Ho ho ho! The day has arrived! The Key West Lou legal Hour on TV for the first time!


TV throughout the Keys on Comcast Channel 87. Available world wide on the internet. www.tvchannel19. Ten in the morning my time.


Thank you Deanie for bringing the error to my attention.

May I break a leg with the show this morning!

I spent a good portion of yeesterday fine tuning today’s show. Drove Jenna crazy on the telephone. She is my TV guru.

Last night bocce.

I should have stayed home. I played that poorly.

We played two different games on two different courts last night. We had a make up game. We lost 2-1 in each match. Not good.

In our game against the Bubba’s, two games were close. Within 1-2 points. We won one and lost one. Proved once again that we can play with the best. The other game we were beaten badly. That was the game I played in.

I mentioned yesterday that the nor’easter had a name. Athena. This moring I hear the Artic storm about to hit the west coast referred to as Brutus. Then I read that the Weather Channel was now naming all storms. If we ever have one again like Sandy when she hit New Jersey, it will be very confusing. When Sandy hit, four storms merged. Can you imagine Sandy joined Rudolph and Sweet Pea this morning and all three moved on to meet Harry?

I hope you will be able to join me this morning for the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Television or internet. I promise you a good show.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “TODAY…..TELEVISION!

  1. Glad to help, Louis. Didn’t want anyone to miss your debut show at Channel 19! Break a leg, indeed!

    Deanie in Maryland

  2. Oh, Louis, I’m so disappointed. There must have been technical difficulties at Channel 19 because, first, all I could see on the internet was you sitting at the WE19 desk talking, but no sound. That was at around 10:05 a.m. Then it cut away from you to about 15 minutes of commercials. Then a western came on, but once in a while the banner on the bottom of the screen would pop up that said “Louis Petrone, Key West Lou Legal Hour.” I hope the technical problems are short lived and you’ll be back on next week.

    But on the up side, you looked very impressive sitting there at the WE19 desk! And no headphones! Yay! Very Key West professional in your dark shirt!

    I’ll look for you again next Friday.

    Deanie in Maryland

  3. Hi Lou,

    Had a similar experience to Deanie. Tuned about about 10 after and just got the endless round of commercials. I looked at the schedule for that period and it said paid programming and no mention, hat I could see, of your program. Hopefully all will be well next week.


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