There is much I want to share this morning. A lot of little things that made for a full day yesterday.

First however today’s weather.

When I woke about an hour ago, the sun was brilliant. Though it was cold. Sixty two degrees. And a bit windy.

An hour later, the sun is buried behind black clouds. The water is moving swiftly. Larger than normal white caps. And still cold!

It is the effects of the nor’easter being experienced up north. I finally learned how to spell nor’easter correctly. After all these years. I thank my friend Dee from up north somewhere for telling me on Facebook. She is a college prof so she must be correct.

It is cold in my home town Utica. Forty one degrees. Temperature there has dropped below freezing on occasion the past few days. Maybe snow from the nor’easter today.

The nor’easter has always been the nor’easter regardless of how I spelled it. This morning I notice the nor’easter has a name. Athena. Something new! Must be copying hurricanes.

A lot of talk on the street yesterday regarding the election results. All favorable. Every one voted for Obama. It has always amazed me. The day after an election it is almost impossible to find any one who voted for the loser.

I started my day with a pedicure at Lee Nail’s. Tammy is the traditional Asiatic. Her appearance beautiful. Her demeanor solemn. I enjoyed my time with her.

Then a vist with Lisa. We talked about tomorrow’s TV/Internet show. She provided advice.

Worked with Jenna a bit. She is my primary TV guru. We were fine tuning the mechanics of the show.

I spent some time researching and writing. Did additional prep on the Greek story for tomorrow. It’s wild! Published an article on Amazon Kindle: Pet Cat Euthanizwed By Mistake.

Last night started with Don’s Place. Knew I wouuld find Don there. Wednesday is golf day. He returns to his bar afterwards and stays into the evening.

Had good conversation with Don, David, Herschel, and Stan. Bocce big. We play the Bubba’s tonight. The best of the best every year. They are going to kill us! Our team captain is David. He will chastise me tonight for not having confidence.

Herschel and I had a good one on one. He is a political junkie as I am. Loved our talk!

I was introduced to a couple at the bar by Don and David. The female was once a bartender at Don’s years ago. Now she and her man own a small guest house in southern France. David and Karen stayed there when they visited France last year.

Nate stopped in. A nice guy! A terrific golfer. Played a couple of years on the pro circuit. He is now helping John Lucas out at his new sports bar.

No one wanted to join me for dinner. I love these guys. No one ever wants to spoil their buzz by eating. Must be I have never been there. I do not understand.

I went to the Marriott Beachside’s Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. Figured I might as well have a good meal. I did. Prime rib.

Wednsday is flip the coin night. If you win, the meal is on the house. You only pay for your drinks. I won!

Melanie and Michael were having dinner at the bar aso. They own Michael’s Restaurant. I keep running into Melanie. The last time was at Publix this week. Key West is a small town. Our lives are exciting!

Robert Spottswood stopped by to say hello. He and his family were the developers of the Marriott Beachside. Robert is first class.

Donna wrote. She and Terri are in Dusseldorf, Germany. Terri is performing with the Dusseldorf Symphony. Donna writes…..They LOVE us!

Tomorrow is the big day! My first TV show. Also carried world wide on the internet. Watch, if you can. The material is terrfic. Today topics. Interesting and thought provoking.

The show is at 10 am my time. Available on TV throughout the Florida Keys on Comcast Channel 87. Available world wide via the internet. www.tv.channel19.com. Make sure you get the period after tv in. It is channel 19. The l and 1 look the same.

I have already heard from far away places about tomorrow’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. Via e mail wishing me well and planning on viewing. Rita from Calitzdorp, South Africa, Jimmy from Crete, Greece, and Jackie from Jakarata, Indonesia. Amazing!

I’m Louis Petrone and I approve this message.

The previous line is a ho ho. Some national columnist ended his article this morning in that fashion. I thought it was funny.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “A LOT OF YESTERDAY

  1. Louis,

    When I put the period in after tv in the web address, I just get a general listing for Channel 19 shows. When I leave the period out between tv and channel, the web site opens.

    I’m just sayin’

  2. lou, glad you are so pleased although neither election you speak of was a mandate. no matter though. my wish for you is to begin study of the electoral college as i have been doing for a while. why is the u.s. using this system still? i realize that mr. gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes. thank god we didn’t get him. but, as i wish for the end of this electoral voting imagine the ramifications if we got that idiot as president. now don’t get mad! you called a republican candidate an idiot also now didn’t you. i will welcome your thoughts on your blog but if you decide not to do so feel free to email me direct! your friend. gary.

  3. I agree with my friend Gary.. The electoral college had its place,, but now,, its time has passed.. [Even though I’m glad it was working working a few elections ago !!]..
    I just wish some folks would take a proper Economics 101 class and really learn something of history including political history..
    I’m disappointed that we have become a second world nanny state,, but,, the folks have spoken..

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