing Bragg’s indictment and supporting fact materials explained by knowledgeable criminal attorneys in New York and across the country, I am impressed with the Bragg indictment. Trump’s attorneys and Republican friends can blubber all they want about the thirty four felony approach being nothing. Deep down they know two things. They were caught with their pants down and in the end Trump’s conviction for something is inevitable.

Bragg fooled them all!

Significant Key West news.

Cathy and I had some time sunday before her plane. I decided to try Perry Hotel on Stock Island for brunch. I noticed a few weeks ago that Sloppy Joe’s had opened a dining and drinking facility at the Perry Hotel. When I checked the internet for the phone number of Sloppy’s, it stated closed temporarily.

So much for Sloppy’s at the Perry Hotel.

I thought the closing strange. Discovered why this morning. The Perry Hotel and Marina has been sold. Purchased for $67 million in 2 separate purchases by Miami realtors.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman continued to visit Key West after he was no longer President. His last visit was in 1969. On this day in that year he and Bess left Key West after a 2 week visit.

Today the day that made Bum Farto famous.

It was on this day in 1976 that he failed to appear for sentencing on a drug conviction in federal court in Miami. He was never seen again.

“Where are you Bum Farto?”

Enjoy your day!




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